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S3 randomly shows android guy and downloading do not turn off target.  Frozen now for 6 hours

Out of nowhere my phone switched to Factory mode in red in the upper left corner with the product name, current binary, system status, and other programming things.  The little green android guy shows up and it reads downloading do not turn off targe

Android can't download/view pdf from vibe 3.2

I think this a a headers issue in vibe? But on Android (2.1, 2.2, .23, 4.0) phone and tablets we can not select a pdf from a vibe folder and download it or view it. We can from an iphone/tablet We have tried chrome, dolphin HD as well as the standard

When using my LG android phone to download Firefox I get a message stating "The requested item could not be found". And when I try to find it in the android market on my phone it does not come up in the search results.

This occurs every time.Please check here to see whether Firefox is available for your phone: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/Platforms/Android#System_RequirementsRead other 4 answers

Android 2.1 Download

Can Someone point me to a verizon oem Droid X 2.1 install? I need to get back from the 2.3/2.2.This information wont be found here because Verizon and Motorola do not support installing a older version of the OS, plus if you download from a unofficia

Download in the Android Market is not working Samsung Captivate

When trying to download in the market it says it is not found.This problem appears to be related to the fairly recent Android Market app update and we continue to investigate the cause. If you go to Settings/Applications/Market and choose Uninstall y

WiFi Tether Your Android Tablet to Your Cell Phone - LG Marquee Boost Mobile Example

Greetings Earthlings and Android Fans.... Just posted this to my blog and wanted to share a text version here. Check it out if you're looking to tether your tablet to your cell phone. I tethered my Thrive to my Boost Mobile LG Marquee. From:  Kaio's

Why I do not download video?????

My phone show download video but I do not perfectly do not show any video..Use these different ANDROID ADD-ONS these may help you https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/android/collections/fidodidos/download-online-videos/ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/

Find out how many users are downloading Office365 C2R

I am an it manager at a college in Northern Ireland we have 20K+ users with active accounts and have offered them Office 365 through the student and Faculty advantage programs. We have registered everyone with the appropriate licenses and are happy t

I want to properly download Kies in my Imac Maverick need help NOW! - how do I download

I want to properly download the latest Kies in my OS X Imax 21" desktop - Version 10.9.5  - As Soon As Possible - Waiting for an answer.  Thank youKies is Samsung's android connection utility. download from: http://www.samsung.com/us/kies/ This is a

Amazon Android Appstore refusing Air based Droid apps

I recently submitted a few apps to the Amazon Android Appstore and am just now recieving refusal emails due to the apps looking for Adobe Air updates on the Android Marketplace. I use FlashBuilder to compile to mobile with no code added to otherwise

How to download phonegap source code in DW cs6

im using dreamweaver cs6 and phonegap to develop android, i can download app.apk, but how to download java source file to open project in eclipse? can some expert advise me?Just an FYI, nobody uses Table-based layouts anymore.  It's much better to us

Adobe AIR - Performance and Android O.S Features

Hello everybody, I am a new comer on the Mobile Development world but I'm a very experient Flex Developer. I'll be diving on the mobile world on the next few days and I have some concerns that I would like like to bring up on this discussion. As a Fl

Can someone plzz let me know how to download adobe flash or something so I can play facebook games...this is new to me..Ty

So I just got this,was told good for playing games,I use my fb lot n play the games there. So I have not figured out how to ply my games,says does not support adobe flash....can someone plz help?????? Tyrbrylawski wrote: I'm not ranting at you, but d

Stuck Downloading... Do not turn off target!!

I restarted my stock, unrooted, GNEX because it wasn't getting a data connection. When it restarted, it has the Green Android robot and "Downloading... Do not turn off target!!". Some tiny text in the lower left with device specs. What's the dea

Android Market on your pc

Here is an app which will let you browse the market on your pc then you can sync with your phone and install what ever you want. WWW.APPBRAIN.COMHi Wombatwilson, Sounds very interesting,  Looking at the website, I can see the Yen symbol beside some o

Getting error message "the requested item could not be found" when trying to install Firefox on my android.

I had to uninstall Firefox for Android because I was having problems logging in to sync. I got a support e-mail to uninstall and reinstall because the sync issue had been fixed. I uninstalled the Firefox app and then when I tried to reinstall it I ge

Skype could not connect in ANDROID

I have infinix Joypad tablet with Android. I downloaded Skype from google playstore.  It keeps giving the same error: unable to connect to skype you cannot be signed in at this time. Please check your mobile network settings and try again I have done

Why can't we download free apps from every region?

Hello all, I am trying to get the full version for angry birds free, I know it is available to download, however when I do a search in the app store I can't find it. When I do a search on google, I can find several links to download it, but when I do

How do i stop automatic playback after i download a movie?

i am running Firefox for android. when i download a movie it automatically starts playing after download.To disable Firefox from opening a file automatically once it's been downloaded, you need to go to Firefox > Options (or Edit / Preferences) and c

Flash Playet in android

I am not able to run videos since my android keeps showing download flash player. I have tried it several times but the problem not fixing after i reboot it. Pls help me http://www.makeupreviewshall.comHi ido1010, What Android device are you using? P