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Android 5.1.1 Free Download


Android Viewer does not retain downloaded Folios

Hi, Android Viewers (here without subscription) for Google Play Store, do not retain the folio file when downloaded. As long as the app is active (even as background task), there is no problem. But as soon as you kill the background task and relaunch

How do i download any file using firefox for android? When i start download its start playing but dont download it. Help me for how do i download file?

I am using firefox on android .My device name Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 android virson 4.0.3 I love firefox.But a probleam . I cannot download file by firefox. When i start downloading then its playing but not its downloading. My firefox download list

[Sdk-Free]Raise your income with free Android application via number of downloads

Hello everyone! I’ve found out a way to get money from free applications uploaded to market. By using a SDK to integrate some code into your application, you can get some cents through number of downloads. Each time an user download your application,

Air app for android NOT prompting user to download runtime

My app tested fine on a DROID ii but when I had a friend download the app on his DROID x the app showed an error when run. It did not prompt the user to download the runtime. Once we did download the runtime, the app worked fine. I went through much

Got android 2.2 software to download instantly

So get this.. I uninstall advanced task killer and then restart my phone... Guess what.. I go to look for system updates and 2.2 is downloading OTA. Can someone explain this to me or what... Now I will see if it completely works or destroys the phone

Android Market Stuck at "Starting Download"

Hi everyone, I tried to update the app "Soccer Livescores" yesterday but when i clicked the button, it got stuck at starting download.  Ive tried hitting cancel download, but it simple force closes the Market instead of stopping the download.  R

My phone died and before it did there was a pop up with the android logo and it said downloading please do not turn off. so after that my phone went dark and vibrated every 3 seconds for about 15 seconds and now I can't turn it on. HELP?!?

HELP!Yes, I had a dead phone now as well and it keeps vibrating and it rings when there is a call. The new lollipop is buggy and never should have been released. Sometimes it can be fixed using their software tool which only works if you have full ac

Firefox Mobile for Android download link = FAIL... Yeah it doesn't work....

I've tried to download the beta with my phone, with firefox, and with IE. The link is broken, or non existent... I've tried it for about two weeks now.The link to download Firefox from the Android Market will not work on phones with incompatible hard

I cannot install Firefox for Android on HTC Desire (Froyo) via Android Market, as the download keeps restarting after reaching 60-75 % (around 7-8 MB out of 13.84 MB). Any help?

The download in Market restarts after some time. The notification bar displays download % as if the previous download is still in progress. That is, first time the download started, notification bar shows correct %. At around 70%, the download inside

When I tap the "download for Android" on my Android phone, I receive a "requested item could not be found" error message.

I am attempting to install Firefox mobile on my Android phone. When I tap "download for Android" on my current browser, I receive a "requested item could not be found" error message.Firefox will not appear in the Market for most phones

After scannic the "graph code" my android HTC hero finds the URL, but I get a "the requested item couldn't be found" msg after hitting the download for android button..ng

I've tried twice yesterday, and once now. [email protected]Sorry, Firefox 4 beta is not available for the HTC Hero. Firefox will not appear in the Market for most phones with incompatible hardware. You can check if your phone is supported here: https

I have been trying to download Mobile for Android for weeks. Every time it then informs me "file not found." I'm about ready to quit trying since apparently I'm wasting my time. Does anyone have a clue what I'm doing wrong?

My phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.Firefox will not appear in the Market for most phones with incompatible hardware. You can check if your phone is supported here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android Even on some supported devices,

The link to download Firefox Android is broken.

Can not download the Android app. The link appears to be invalid (market://details?id=org.mozilla.firefox.......)Firefox will not appear in the Market for most phones with incompatible hardware. You can check if your phone is supported here: https://

Android download error message

I have a 1st generation Lenovo Yoga Tablet. I originally downloaded Skype on it and everything worked fine. Recently, I had to wipe & reset the tablet. Now when I try to re-load/install Skype I get the following error message: "Unable to install

How can I download any file by firefox on android tab?

I wish firefox can download any content or file by his own like opera mini and uc browser.hello, firefox for android should be able to download any files by its own - do you have any problems in particular?Read other 3 answers

Queston:"Adobe Reader" could not be downloaded due to an error. (921){Android}

For two days I have been attempting to download the Adobe Reader app for Android. I keep getting the following: "Adobe Reader" could not be downloaded due to an error. (921) This download is for an Android Tablet.  I have downloaded Adobe Reader

Firefox 9.0 wont support ant video downloader. firefox is loaded on my android x2

i have firefox 9.0 on m y android x2.i try to. download ant video downloader but it keeps saying 9.0 doesnt support it '''https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloader-player/ Works with Firefox 3.6 - 10.* It does not mention mobile

WiFi Tether Your Android Tablet to Your Cell Phone - LG Marquee Boost Mobile Example

Greetings Earthlings and Android Fans.... Just posted this to my blog and wanted to share a text version here. Check it out if you're looking to tether your tablet to your cell phone. I tethered my Thrive to my Boost Mobile LG Marquee. From:  Kaio's

How do you download the Adobe Contents Viewer to a Kindle Fire?

Trying to view a folio created in InDesign 5.5 on a Kindle Fire. I downloaded Adobe Contents Viewer and it gives me this error: This issue is available for download, but requires a newer version of the ap Adobe Content. Please update your app from th

Officejet 150 mobile printer with iPad/ iPhone and Android devices.

Hi All, The Officejet 150 mobile printer won't work with IOS devices like iPhone or IPad over bluetooth connection. But can work with android devices. You can download the printshare app and print via bluetooth connection Happy printing Click on the