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android won't remember wifi password


Forgetting WiFi password, and not connecting to wireless access point automatically??

I'm using (until tomorrow when I get a MacBook Pro which HOPEFULLY won't have the same problem) a pre 2007 Macbook which is running Mac OS X 10.5.8. It was previously owned by my brother and passed onto me about 4 months ago. Within that time I've ha

Wifi password doesn't work on my Macbook Air

My WiFi Password works on other Macs I own, my Android, and my iPad. However, it will not work on my Macbook Air. It senses the WiFi, but it continues to say the password is incorrect. I know that the type is WEP and that is what I have selected. Any

TS1398 iPhone 4 does not connect automatically and does not remember wifi password

After being idle for a while, my iPhone 4 goes off wifi and when I am connecting manully, the phone does not remember the wifi password. I have a iPhone 3 and 5 where this is not a problem. Can this be linkes to the phone company you use? The iPhone

My iPad Mini keeps saying "incorrect wifi password"

So just recently my ipad had dissconnected itself from our internet, i had attempted to re enter our regular wifi password which is about thirty numbers long, and it said incorrect, i figured sicne it was so long i mistyped something. so i typed it i

HT202157 New apple is not asking for the WIFI password.Home sharing is not working,i am getting Error while streaming videos from Youtube.

I got new Apple TV 10 days back,its not asking for the WIFI password.Home sharing is not working,i am getting Error while streaming videos from Youtube. I can only see pics and video saved in my iphone. No other options are working.The worst part is

IPad 2 on iOS 5.1 losing wifi password.

I've updated my iPad 2 to iOS 5.1 and now it won't keep the wifi password. Each time I have to re-input the password. Sometimes it loses the password whilst I'm using it and just disconnects. It was fine on 5.0 but it's doing my nut in now. I'm sure

Lost WiFi password. How can I get it back?

Hello, all. A few months ago I was cleaning out my laptop of old files I don't need anymore and since I had amassed at least 150 files (yeah, I'm not very frequent on cleaning), I was mass deleting files to make it a faster task. In my deleting spree

TS1398 iPad won't recognize wifi password after 7.0.2 update.  (The password is correct, but iPad says it's incorrect) How do I fix this?

My iPad won't recognize my wifi password after 7.0.2 update.  The password IS correct, but I continue to get the message that the password is incorrect.  Any ideas how to fix this?I have the same problem too on my iPad 3. One thing that sometimes wor


Hi all, My iPhone 4 out of blue decided not to accept the wifi password- it says "wrong password for xxx network" - it's my home one it always worked- I was away and worked fine for a week in others houses (where the password was stored already)

How do I know what the wifi password is for my 4th Gen time capsule

I am only new to this time capsule thing- I am pretty savvy in things as technology goes but I just can't figure out how to get the wifi password on the 4TH GEN time capsule I have tried everything I know I was not the one to set it up and my mother

How can i find my wifi password

I have misplaced my wifi password and cant seem to find it anywhere. I am however connected to my ipad can i find it anywhere on here?If you have a Mac you can use the following procedure to retrieve it. Otherwise, reset your wireless network passwor

I can't remember my wifi password.  How do I retrieve it?

I can't remember my WiFi password.  For some reason, my iphone disconnected the WiFi and now I can't retrieve it without the password.  How do I find the password or change it?Follow the instructions here >  Apple - My Apple IDRead other 3 answers

IPad WiFi password problem fixed by switching to 128-bit encryption

Upon waking, my iPad would often prompt me to re-enter my WiFi password, or simply say that it wasn't connected to the internet. I was using an old D-Link Router with 64-bit WEP encryption. After talking to a senior support tech, I switched the WEP t

WRT110 WIFI password problem

Hi Everyone, I've got a very strange problem.  First, I indicated WPA under Wireless Security section and typed in my passphrase.  However when connecting to my wireless network name my passphrase never worked.  Second, I completely disabled security

TA48312 ipad 2 wifi password problem

i have problem with my apple ipad 2 wifi password ...i use itunes latest and win xp 2   HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP MEI too have had this problem with both iPhone and iPad dropping my wifi network and now neither are able to join the network again. This

Wifi password problem

I am staying in the same hotel suite from a few months ago, but the wife password for my room is different.  My MacBook Air is unable to connect to the wife router because I don't know how to change the old password.  Any ideas?Try the following: cli

Browser-based wifi password?

My Apple TV is connecting to a cable hotspot, but does not ask for the wifi password.  Is that because the password is browser-based?  Is there a workaround for this? Thanks for your time!The only "workaround" is if the router allows for adding

How can I recover my wifi password?

How can I recover my wifi password? My mac is still connected, but the vodafone store deleted my settings on my ipad!! I've tried keychain access and network preferences, but it doesn't show the password, just asks for the password. Is there another

Locating where to load wifi password

I am in a guest house where the wifi password is changed on the first of every month.  My iphone and iPad find the network ID but I cannot find where to change the password. I am sure it is simple, but so too am I. Thank you.Thanks, but not asked for

Why can't i save my WiFi password in my IPad? Every time i turne my iPad off the password disappear! Help please!!

Why can't i save my WiFi password in my IPad? Every time i turne my iPad off the password disappear! Help please!!Create a new SSID and password for your router.Read other 2 answers