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Asset Legacy data transfer reconciliation with GL

We have recently merged a deactivated company code with our operating company and transferred all Finance processes, open items,master data etc. We transferred assets using Legacy Data Transfer AB91 (we did not use intercompany asset transfer ABT1N).

Legacy data transfer for new depreciation area for already existing assets

Hi all, I am doing legacy data transfer for New deprecaition area for already existing assets through AS92. I like to give Ordinay depreciation posted amount  for the current FY for these assets in AS92, but i find this field is not editable inAS92.

Legacy Data transfer Initial step?

Hi guys, What is the first step that we need to do before transferring the assets from legacy data to SAP? Is it setting up of the Chart of accounts? How do we do this. what are the steps. thanks srik.You have first to set up asset accounting. There

Legacy data transfer - open items customer/vendor

Hi together, We want to transfer legacy data to SAP. With our open item postings (customer/vendor) we want to  use the relevant tax code, but we don´t want to actually post the tax amount. (The tax will be transferred in sum) How does that work? Than

Net Book Value calculation Issue Manual Legacy Data Transfer

Dear All I want to Upload balance of old fixed Asset in newly configure System that are managed manually in previous year, I want to Post Their previous Current Written Down Value and Current Accumulated Depreciation when i go via IMG Create Legacy D

Upload legacy data into SAP

Hi experts,        I have to upload legacy data into SAP by using eCATT recording Transaction. For doing this I have completed  ‘Test script’ in tcode SECATT. After this what I have to do.. How can I attach my legacy file.. Can anyone help me. ..Its

Error when importing Asset Legacy Data

Hi Gurus, I get an error when I use LSMW and T.Code AS91 to import Asset Legacy Data... "AS91 S 00 347 Field ANW1-KNAFA . is not an input field". Is there a way to change that field to input?  Currently that field is greyed... If I do manual upl

Group and Individual Assets Legacy data load

Hi, I work for a oil and gas company and I am having issues for the initial load for the group and individual assets into SAP . Any help in regards to this would be helpful. Below are the values that I would like to load into SAP for group ( grp 1 ) 

IDOC data transfer SAP to Java using SAP JCo

Dear Experts,           The challenging requirement we are having is, we need to create the interface for data transfer between SAP system and the Java system. The data will be transferred from SAP to java and similarly once some processing done in J

Asset legacy data

hello in asset legacy uploading,in some of asset class its showing the wrong acquisition GL account.......why its happening,.... in oa90 its correcttly assigned regardsDear KS_sap1, Do you mean AO90 ? Because you have written in post as oa90. So plea

Information regarding Asset Legacy data

Is there a table containing the acquisition value created through Legacy?Hi, Please check the following tables ANLH, ANLA, ANLZ, ANLV, ANLB, ANLC, ANEK, ANEP, ANEA or Run the report RABEST01, RABEST_ALV01 Thanks SAPUSER5Read other 4 answers

Asset Legacy Data Entry OASV

Hi, What is the entry needs to be passed in OASV ? APC a/c Dr   To Accu Dep a/c or 1) APC a/c Dr       To Open GL upload a/c 2) Open GL upload a/c Dr           To Accu Dep a/c Kinldy suggest.....Hi Shekar, APC a/c Dr To Accu Dep a/c To Upload a/c (ba

Asset Tables for legacy data takeover

Dear Friends We've to take assets data from one client to another and hence would be using Legacy assets. Could you please let me know from which tables / reports i should extract the data related to master & transaction data from the legacy system w

Asset depreciation calculation for prevous year  when legacy data transfere

Hello, Asset Legacy Data transfer has made as on 31.12.2006. so, for the first period asset depreciation calculation has done wrongly  i.e. on the first period of 2007. but it was not noticed at that point of time, now after 2 years, the cumulative d

How to transfer data from legacy system  to SAP

Hi Friends, I would like to know the process and the steps followed to transfer data from my legacy system to SAP. Suppose if i have all the data in the form of Excel sheet or doc type. How can i transfer this data into SAP. Please explain the steps

How to import data from legacy system to SAP

How do we import legacy data to SAP system? Iu2019m a trainee on SAP HR,  just wanted a brief description on that in layman terms? There are lot of threads related to issue  please use Search forum for Better results before posting the query search t

Asset loading date

I have two legacy  assets, asset A, acquired in 2009, APC value: 10000, accumlated depreciation 3000, asset B, acquired in this year, apc value:20000, accumulated depreciation:8000. the last depreciation run in legacy system will be July.2011(july.31

Problem when upload legacy data

Hi all, I've faced a problem when uploading asset legacy data (AS91) for customer. My customer have started depreciation on May 21, 2009, and I set transfer date is November 30, 2010. So SAP doesn't calculate right planned value for December, 2010. I

How can we upload the asset transactionn data

how can we upload the asset transactionn data pls let me knowThere are several ways to upload asset transaction data, <b>- Automatic legacy data transfer using batch input - Automatic legacy data transfer using direct input - Automatic legacy data t

Legacy Data Migration - GL Open Items

Source : SAP R/3 Target : SAP ECC Data to be moved : GL Open Items We need to migrate our Legacy data into SAP ECC. Tel me the efficient way to do data transfer. Any standard programs available for this ? Or any technique should I have to follow for