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apache camel file example


Is My apache http file okay? Could have been hacked?????Why would be the listening address I don't have any AT&T Services12

I believe my apache server could have been hacked.  Is there a member of the community that could take a look at the paste of my http.conf file.  Thanks so much # Mac OS X / Mac OS X Server # The <IfDefine> blocks segregate server-specific directive

Apache pdf file permission issues

I have a intranet site that I need to publish some pdf files. I am using a G5, Leopard and apache 2 and PHP. My PHP is just providing a link the pdf documents, but when a user clicks on the link they get a message "You don't have permission to access

File does not exist: /oa_servlets/AppsLogin-Urgent plz

Hi; I have r11.5.9 on AIX 5.2 i create one new AIX 5.3 server give same IP and copy all folder from 5.2 to 5.3 wiht exact path. With same user i can open db+lsnr+apache on new 5.3 server But when i try to login EBS i can see login page also Ebuniess

How to Read file from Application in DMZ Server (page on DMZ)

Hi All, i am trying open a file from application server from OAF page on DMZ server . i am getting the error 'either not supported file type or file is damaged '. i am taking the path of production server to read the file from DMZ server . Please let