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WebCenter Sites Mobility Server, SSXA and workflows

Hi all, I am trying to evaluate if "WebCenter Sites Mobility Server" adapts to the requirements of a new project. I have been reading the documentation intensively but I have not been able to find the answers to the two questions below. 1) Is it

Spring version with rest api of webcenter sites

Hi everyone! I'm using the rest api of webcenter sites, with this libraries: com.fatwire.wem.api.rest, com.fatwire.wem-sso-api-cas-, com.fatwire.wem-sso-api- in a spring application with version 3.2.10.RELEASE. And it's

Unable to synch Assets of type Page to webcenter sites.....

Hi All, We have kept repository containing developed source code on SVN and i have checked out the code into my workspace. When i am trying to import Templates to my webcenter sites instance using 'Synch to WebCenterSites' , for some templates i am g

Webcenter sites integration with ATG

I have question on Webcenter sites and ATG integration.  We have to use webcenter sites as Web content management system that will feed the static content(text, images, videos, and other documents) to ATG. ATG will be acting as front end and host web

Automation Testing on Webcenter Sites

Hello, How do I automate content creation using any automated test tool? Thanks, SushanthThis question can be approached from two perspectives: - is your task to create automated tests, or - is your task to automate content creation? If the former, t

Can we use WebCenter Sites content store in WebCenter Portal

Hi, Can we use WebCenter Sites Content Store as the default content store in WebCenter Portal? I need to create website in WebCenter Sites, all the content will be stored in Sites Content Store. I also need to integrate WebCenter Portal with Sites co

WebCenter Sites - Export to Disk with Images

Using WebCenter Sites (, I've followed the 'export to disk' instructions for FirstSiteII but no images are exported. I have selected all types in 'Approve Multiple Assets' query (including images) before publishing. There are a list of tot

How to integrate oracle webcenter with oracle webcenter Sites?

How to integrate oracle webcenter with oracle webcenter Sites?This very much depends on what you mean by the first "oracle webcenter" and what kind of integration you are looking for. Oracle WebCenter contains three main product lines: - Oracle

Migration from GST URLs to WebCenter Sites Vanity URLs

We have a Sites implementation with GST vanity URLs. What does it take to migrate to WebCenter Sites Vanity URLs? Is there any documentation for this?Hello, As far as I know GSF is add-on to Oracle WebCenter Sites or FatWire which is not supported by

Migration from Infinity CMS to Webcenter Sites

Hi, If anybody worked on migration from Infinity CMS to Webcenter Sites CMS, please let me know how it is done. Which tools can be used (any 3rd party available?). Or can we develope some custom tool or component. The data to be migrated included pag

WebCenter Sites:Problem Rendering Save Button and Contributor UI DashBoard IN WCS

Hi All, I am facing an issue in Webcenter sites regarding the Save button not being shown up while creating a new asset and contributor UI Dashboard not being displayed in some systems when opened in chrome. Currently,when we try to create any new as

WebCenter Portal and WebCenter Sites Integration

We have a client requirement where we need to provide Web Content Management and Portal Solution in Oracle WebCenter product stack. Contents, Templates and other Content Assets will be created and managed in WebCenter Sites, WebCenter Portal will be

Error while starting Webcenter Sites JSK

Hi, I am getting the below error when I start the Webcenter sites JumpstartKit ( Kindly help with the solution. Feb 19, 2015 6:53:57 AM org.apache.catalina.core.AprLifecycleListener init INFO: The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library whic

Not able to Install Webcenter site 11g R1 (  in my local PC

1. I downloaded hsqldb 2.2.8 and set up the database, the connection properties are      TYPE      :     HSQL Database Engine In-Memory      Driver     :     org.hsqldb.jdbc.JDBCDriver      URL     :     jdbc:hsqldb:mem:.      USER     :     SA      

Error in Installing Webcenter Sites

Hi .,     Iam getting the below error in installing the webcenter sites in Linux,Tomcat server. localhost.log SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet cas threw exception java.lang.NullPointerException   at com.fatwire.cas.web.NoSuchFlowExecutionExcepti

How to go on production system for webcenter sites

Hi, I have installed the webcenter sites and deployed them on weblogic. AVISports and FirstSiteII sample sites also been configured, now how can I go on delivery/production url? IF we need to install gadgets on top of it then how can we proceed? Than

Is there any WebCenter sites Video tutorial is available?

Is there any WebCenter sites Video is available? Please provide me link for this Oracle webCenter sites tutorial.Hello, You may find some useful videos on Oracle Learning Library by searching for "WebCenter Sites."Read other 2 answers

Issue with starting tomcat in windows for webcenter sites installation

Hello All, I have been trying to install oracle webcenter sites on windows 7, I followed all the steps in the documentation for the configuration and setup. but anytime I start the tomcat using the startup.bat script I get errors as shown below. C:\W

Dynamic pages with WebCenter Sites CSElements

We are using the benefits of WebCenter Sites 11g regarding the possibilities of create the templates and the final user be able to compose the the pages. By the other hand, we have the necessity to create dynamic pages with business logic and interac

Out of memory Exception in webcenter sites

Hi experts, I installed webcenter sites 11gR1 on weblogic with Jrocket. In development system ,if no.of users accessing at a time its getting down. Could some one help me to resolve this issue. For Ref. in sites.log i found [2013-03-21 15:20:33,777]