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WORKAROUND! - Sluggish Motion V 4.0.1 on Mac Pro Nehalem 2.97 GHz 16 Vcore

Hi guys, like several people on this forum and others I been very frustrated with the performance of both Motion.app version 3 and now Motion.app V4 .0 .1 (latest update) on my 2009 Mac pro Nehalem 2.97 GHz 16 Vcore 12GB with the ATI Radeon 4870 grap

Searching for a gpu monitor

hi i got myselve a macpro with four ati2600xt 's in it using it for video installations/projection two days ago i managed to get one of the gpu's to crash caused by out of memory after that some nice kernel panics ... is there some where a program wh

Why mail will not quit?

Mail will not quit, and prevents macbook pro from shutting down/restarting. It will not quit, and does not give the option to force quit.Looks like the Mavericks upgrade has messed with a lot of people's installations, and some Apple applications (li

CHUD install fails for Mavericks.

I'm trying to install CHUD 4.6.2 on Mavericks - 10.9.2 and the installation fails. I tried the Remove CHUD program which seemed to work, and then tried installing CHUD 4.6.2 again and it still fails. Is there a new version of CHUD going to be release

My MBP runs wild with pluginprocess at 80% while not working

I have a MBP medio 2009 - 2.8 Ghz - 8GB RAM, running 10.7.3 Lately it sometimes goes wild while not really working with apps. When I check the istatnano it is the 'pluginprocess' that runs at 50-88% processor usage (6200 RPM on the fans, and 89 degre

Weird - Activity Monitor Network Traffic vs iStat Traffic

With no applications running on my MacBook Pro, the Network tab of the Activity monitor is showing 'Data received/sec" toggling every second or so between 1.38 KB/s and 2.75 KB/s.  It's showing the same numbers for 'Data sent/sec' as well.  I can't f

Drop in CPU Usage

Hello Apple family, I'm having an issue with my Macbook that is rather surprising. Couple days ago I formatted it since it was almost 3 years since the last one and it was running a Lion install on top of a Snow Leopard install and it was in need of

Is 'At Monitor' bad news for networks?  Or is 'Activity Monitor' bugged?

I notice that when At Monitor (http://www.atpurpose.com/atMonitor/) is running on my network, Activity Monitor's 'Network' graph is nearly off the scale, a green line sitting at the top the little graph window. After a restart and no At Monitor runni

Trouble: activity monitor, disc utility etc not working - fan at full speed

Good monrning - newbie post. I've been using leopard since it came out and after a reluctant upgrade the problems have been piling up... for the past couple of weeks the fan has been coming on almost immediately after startup, and not slowing down ev

Aperture unstable with 10.6.4 and Safari

After upgrading to 10.6.4 I noticed a marked decline in the stability of Aperture 3.0.3. Not so much with day-to-day usage, but during stress testing with my 500MB panoramas. Don't get me wrong, I am generally very happy with this version, but the er

GPU usage, ATI Radeon HD4870  = 0

Hi, I'm doing just some simple tests in motion, and while doing monitoring of the GPU card (atMonitor), I see that Motion is not using the GPU at all, nor more than 1 CPU. Is this really true or have I done something wrong....? sincerely HelgeMotion

Where is my GPU monitor?

I asked earlier this week about how I could find my GPU temp via apps, and I've tried iStat, aTMonitor, and Temperature Monitor. None show my GPU temp. I have the new MB Pro 2011 model (post-OSX Lion). Help!Here's an app that monitors GPU temp, among

What is reading\writing on my HDD  ???

who\what is reading\writing on my HDD slowing down my mac ??? Some times my mac slows without lot of cpu load but I can hear my internal disk working a lot... I try to discover what process is using my disk but on activity monitor I am not able to se

Is there I way to check my macbook's fan health or an app for it?

My macbook is getting older, it uses Lion OS though but is there a way to check my fan's life or something? Thanks!No. There is no such thing. Either the fans work or they don't work. You can install various hardware monitors that provide information

Long rendertimes with FCPX/Compressor, much slower than ffmpeg

I got my first HD only project and wanted to export my 1h timeline to a 1080p H264 file. I used the "Apple Devices 1080p" Settings from Compressor. It took more than 24h to render the project In comparsion I exported a ProRes Master from FCPX an

Radeon 4870 better match for Aperture 3 than GF 9600GT?

Hello, I got an GeForce 9600 GT in my mac pro. After installing Aperture 3 I got unpleasant surprise how slow the brushing is. Everything else works fine but brushing is really a pain, it freezes for moments as I start to brush plus gui effects are s

So how do I see the GPU temperature?

How can I see the temperature of my early 2008 Pro's GPU, which is the HD 2600? I mean atMonitor says gpu: 0% and gput: 0 c. And iStat Pro widget doesn't show gpu at all - unless "Northbridge" or "Expansion Slots" means gpu (I don't kn

ATI Radeon HD4870, not used with motion as GPU acceleration

Hi, I have a problem with my setup. Motion does not use my ATI card for GPU acceleration. So a simple project on my new mac with this card, is much, much slower than my macbookpro with Nvidia GeForce 9400M, or my old edit machine that has a Radeon X1


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