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Resize Array Up/Down Arrows

I noticed just now that if I try to customize an Enum control, I can freely resize the increment/decrement buttons.  However, this does not appear to be possible with the up/down arrows on the index display of an Array control.  Am I missing somethin

Resizing array of custom type

I first create a custom type that is a container of 3 strings. I then create a  custom type that is an array of that custom type and give it size 1 (lower and upper bound = 0). If I then re-size that array, why does TestStand not make every additiona

Having trouble printing an array of prime numbers that has been resized

HI, im having trouble with my printPrimeNumbers() method printing the current state of an array, I can only get it to print the original state it was in. The array is inside of a primeNumbers object. I used checkAndResize to resize that array. my pri

Resize an array

Hi, Is it possible to resize an array of objects ? I create an array of 10000 objets. But I need ,after more calculations , only 8000 objects. Is it possible to resize the original array without create another array and copy the original in the new a

Dynamic Array resizing

I have a class with some data members in it. Data for the objects comes frm a XML file. I have to parse out the xml file and create objects. Before reading the XML file i dunno as to how many objects i need to create. I wud like to know a way where I

Expand a 2D array horizontally

Hi I am writing a code to insert an element into a 2D array. The problem is I can add the element only in the rows direction (vertically). I want to be able to add the element in the columns direction (horizontally). Do u know how? I attached my prog

Simple array program help

Hello could I please have some hints as to how to get this program working e.g. would it better to use a while loop for this? and how would I make the program stop when it has read 100 names? cheers anyone import java.util.*; import java.io.*; * The

How to declare a pointer to structure element which is array structures

 LStr, *LStrPtr, **LStrHandle structure is taken from LabView cintools extcode.h    I used: sprintf(((*(*in_array)->Strings[*count])->str), local_str); to pass local_str string to LabView array.  It worked fine, but  one programmer adviced me to cha

Array insertAfter Method

I need help making a method called insertAfter(int value) It takes in the value and inserts it into an array at the current spot a integer called pointer is pointing to, then pushes everything 1 space ahead so if i had an array 1 2 3 4 5 and inserted

Initializi​ng arrays

Hello! I'm doing a program which works with arrays. I use initialize block arrays to create them. But it depends on other variables the dimension of these arrays. If I want to change the length of a dimension I wire a variable to the block, but I hav

How to solve delay in a program with data aquisition and processing

Hello, I am a starter in Labview programing. I am working on a system which contains a roller, a piston and a A/D cart which is from Data Translation Inc (DT304). I am using labview to get speed data of the roller (which is voltage first then be co

Nugget: How to create interface to DLL easily

Colleagues, Here is a very small tip, which is useful for me. I using my own DLLs in my code pretty often (because in some cases its more convinient to develop some parts of the code in C instead of LabVIEW). So, sometimes compilcated structures shou

Problems with the "INSERT" button.

Hi, I have a problem in my homework. I am required to do the following: 'original numbers' array contains zeros. Let LabVIEW fill an array "original numbers" by random integers from 10 to 90 at a rate 1 number/0.5 seconds by replacing each zero

Four channel input only seeing one input in the quadrant graph

I have the waveform chart working so that when there are four inputs you see four seperate outputs, but am unsure why the second graph which is supposed to seperate the four inputs into four seperate quadrants is not doing so because both graphs are

Int[1] or Integer()?

How much overhead is involved in using a class, as opposed to a primitive? If I want to add primitives to a List, I have to first convert the primitives to Object's. I can think of two ways to do this -- int[] x = { 123 }; // An array Object Integer

How to create an intensity waveform graph cluster with t_0 and dt ?

Hi all, I would like to know whether it is possible to create an intensity waveform like you can do with a 1-d waveform (with "build waveform") so that you get a cluster with the waveform array, the t_0, the dtand the attributes.  If not I would

VI causes high CPU load after several days of running

Hello, I have a strange problem. I have craeted a test bench control VI and it runs on five PCs, controling five test benches. All PCs have almost the same hardware, same motherboard, same CPU, etc. Normaly the CPU load is around 50% when I run the V

Yes...please tell me more about DLL

Hi aperez and other, my question before is asking how to pass the data from VC++ to LabView. you have suggested me to use DLL instead of ActiveX if my data is just simple integer. that's right. because i will control my digital oscilloscope using the

Replacing shift registers with queues or notifiers?

Hello World, I'm using labView 7.1 with my first application, which is essentially a spectrum analyser and comparison to limits. now due to the parameters of the sampling 12000 samples/sec with 4096 point I have quite large chunks of data involved in

Speed trouble

Here's my situation: I have 3 separate VIs sharing data through global variables. One reads data from a total of 10 buffers, 5 from each of 2 6602 cards. From three of the buffers (on each card), only 1 piece of data is read in each cycle. From the o