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android 5.1.1 battery drain


After ios7 update my iphone is like android os dead slow processing , too fast battery drain,calling process is too low where is apple brand going my friends 11 members using iphone all are got this problem one thing fans like me y they spoil his name ??

after ios7 update my iphone 4 is like android os dead slow processing , too fast battery drain,calling process is too low where is apple brand going my friends 11 members using iphone all are got this problem one thing apple have unique and unique fa

MyCloud Android app a battery drainer?

One of the users on my unit (My Cloud 3TB) complained that the app was draining the battery. This user uses the Android platform. After un-installing the app, he says, the battery usage was back to normal... Since I'm an Apple-user myself, I have no

IPhone 5s battery drain fast with iOS 8.1.2

I have iPhone 5s from 1 year. After updating to 8.1.2 battery draining fast. I needs charge the battery 3-4 times a day. I did the restore as new, but no change. Stopping the apps does not help. Please for advice.I have also experienced this, but I t

4.3 upgrade issues - battery drain, unstable WiFi, freezing, wake-up lag/freeze

I've been (also) experiencing issues since my Galaxy S3 was pushed the 4.3 update on the morning of 1/11/2014.  The worst is the battery drain - losing more than 50% of battery life within 4 hours of 100% with only minor texting during that time - wi

Battery drain from Bedside mode

Hi, I've encoutnered battery drain before with programs and OS updates. I've done resets, reboots as well as battery reinserts. My device seems to be stable after 10.3.1. I had WiFi, Network and blend, and power saver on at 5% battery. I wasn't using

HT4060 Battery drains with iPad powered  off

Hello, Battery drains even with ipad 2 powered off. And batterys since i use IO7 drains a lot faster even in airplane mode etc,etc. What can you tell me? AlejandroCould be the charger, cable or iPad. Plug the USB cable into your computer. It may say

Battery drain from Google maps

Hi, after doing the kit kat update my batt is drained within hrs !, I've noticed google services are using 95% is this caused by the update ? Stamina mode etc is on, can any one help me here TxsHi and welcome to the community! Since you're new please

Nokia 700 massive battery drain after fp1

Why nokia? I mean why? With gps or not the battery drain is huge if i play 2 hours of asphalt every day i cannot reach the night! Apart of that, better than any android, smooth experience nice new features ! but batteryHas the battery life diminished

Heavy Battery Drain after updating to 8.1 Lumia Cy...

After updating my Lumia 1520 to 8.1 Cyan update, the battery drain is very high. The battery is lasting only for 6 to 7 hours when the data traffic is on  (under  mixed use of 2G and 3G modes). I have noticed few other users were also experiencing he

IPad battery draining quickly - tried everything, please help!?

Ive noticed recently that my iPad battery is rapidly draining.  I've even noticed a 20% decrease just overnight while locked, which has NEVER happened.  I've googled and research and tried everything possible.  So does anyone have some options I migh

IPhone 4S : no reconnect after signal lost + battery drain

Maybe my title is confusing, so here the full story : Now... I got my new 4S for two weeks now (replacing my 3GS) and I got a very bad issue with it. When I go to my mom's house located in a deep valley where there's no cell signal at all. But just a

HTC Rezound fast battery drain

I've had my new Rezound for a few days and am astonished at how fast the battery drains. <Moved from Android space to HTC Rezound space for more exposure.> Message was edited by: Verizon ModeratorFrom the home screen, go into the settings, select th

Battery Draining following Firmare update...FAST!!

After updating my phone with new firmware last week, battery lasted fine on first charge for 2 days. Now if I charge the phone, battery will drain FAST.. down to 50% remaining charge with phone on just stand by, after about 5 hours. If I reboot phone

Found fix to Galaxy Note 3 Lollipop battery drain

The following fixed the outrageous battery drain with my VZW Galaxy Note 3 that started after installing Android 5 Lollipop. In Settings: (1) Uncheck Lock Screen option to show weather information on lock screen, and (2) in Application manager settin

Q5 - Battery drains when SDcard is present

Good morning, Today, the battery of my Q5 works well (even better than with OS 10.2),If I plug a empty SD card, the battery keep working well,But if I load some file(s) or music file(s) on this SD card, battery start draining very quickly ?? What can

Battery drain..Keep Awake Issue

I'm having occasional issues on my Maxx with my battery draining.alot of times its over night even know I use the Smart Action for this not to happen.The times it drains,its like 50% just over night,and when I check it its always when the Android OS

Casio Commando - Battery draining in 3 hrs.

I just got an Casio Commando for my wife and the battery drains very quickly. When I check to see what's using the power I see that the "Dialer" is using about 47% while the Android OS is using about 46%.  Any suggestions on how to remedy this? 

Ios7.0.6 Iphone5 battery drain please help

Ever since I updated to ios7, i have noticed a MONSTROUS decline in battery life. I was weary to update in the first place and waited almost 2 months before I did. Regrettably, i gave in. Battery life declined almost 75%.. I turned off every single p

BlackBerry Z10 - battery drains very quickly even in standby

I have had two Blackberry Z10 phones, and at work the signal is little to none at times and the battery drains and I am not even using the phone. All email accounts and other services have been set to manual update only. A friend of mine had the exac

Battery drain on new z3 d6603

well i have the phone for about 2 days but the battery drain too fast. after 86 min. it has 88% but i dont have wifi,bt,nfc,3g,lte turned on... how long should be charge the battery? i put my phone at 1: am(in my contry) and when it was 9:00am it was