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Getting error while assigning ABAP Query to Tr.Code

Hi Guys, There is a problem iam facing with ABAP query while transporting which need to solved asap. It will very greatfull if u guys can resolve this problem. My problem is, I created one ABAP Query with Name ASSETOVERVIEW. I had transported this ev

Correspondence type set up

Hi , I have to setup a SAPSCRIPT for company codes (7200) for correspondence type . I have to create a new correspondence type . I was going thru the SPRO->FI->Global..->correspondence type. 1) there already exists a corr type called ZAP01 for al

Assigning Javascript value to ABAP variables

Hi Experts, I have written the HTML code mixed with Javascripts to create a table in the 'View' of a BSP Component. I was able to set the value of assign the value of ABAP parameters into HTML fields. This table has some input fields. I need to fetch

How to assign Javascript variable to ABAP variable

Hi All, I have a requirement to create a page where each of the table cells will have drop down boxes with Red, Yellow and Green colors. When the user selects the color it has to be saved to database. Now the problem is, I'm using HTML as HTMLB was v

Assign a Javascript variable value to a ABAP variable

Hi,    I wish to assign a javascript variable value to  a ABAP variable. Any ideas how to do that?     Many thanks. Rgds, BerniceHere's another suggestion for you. BSP Application: SBSPEXT_HTMLB Check out the radionbuttongroup.bsp So then instead of

Web Dynpro ABAP: Assigning of Conversion Exits in ALV

Hi, We are currently developing a generic data display application using ALV technology in Web Dynpro ABAP. "Generic" means that the structure of the data is created dynamically during runtime (using RTTS) and that even the contained data elemen