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Creating core dump

Hi, i want to debug some programs and i therefor want them to core dump on segmentation fault. But i'm not able to make arch create a core dump file. The problem is that i'm not allowed to change ulimits. Whenever i try to change it with my normal us

[Solved] how do i build my ISO image with archiso?

hi all i've been following this wiki and it's been going really well (it hasn't gone wrong...). but the wiki page just sort of stops halfway through the configuration bit a google search brought me to this page which suggests using the "build.sh"

This is the noob question of the week regarding gdm

I am no linux noob per se. but i did something really really stupid just now. started with a fresh install of arch, added e17 and gdm. wait...did i forget something? but of course! create a non-root user. so anywho. now gdm is installed and comes up

No configuration files in home folder.

Hello, I am installing x86_64 arch and using my /home folder from ubuntu, but not any of the configs from ubuntu. So i deleted my /home/haxit folder, and installed arch. Now, when i add my user, it adds the folder but not any configs in the /home/hax

How to download a single file from abs cvs (community)?

As a little edit of soloport's ingenious script for downloading single packages/directories from ABS instead of downloading everything, this is absget. #!/bin/bash # Downloads a single package from CVS CURRENT (much like ABS) # Requires one or two ar

[SOLVED] A few questions about partitions

Hi, I'm using Windows XP as my primary OS atm. Last year I installed Linux Mint and got it working nicely along with XP, but now I want to try Arch. I have two hard disks - a 320GB SATA2 one and a secondary 80GB IDE one. I've separated about 50GB of

Can't log in with newly created user on new install of Arch [solved]

Hi all, Yesterday I installed Arch anew (because I had a hardware failure that took out my hard drive), but now I'm encountering an issue with logging in. After following the installation guide, and creating a new user, I find that I'm unable to log

Arch and Win7 cannot open an NTFS partition created by the other

This is almost certainly related to another post where I was struggling to create logical partitions from Windows. Basically, Linux and Minitool Partition Wizard agreed that there were no logical partitions, but the built-in Windows disk utility said

How to Create a shaded arch

Hello again; I'm sure that this is probably old hat to you guys, but I have no idea how to create the arch part of the dials, at least I think it would be an arch.  With the top photo, the "arch" has 2 colors so I would need to have 2 layers, on

[SOLVED] Arch won't boot after I created a separate /var parition

Arch won't boot after I created a separate /var parition on an existing installation.And let me confess: it was maybe stupid trying to do it on an existing install. I edited the fstab correctly, copied the files using rsync preserving permissions. Th

How to create a virtual ethernet interface in arch ?

I have subscribed to a distant VPN service. My computer acts as a VPN client and creates a new interface tun0 each time the VPN is active. I want to only route the ip traffic from Transmission through VPN I tried to follow the tutorial from here (sor

How to create a custom kernel with initrd and ARCH patches

Hi, I like the default kernel because everything seems to work well and I think the Arch kernel includes patches I need (such as the mactel patch). But some options that i would like to be enabled are not. in fact i would like to use powertop but i c

Probably broken initrd, how to create one anew under Arch

Hi again, I managed to install Arch on my USB flash drive which I partitioned /dev/sdb1 to be /boot, /dev/sdb2 = PV of vgarch with one lv_root and one lv_var, and swap as /dev/sdb5 (first  partition in extended part.) The FTP install went fine after

Is there a tutorial for creating Arch Linux logo?

as the title says, I am looking for a tutorial on how to create Arch Linux logo using either Gimp/Photoshop/Inkscape Any links / videos to one would be nice Thanks in advanceYou have the artwork, you just are interested in how it was created? There i

How to create tick marks within an arched area

I need to recreate this dial and I've learned how to create evenly spaced tick marks within a circle, but this is an ellipse.  Here, I attempted to draw two ellipse then used the scissors to cut them to size.  Then I used the line tool and drew each

Help With Creating a Custom Arch OS using Archiso

Ok, so I'm trying to make a custom Arch Linux operating system using the Archiso script at https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Archiso but when I run the "make all" command it starts creating the system but errers out and says: [[email protected]

Create USB boot for Arch

So I've been using the wiki and I'm trying to create a boot usb drive of Arch.  So it says not to use unetbootin so ive been trying to do this through the terminal with dd. So background is I have 3 computers at my disposal.  An old windows xp comput

How the bootable Arch install images are created?

I'm just wondering how to create the bootable Arch install images, including ISO and IMG files which are in the Arch download mirrors. Can anyone explain the detailed procedures about it? I just cannot find it in the Wiki. Thanks a lot. P.S.: Is it t

[Solved]How can I create a bootable backup of my arch linux partition?

I'm trying to get my arch linux installation to have a gui, specifically KDE. I downloaded Xorg and the nvidia proprietary driver 340.24. After installing the nvidia driver and rebooting, my screen stays black and I can't see my console. I can still

Arch PPC issue with creating bootstrap partition

On second thought, I'm doing good. Last edited by Kebertx (2012-01-13 22:35:32)On second thought, I'm doing good. EDIT: Didn't want to be a help vampire. Something I recently learned about, and felt bad to identify as. So, in case anyone is trying to