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Os X Server - Installing Apple Compressor

Hi every one, I have created a render farm from a rack of Xserve 1,1. I attempted to upgrade the 2nd and 3rd drive modules in all Xserves with 2TB drives but they are not mounting. An archived Apple article is pointing to " necesity " of upgrade

Apple Compressor codecs

I have a problem with Apple Compressor and its output generated ProRes files. We have an AJA Ki Pro Quad which can playback Apple ProRes files, but it appears to only playback files which refer to "Core Media Video", "Core Media Audio"

Are Online and Apple Store prices same for iPhone 4s 16gb model?

are Online and Apple Store prices same for iPhone 4s 16gb model? If  i order iphone from Apple.com then I have to pay sales tax for Dayton (OH). So pls help me with this!! ThanxYes... all prices are the same.Read other 2 answers

Is there anyone who can help me to contact the apple customer service? Because i want to know why they are diducted mt credit card more than the amount which is written on there apple store price? They are taken more!

Why the apple store taken more amount more than the amount written on their prices? Is there any one who can help me to contact the apple customer services. Thanks!Some country's might not include tax in their prices, and if you changed or added your

Apple Care price for oow replacement

Now that the Iphone 3g will be under $100 on June 19, will the price of the out of warranty replacement price also go down?Possibly, but no way to know until Apple releases this info.Read other 2 answers

Apple Compressor v3.5, doomed to fail?

    Alright everyone I have read the forums so no need to point me in the direction of an old one. I have come to the conclusion that Apple Qmaster 3.5.3 and Compressor 3.5.3 are sabatoging me into buying compressor 4! I am yet again unable to submit

Apple watch price

I am confused about the pricing of the apple watch. I know that the apple watch official priceing has not been anounced but will be anounced on Monday. But I would like to know what the base modle will be ( apple watch or apple watch sport). I am a p

Apple store price discrepencies

An 8GB Iphone 3G costs $99 in the US Apple Store An 8GB Iphone 3G costs £342.50 in the UK Apple Store That's a serious price difference, unless I'm missing something...Well, the US $99 price is DEFINITELY a fully subsidized price ONLY available to th

Apple UK price match

Does anyone know if apple stores in the UK have a price match policy, please..Nothing has ever been said that I've seen or heard of to indicate that the Mac App Store has any sort of "price match" policy and nothing about price matching is liste

Why doesnt Apple drop prices on some of their computers?

I need a Macbook for school, i know there is an education discount, but only about 50 dollars off doesnt help too much. Will apple ever come out with a less expensive laptop, or does anyone have any recomendations on a good place to find a decently p

Apple lowers price of ATI X1900XT

Apple has lowered the price of the ATI X1900XT from $350 to $250 when ordering it with a new Mac Pro....When ordering a stand alone version, it's still $399. Dual 1.42   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   MacBook Pro 17", 2.16Low and behold, aren't those Apple peop

After using Apple Compressor It wont free up my ram

I noticed that after I use Compressor my Ram wont free up. I have 8 Gig of Ram and after using Compressor it just stays between 486 mb or 300 mb. I can only get my ram back after a reboot. What's up with that?So i gave it a try and got this in the Te

Matrox CompressHD and Apple Compressor

Has anyone used the Matrox h264 encoder card with compressor? How does it perform? How is the quality?I've used the MXO2 Mini with Max...same thing.  It encodes faster than real time, and the quality is really good.Read other 2 answers

I can't email apple on this, but maybe you can help, compressor wont start

This is a long letter I composed to send to apple about my compressor problems. I am having issues here in this paper, file:///Users/nelsonmay/Desktop/Compressor:%20Troubleshooting%20basics.webarchiv e but I have files missing even after 3 installs.

Compressor crashes everytime Encoder Tab is selected for Apple devices

I cannot select the encoder tab in Compressor or even have it selected when I choose any preset having to do with apple devices. I cannot even see the encoding settings for AppleTV, iPhone, or iPod. The Compressor app simply freezes and crashes. I ca

Adobe's AME better than Apple's Compressor

If you're coming over from Final Cut Pro 7 and Compressor, you'll be happy to know that Adobe Media Encoder is much easier to use than Compressor, encodes faster, and produces much higher quality output. http://www.eventdv.net/Articles/News/Feature/T

So my iPod touch 4g 8gb cracked the other day. This is my SECOND iPod, receiving this one free from apple. I know there is no chance for gettin free again, but what does the repair price(100$ online) replace OR repair? Because i see some say 150$.

I really need to know. ASAPThe Apple exchange price is $199 for 65 GB 4G and $99 for the other 4Gs. The 5G is $149. Make an appointment at the Genius Bar of an Apple store.   Apple Retail Store - Genius BarRead other 2 answers

Gregory Johnson, Director of the Consumer Defense Resource Group, responds to the recent iPhone price drop.

Gregory Johnson, Director of the Consumer Defense Resource Group, responds to the recent iPhone price drop. In a strange turn of events this week, some consumers are upset now because as of Wednesday (Sept. 5) Apple lowered the retail price of their

Apple Unibody 13.3" MacBook Pro (Mid-2010): 4GB vs. 8GB DDR3 1066MHz Memory (RAM).

Apple Unibody 13.3" MacBook Pro (Mid-2010): 4GB vs. 8GB DDR3 1066MHz Memory (RAM). 1. About my Mac.      Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo (2.66GHz)      Memory (RAM): 4.00GB DDR3 1066MHz (2 x 2.00GB)      Hard Drive: 320GB 5400RPM (Apple Stock HD)      G

"Motion and Compressor Will Not Open Because Of A Problem"?

Last week I installed FCS 3 on my iMac and everything appeared to work OK. However, as my iMac had been cluttered with rubbish for 2 years I erased the Hard Drive and reinstalled OSX 10.6.3 together with all FCS 3. I have only used FCP and STP since