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apple keyboard typing wrong letters


Keyboard typing weird letters and symbols

Hi all I have tried to use my Macbook Pro this morning and when I type its typing the wrong letters and symbols...................can anyone help? Thanks JoI just spent hour trying to fix tihs on my iMac and could find the answer so I wanted to post

Keyboard typing extra letters

The text that I am typing is adding additional letters!  It is not happening to every letter.  But the same letters, sometimes before it or after it.  Like this: t - bt = - =[ y - ny b - bt n -ny Has anybody had the same problem?  It seems like somet

Keyboard typing other letters

My laptop ran out of battery and turned off. When I turned it back on, the keyboard was messed up. Most letters work fine. But some letters either dont appear when I hit the key, or hitting that key produces a string of other letters or numbers. Prob

Keyboard typing adjacent letters

My niece and daughter were playing my MacBook Pro and now when I type some of he letters it types the letter to the left of it firstTry resetting PRAM/NVRAM http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1379Read other 2 answers

Keyboard Typing Wrong Letters

Lately, when I hit my 'W' key, it types a 'P.' I'm running Leopard. Anyone else having [email protected]#$%^&*()_+ `1234567890-= qwertyuiop[]\ QWERTYUIOP{}| asdfghjkl;' ASDFGHJKL:" zxcvbnm,./ ZXCVBNM? Only way I could test it all LOL but looks fine (I

While typing, the keyboard starts typing multiple letters. I'm fed up of this. I don't think I am doing something at my own, it's happening at its own. Is it because of some problem in the hardware since OS and system refresh could not resolve this.

While i type, the keyboard starts typing multiple letters. I'm fed up of this. I think it's happening at its own. Is it because of some problem in the hardware since OS and system refresh could not resolve this please help.First thing to try is to re

While typing keyboard starts typing wrong letters

I have checked my settings for my keyboard and have changed keyboards. I can open Pagemaker 7 & start typing, all's well. Then after a while it starts typing wrong letters & I can't use my short cuts. I also tryed reloading Pagemaker 7. I have run

My apple keyboard pairs with iphone but letters don't type

My apple keyboard pairs with iphone but letters don't type.  Brightness and sound work fine.  This is a new problem.  The two worked fine together for months.Simply try turning of your iphone, then restart.  See what happens. IT WORKED!Read other 2 a

Why do Some letters on macbook Keyboard typing other characters?

Why do Some letters on macbook Keyboard typing other characters?This happened to me it was due to the fact that my logic borard had corrosion damage. what Letter types what? It could be you keyboard language. is set to a different on then they layout

Lag in Typing in Yosemite's Mail w/ External Apple Keyboard

Since upgrading to Yosemite I have been having a very annoying problem with delayed typing response in Mail when I have my external USB Apple keyboard (current model with numeric pad).  It is a sporadic issue.  Typing will be responsive, then there a

Apple keyboard letters do not type

I have an Apple keyboard that attaches to my ipad with a charging dock. The letter no longer types. Can I pry the key off and see if something is blocking it? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks, Newman WilkinsThose keyboards are similar to t

Apple Keyboard used on MacBook: Some keys not working

Hello, I use an Apple Keyboard (USB-connection, aluminium, Model No.: A1243, 2007) for typing longer texts when my MacBook is connected to an external monitor. Since I have re-installed the OS X software on my MacBook because I had to replace the har

Dvorak and the Apple Keyboard

Apple makes it easy to switch keyboard layouts, but not when it comes to the physical layout. 'Bout the only way to do that is by finding stickers with the letters and symbols on them to stick on the keys. And that's where I'm running into difficulti

HT5636 I am using an Apple keyboard with numeric key pad.

I have a new Mac OSX 10.9.2. I am using Bootcamp to run WIndows 8.1. I have just connected a new USB Apple keyboard with numeric key pad. All works fine in OSX. But in windows the numeric numbers on the keypad wont work. Numlock appears to work, but

Typing double letters...skipping double lines?

I'm using a new iPad Air 2 with the Apple Keyboard.  Often it double types letters and skips two lines and backspaces two spaces, etc.  Anyone else have this problem. Also, what does it mean when I can't get the cursor to settle on the Log-In box...i

Brand new Macbook Pro not pairing with Apple Keyboard and mouse!

Hi all, I have a brand new Macbook Pro and an older wireless Apple Keyboard and Mouse (that were being previously used with my imac G5). Now I want to use these for this macbook. I am finding that they are being recognised but not pairing up? Do you

Zxc and command key not working on apple keyboard

Hi, I'm having issues with certain areas on my Apple keyboard, specifically the zxc and command keys on my keyboard. I have to keep copying and pasting those letters. No spills, no drops, no known reasons for what may cause damage. Any help appre_iat

"found" Apple keyboard can't type to enter pairing code onto screen?

Our Apple TV update completed successfully, and we proceeded to pair one of our Apple wireless keyboards to our Apple TV via bluetooth. We followed instructions and our Apple TV found our Apple Keyboard, but we ran into a snag when typing on our keyb

Apple Keyboard Right Shift Key malfuntions

I use the Apple Keyboard. Today I found the the right Shift key does not function normally. For example when I press the right shift key, it has the same function as the Enter key; also when I press the right shift key and then an alphabet, the alpha

Installing a driver for the Apple Keyboard in Boot camp windows

I recently installed Boot Camp, VMware and Vista on my Mac so that I could move all of my computing on to one computer (I use a few programs that aren't available for the iMac). In Windows I cannot use the number pad for input - I can only use the nu