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IPhone 6 Trade-In Promotion Code That Works

Okay, loads of posts about not getting the promotional amount and so on. I am in the same boat EXCEPT I haven't shipped my old iPhone back yet. I have been on the phone with Verizon three times trying to figure out how to get the trade-in page on the

Issue with iPad air trade in promotion.

I went to the Rego Park NYC Bestbuy store (Store 483) today and tried to trade in my iPad 4 32GB wifi because of this promotion. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/promo/trade-in-offer-129347?ref=199&loc=iH2PRtf/I7g&acampID=1&siteID=iH2... The girl f

Best Practices for iPhone 6 Trade-In Promotion?

I want to trade in an old iPhone 4 for this iPhone 6 trade-in promotion which would (in theory) net me a $200 gift card (or bill credit) as long as I purchase a new iPhone 6. Great, I'm all over it. I went to the nearby corporate store, iPhone 4 in h

Is the iPhone trade in promotion over? and can I trade in my phone in the store instead of sending it in?

is the iPhone trade in promotion over? and can I trade in my phone in the store instead of sending it in?The trade in and getting new phone are 2 separate events.  You could trade in your iPhone for $200, but then you need a new phone.  Since you are

IPhone 6 trade-in promotion: must activate by 9/30?!

I preordered an iPhone 6 due to ship on 10/3. I am doing the trade-in promotion with an iPhone 4 for $200. I just received the shipping materials which say that the promotional offer only applies if the iphone 6 if it is purchased AND activated befor

Pre Order using trade in promotion

If I pre-order the iPhone 6 and use the trade in promotion, how do I use the gift card if it takes about 4 weeks to receive the card and i assume you have to pay for the phone right when you pre-order, yet you don't have the gift card yet? Also do yo

Want to resolve your iPhone Trade-in promotion problem?

I have read enough sincere complaints.  It is time to get serious with Verizon and their Trade-in promotion. First do try customer service again or a Verizon Store manager.  If you have already give them another chance, document who you talked to, wh

Re: Trade in Promotion for Note 4

I went into my nearest Best Buy store 2 days ago and pre-ordered the Note 4 for Verizon. Quick story, I was checking around the Best Buy site yesterday, browsing, and went to the Note 4 page to read over the promotion again. I noticed something that

IPhone Trade-In Promotion

A little over two weeks ago I signed up for the iPhone trade-in promotion and purchased a new iPhone 6 (as required). My iPhone 4S was "appraised" at $200 trade-in value. It is in mint condition. I have been waiting for further instruction from

How long does trade in promotion last?

I have two each iPhone 4's, I will be sending in for the gift cards, as I ordered two new iPhone 6's. How long is the 200.00 trade in promotion for? I figure it would be best to wait until I receive the new iPhones before I submit online my 4's for t

Xbox 360 trade in Promotion

Could someone please explain the currect Xbox 360 trade in promotion. I've called 3 stores and no one seems to have any answers!To clarifyit's the trade in an Xbox 360 towards an Xbox One.Read other 2 answers

XP Laptop trade-in promotion

During this promotion I decided to trade in three of my laptops for a total of $300 towards a purchase of a new iMac for my wife. At the time of the trade in I was unaware that I could not combine the 3 coupons towards my purchase due to the fact tha

IPhone 6 trade-in promotion

I ordered a gray 64GB iPhone 6 from verizonwireless.com on 9/18, in large part to take advantage of the rebate offered for sending in my iPhone 4S.  However, when I received the return materials there was an insert stating that I would not be eligibl

Re: iPad Air 2 Trade-In Promotion $50 Coupon

Is this promo still available?Hello suminati, Thanks for joining the community and welcome to the conversation! The iPad trade-in offer ended on November 8, 2014. I am very sorry if you missed out on this promotion. However, we have been offering lot

Does Creative have trade in promotions on old creative mp3 player for newer mode

Hi,??Just check with you, any brothers here know if there are any shops or promotions that take trade in trade in of old mp3 player for new ones??Wan to trade in my zen micro to get zen V plus...Pls help to advise. Thks in advance"Creative has HAD Fl

IPhone 6 Trade-in Promotion -  Based On A True Story...

On 9/30/14, my wife & I decided to take advantage of moving from AT&T to Verizon by joining our son-in-law’s More Everything plan. Our AT&T 2-year contract was more than satisfied. We’re both iPhone users & were looking forward to upgradin

Can I use a blackberry (full functional from 2008) for the droid turbo 100$ trade in promotional value?

no pieces are missing, turns on fine.    screenfreak, great question! As long as the smart phone is in good working condition then yes, you would be able to use that device for the trade in. Take a look here for the details http://www.verizonwireless

IPhone 6 trade-in promotion woes!

I have received two cancelation emails on my trade-in phones from Verizon. Both times I followed the instructions given by Verizon to verify that I had a valid order for two iPhone 6 phones. BTW-each time the instructions were different! Now that my

$100 Trade-In promotion for current customer

I want to make sure I understand this program before I make my decision. I am a long time Verizon customer almost a year out of plan. I've been waiting for the right smartphone to come along to upgrade my Blackberry Storm. That phone appears to be th

Lead time for Verizon's trade-in promotion - how long before my phones show as received?

I ordered 3 new iPhones (2 iPhone 6's for my daughters and 1 iPhone 6 plus for myself).  I ordered the new phones thru apple.com.  I mailed the first iPhone 4 in as a trade in on October 7th in the provided envelope for the first iPhone 6 activated o