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Audiophile Mini Amp


I am trying to play my digital music off a hard drive onto my home stereo.  I would like to know if the mac mini can just hook to my processor and play music through the processor(preamp) on my home stereo speakers?

I currently have a nice home stereo component system.  I also have a 500 GB external hard drive loaded with music.  I am looking for a way to play the music off this Hard Drive onto my home stereo system.  I currently have a WD home entertainment box

2010 Mac Mini, Front Row and 5.1 Audio

I recently bought one of the new 2010 Mac mini's for my home theater. I have video going to my TV through HDMI. (I do not use the TV for audio.) I'm feeding audio to my receiver via optical. The problem I'm having is with 5.1 audio through Front Row.

Mac Mini, Front Row and projection TV?

I am wondering whether our plan to get a new MacMini with Front Row to be the heart of our entertainment system is a good idea. We want to use the Mac as our DVD player and stereo (music) source. We also want to get a fairly high resolution projector

Question: Looking for honest Opinions, Audiophile answers!

I am interested in purchasing a PCIE audiophile sound card (for speaker/headset listed below), i have been using only on board sound on all my builds but i am interested in giving it a try for watching videos and gaming/ listening to music while gami

Connect an amplifier (Rotel RA 12) to the mac mini with USB plug?

Is it possible to connect the mac mini with an amplifier via usb?Hillbille I have a Mac Mini and a Rotel RA12.  As you have found out, you can use the optical out from the 3.5 mm output jack to act as an optical input on the RA12.   This option works

Mini as media server question

i want to set up my mini as both an audio server and a video server. is it possible to have it set up so that when i click on an audio track it outputs the sound through the USB output and when i click on the video it outputs video/5.1 audio through

AUDIOPHILES: How would Apple Pro Speakers work with newer equipment?

I LOVE my G4's Apple Pro Speakers and want to use them on my new Intel iMac - Ideally to plug them into my JBL Creature Speaker bass. My theory is to simple cut the wire before the Y junction and put on a RCA plug that would plug into my JBL Bass. Ha

Why did you remove HD Audio via MINI USB out in Lollipop update?

I am really upset.  I would never have updated to Lollipop if I had known you had removed HD Audio output via mini USB.  Why??  Is it coming back?  You still advertise this tablet as having this feature when sold, but then you take it away?  I am won

EXTERNAL SOUNDCARD: Unable to connect to M-Audio Audiophile USB. Is it on?

Hello, I am brand new to Mac's, this is my first ever one i've had that i'm on right now. I have my M-Audio Audiopjile USB External Soundcard plugged in, switched on, everything exactly how it was in my PC. I just downloaded the drivers for it from t

M-Audio Audiophile USB

Anyone else experiencing kernel panics when using this audio interface? There is no Leo driver yet, so maybe this is the cause? Seems odd that it works perfectly most of the time though... Also, a search of their website revealed this, which I didn't

Has anyone had difficulty with music server software on the mac mini

Hello all. I'm using my newly purchased mac mini as a music server and for movies integrated into my sound system. I have 2 handmade tube amps hooked up to a CJ tube pre-amp, running a Neko audio DAC mkII via a silflex mini toslink cable made by lifa

Iphoto crashing after using mini-dvi to video adapter

Hi, IPhoto on my Macbook is crashing. I can open it, then as soon as I scroll down it locks up and I have to force quit. This started happening right after I used a Mini-DVI to Video Adapter cable to hook my macbook up to my TV. The adapter/s-video c

Wrong 'mini dvi to video' adapter for my 12" Powerbook 1.33

I recently bought the M9319 mini dvi - video adapter for my 12" Powerbook 1.33 to find that the mini dvi on the adapter is a different size to the one on the computer and the adapters supplied with the computer. I've been doing a bit of research into

Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter - do you need cables as well?????????????

Apple Mini DVI to Video Adapter i have this already,but do i need a certain cable to go into the TV. as it only has one port instead of the usual 3 av leads have??? help please,confused...............Look in your question and you'll find the answer..

Macbook + mini-DVI to video adapter problems!

Hi, My roommate and I both have Macbooks - I got mine in June '06, it's one of the older black 80 gb models and hers is a white 120 gb that she got in August '07. We bought a mini-DVI to video adapter so we could watch DVDs and video files on our TV,

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter for eMac ?

Hi, I use an Apple Mini DVI to VGA on my eMac to expand my monitor space, connect to an old Pinceton 15" lcd, both are on 1024 x 768 res in millions colors, and work fine. My question is I have plan to buy an Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter since som

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter

I have just purhased a new Macbook. My first mac ever My question is regardng the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter. Do I read that correctly that I can hook my macbook up via rca and s-video but not composite? Does Apple make one cable that will do bo

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter Question

I want to hook up my macbook (late 2008 model) to my tv. Will the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter work? If it will work on my tv then what else do I need to get? It looks like you need other wires to hook up to your tv? Thanks in advance for your hel

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter doesn't fit my aluminum iMac

I previously had a 17" white iMac (pre-Intel) machine, and about 6 months ago I bought the mini-DVI to video adapter so I could connect it to my television. Worked like a charm. But I recently bought a new aluminum iMac, and the adaptor doesn't fit i

Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter Questions

I'm in the processing of producing an instructional video using an Intel Core Duo iMac and iMovie. This content will be distributed primarily via broadcast over cable TV. Considering this, I'd like to be able to edit and view my dv footage on a TV mo