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Problems with string array, please help!

I have a String array floor[][], it has 20 rows and columns After I do some statement to modify it, I print this array out in JTextArea, why the output be like this? null* null.... null null... null null... How to correct it?a turtle graphics applet:

Problems with string arrays

Previous task was: Write a class "QuestionAnalyser" which has a method "turnAnswerToScore". This method takes a String parameter and returns an int. The int returned depends upon the parameter: parameter score "A" 1 "B&q

Remove null values from string array

Hi , I have a string array in a jsp page which I save some values inside. After I store the values I want to print only those who are not null. How can I do this? Is there a way to delete the null values?Thank you but because I am new in programming

Getting one character at a certain position from a string array

Hi, i'm new at learning java, but have strong experience at C++ and asm. How would i get one character at a certain positon from a string array. for example: String Phrases[] = {"To be or not to be, that is the question","The Simpsons"

How to add elements into java string array?

I open a file and want to put the contents in a string array. I tried as below. String[] names; s = new Scanner(new BufferedReader(new FileReader("outfile.txt"))); while (s.hasNext()) {                 String item = s.next();                 ite

Exporting a String Array to an HTML file

Hey everyone..I'm currently making lots of progress in my project...but right now I've been trying to make a button that exports my search results to an html file...basically what I've made is a search engine to search webcrawler files... The result

How to populate items in selectOneListBox from a string array

Hi I have got a string array result[] .Now i wish to display the array items in selectOneListBox.Please help me?Alance wrote: Hi I have got a string array result[] .Now i wish to display the array items in selectOneListBox.Please help me?I can only g

How to use a WebService Model with String Arrays as its input  parameter

Hi All, I am facing the following scenario - From WebDynpro Java i need to pass 2 String Arrays to a Webservice. The Webservice takes in 2 input String Arrays , say, Str_Arr1[] and Str_Arr2[] and returns a string output , say Str_Return. I am consumi

Trying to compare string array using equals not working

Hi, im prolly being really dumb here, but i am trying to compare 2 string arrays using the following code: if(array.equals(copymearray)) System.out.println("they match"); else {System.out.println("dont match");} the trouble is that eve

Getting lenght of String array

Hi, How can i find the lenght of a string array, i have used length method to calculate length of single string value,e.g String value = "test" int length = value.length() Now i want to calculate length of a string array.e.g String csv_values =

String Array Constant Addition

Is there an elegant way of marking the last element in a string array constant? i.e. I take an Array constant, and add a simple string to it, so that it becomes a String Array Constant. Now I add elements 1 and 2 and 3. But now I want to take element

String array into formula node

Hello, I am taking data from SQL, I am getting multiple rows of data for many different devices. I would like to wire the data into a formula node so I can sepearate and sort via script. However, I am getting an error for "Polymorphic terminal cannot

Large string array in 6.1 is extremely slow

Good day all, While this is in to tech support at NI, I wanted to see if anyone else has encountered it. I am upgrading from 6.0.2 to 6.1. Several large (2500 rows by 250 columns or larger) string arrays are used as inputs into subvi's. Under 6.0.2,

Write Spreadsheet to String Array on another worksheet

hi, is it possible to write spreadsheet to string array but to an added worksheet? I am currently writing results to the worksheet, but i want to create another worksheet so that i can put the raw data in. is it possible? if so, how? Best regards, Kr

Newbie trying to sort 2D string array

Dear all, After read some book chapters, web sites including this, I still don't get the point. If I have a file like, 1 aaa 213 0.9 3 cbb 514 0.1 2 abc 219 1.3 9 bbc 417 10.4 8 dee 887 2.1 9 bba 111 7.1 and I load into memory as a String[][] here co

Converting vector to string array

How can I convert values in a vector into a string array? Vector formsVector = new Vector(); while (rs.next()) {formsVector.add(rs.getString("forms"));} String forms[] = (String[])formsVector.toArray(); I tried the above line but it did not work

Return String array in server side

i wrote a bean which contains a function return String array ( String[] ). It shows no error on compile time, and also in generate jar file. However, when i generate it to an ear file, the syntax of the wsdl file is not correct so the client can't ca

How do I read a formatted excel worksheet as a string array

I am using the report toolkit to read a excel worksheet as a LV string array.  This works fine except that it reads the full precision of numeric cells (~10 digits of precision). In my workbook I have the displayed precision set to 2.  Is there any w

How to retrieve string array using Session?

Hi, I am having some problem retrieving string arrays through session. String personalData[] = new String[17]; personalData = (String [])session.getValue("PersonalData"); The coding above isn't working. Advise pls.. ThanksThe getValue() method i

How  to Pass String array from Java to PL/SQL  and this use in CURSOR

hi, I cant understand how to pass Array String as Input Parameter to the Procedure and this array use in Cursor for where condition like where SYMPTOM in( ** Array String **). This array containing like (SYMPTOM ) to be returned from the java to the