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Tax Model Tables

Hi All, Im looking for copies of SAP-delivered tax model tables T5UTE, T5UTM, T5UTY. In spreadsheet would be great. Can anyone assist? BrandynHi Brandyn, I am not clear with your requirement by mentioning the 'SAP delivered', if you have access to th

This entry already exists in tax formula table "OFML" (ODBC-2035)

Hi,        I am getting an error while creating any tax formula in SAP "This entry already exists in tax formula table "OFML" (ODBC-2035) " . I have checked that there is no such type of formula in SAP. Kindly let me know if some one h

Tax Value Table

Hi Experts, Please give the name of table where  PO Tax, condition value is store. Regards RajeshHi, You can get the details in these tables Table T007S---  Tax codes Table KOMV -- Condition type & condition value rgds ChidanandRead other 4 answers

Snow Leopard & Compatibility with ATO (Australian Tax Office) CSI applicati

Since installing Snow Leopard on my Mac PRO I have not been able to access CSI and the Business Portal. Have updated to latest version from ATO website but the Business Portal does not recognise the CSI program as present on the computer. Any experie

Tax condition table for an access sequence

Hi, I serched in the forums to find t.code or menu path for creating a tax condition table for MWST tax condition type, but no body has given any specific answer.  most of them have given the SD or MM related condition tables. My requirement is, I wa

DRQ : Exposing the Tax details tables in PLD

Hi Experts, Expose the respective Tax details tables in PLD for marketing documents ? For example table INV4 for A/R Invoice. Samir Gandhias I reach 10 post, I have to compulsorily close this threadRead other 2 answers

Federal tax levy tables

Hi Guru's,              How do we update the federal tax levy table are these updates comes as a support pack from SAP or we need to go and change the values each year. Any help would be appreciated. If it has to be done through the support pack send

Australian tax invoice programme for macbook pro

I am looking for an Australian tax invoice programme for my macbook pro. At the moment I use quickbooks on my PC. Something similar would be good as I understand it and although the programme is too complicated for my needs, the invoicing part of it

Taxes condition table - missing.

Hello Gurus, We have one situation where in our client is facing an error while creating a sales order(trading)- the error : condition table missing access JST1(pricing- taxes)missing. what can be the causes and solution? Regards, Rajhi check the acc

Tax Vendor Table

Hi Experts! What table stores the tax vendors? Where you can view the payment method associated with each tax vendor (i.e. check). Thank you!!This can be accomplished through the IMG: Payroll>Payroll: Canada>Third-Party Remittance>HR Payee mainte

PO taxes saving table

Dear Friends, Could you pls let me know the tables which store PO tax data. E.g. PO 4500000779 has a line item with V5 tax. It has 12% VAT and 2% (Some other tax componant). Now I want to know what are the table that I can refer to get a report Tks S

PO Taxes In Table

Dear All, Please let me know how to find Taxe Condition & their Prices from PO in Table Regards AmeyHi, Check the following tables for tax: KONH Conditions (Header) KONP Conditions (Item) KONV Conditions (Transaction Data). Regards, Biju KRead other

Tax condition table

KONV table contains PO condition types like freight, discount etc. Likewie, which table contains Tax condition types like excise, VAT, CST etc (JMOP, JIPS, JIPC etc)? regards VSHi, Excise Duty - Table J_1IMATEXP  ,J_1IMTCHID for Tax - Table BSET Dhru

Tax field table  in purchase order

Hi, What is the table  of the tax details that appear in the  invoice tab of t-code ME23N. Thanks in Advance. Regard Sam.this may help u... TABLES:ekko,ekpo,t001,marc. DATA:rkomk LIKE komk,      rkomp LIKE komp. DATA:kalsm TYPE t005-kalsm. DATA:pc_ko

Taxes and table T5UTZ

We have noticed that recently when BSI tubs are applied, table T5UTZ only gets updated in client 000.  If our basis team tries to manually push it to DEV, QAS or PRD, they get an error saying it is only supposed to be put in 000.  How can we get the

FTXP -tax rate -table

what is the table for tax master? i want to tax rate to display in one of my reports? I have checked T007V,T007A.BUT WHAT I NEED IS TAX RATE against the tax code.Hi, In Table T007V, there is field Request/Task.  Could you please explain whow the requ

Tax breakdown table

Hi experts, Is there a table that can give me the tax amount by each line of a FI document? I know there is the BSET but that one has the total amount of taxes, the report we are building needs the tax amount of each line and we are trying to avoid t

Tax master table

Hi, anybody know what is the table for tax master? i want to tax rate to display in one of my reports? ple help. gayaniHi, with the using of Table T007A (Tax keys), we can get the tax rates. Regards Sunitha.Read other 3 answers

US TAX Related Tables...

Hi, I have three questions... 1. What is the difference btw RT, CRT & TCRT (I have seen a few WT which are conmmon btw CRT & TCRT)? 2.Which tables do you maintain the data related to taxes (Is it TCRT only)? 3. Where can we find/view the field’s T

Excise condition error in tax classification table

Dear Gurus, While executing vat report in F.12, the system is throwing error" In table A003, the entry JMOP M2 IN is missing". After this it is showing a FI material doc no. which is affected. Actually this is dealer purchase scenario. I have ch