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asmx web service return json


ASMX web service and The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error issue

i have developed a very small web service and which is hosted along with our web site. our webservice url is http://www.bba-reman.com/Search/SearchDataIndex.asmx web service code namespace WebSearchIndex #region SearchDataIndex /// <summary> /// Sea

Calling .asmx Web Service from Java Client

hi I have created one java client in WSAD 5.1 to invoke .asmx web service. I have used the following code for it. import org.apache.axis.client.Call; import org.apache.axis.client.Service; import org.apache.axis.encoding.XMLType; import javax.xml.nam

Asmx Web Service Random Timeout on SSL Handshake

We have an asmx web service that is deployed on a server farm with two servers (both Virtual Machines with Windows 2008). The asmx web service, when invoked from a .net client application randomly returns this error:  "The underlying connection was c

What happens when a OUT parameter of a web-service returns an empty string

Hi, Any idea on how to deal with the situation when a web-service returns an empty string I get the following System Exception:- Caused by: java.lang.AssertionError: Attempt to set empty javaType to ticketResponse(out,0) :: fuego.type.FuegoClass$Lazy

How to access .asmx Web Service using JAVA? Newbie

Hello Experts, Currently, I have a project where in I have to access a ,NET web service. It is made of C#. I just want to ask how will I start the accessing process? I made this simple equation on how my project is. Java Project + C#.Net Web Service

BUG: Web service returns request XML as response when result too large

Hi, sorry for cross-posting, but the Web Services forum seems to be quite abandoned and this is an urgent issue for me. I have a web service returning some records of a given type (created using JDeveloper The running environment and the s

Invoking a web service returning a arraylist of custom type

Hi, I created a web service return a arraylist<InsertionSerialisable>. InsertionSerialisable can't be simpler here it is: public class InsertionSerialisable { public String nom = null; public String poids = null; I'm trying to use this arraylist in

Getting Error in Asmx Web Service Unit Testing & not able to debug unit-test Project.

I am getting below error message while running unit test for ASMX web service Failed MyFunction The ASP.NET Web application at 'D:\MyProjectFolder' is already configured for testing by another test run. Only one test run at a time can run tests in AS

SharePoint lists.asmx web service error in InfoPath and SOAPUI

We have a SharePoint 2013 farm with web applications using Claims Authentication. I'm trying to create an InfoPath 2013 form where I want to add lists.asmx (https://servername/_vti_bin/lists.asmx) web service to receive/submit data, but I'm getting b

Web Service returning JCO.Table with no content

Hello all, I've written a web service returning an object of type JCO.Table When I'm testing it in the Web Service Navigator the response contains two parameters: tabLength and row (current row number), but doesn't contain the content of the table. I

Asmx web service not calling using schedular

I have created a asmx web service and using visual studio i deployed the web service on azure cloud service.When i open the service by url like http://xyz.cloudapp.net/service1.asmx?op=CreateSite it opened.But when i provide the same url to Azure sch

PLSQL web service returning multiple records

Hello, I am trying to create a web service using oracle 11g which should be able to return multiple records. Based on hints and code samples found on the internet here is my code : CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE test_rec is OBJECT (     s_nume_adre          

ASMX web service in HIS 2013

Hello I have another set of TI objects that I have converted to run in HIS 2013 as we have upgraded from HIS 2006 to HIS 2013. I have written a stand-alone test client application that consumes these TI objects successfully and everything works fine.

Permissions.asmx web service problem

Hi all, I have a big issue about web service action with Permissions.asmx. I have a custom created role and group on my site and i would like to grant this group accces to list with permissions from this role.  Unfortunately when I run  GetPermission

Problem in fetching values from Java Web Service returning ArrayList

Hi all, I am calling an External Java web Service from BPEL. That Java Web Service is returning an Arraylist. I am not able to assign the values returned by the Java web service to local String Variables of BPEL. Kindly help me...Hi, My problem has b

Web Service returning data from 2 proxies

Hi Guys, Can someone help me with the design here.. We're using XI 7.1 and I'm still struggling with my Sync soap sender to proxy interface. I've got my basic soap sender to proxy which returns a structure from the proxy sending it back to the web se

Error while consuming Web Service (returning XML ) in ABAP

Hi, i am trying to consume a web service in ABAP. ( webservice which takes a request and return a XML string back). I created a proxy class in SE80. and i tested it successfully. When i tried to use the class in my program, it is giving dump. i am no

Pl/sql web service returning a list of results

I am able to publish a pl/sql package as a web service that returns a single result. However, when I try to return a list of results, I get an error in jdeveloper when I select the package and invoke publish as web service. I use a simple pl/sql pack

ABAP-based web service returns numeric values with leading zeros

Hi SOA experts, I have created a web service out of an ABAP function module. Beside other values, this service returns a list of document numbers. All of these numeric values are returned by the web service with leading zeros, but we do want these va

Web service returns [object Object] into Label

I can return webService calls into a data grid fine, but if i try to bind a result to a Label or Text area i always get [object Object] returned. I can't figure out how to format them into their proper text? He is my string for the label <mx:Label x=