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OC4J 9.0.4 DMS API?

Does anyone have experience in using the dms api in an application, to obtain statistics about the container 'health'? For instance: we would like our application to log information about global-thread-pool usage. Is this possible? How should this be


Hi, I was just going through the Dynamic Monitoring Service provided by Oracle9ias. I am having a few doubts. Can I access the DMS Metrics from my application(e.g servlet)?If so, How? I need this since I want to display some of the DMS metrics from m

How can I get oracle.dms.* API  Javadoc

Hi, every Oracle system expert, I am going to developing a servlet to get the all the performance matrics from the AggreSpy(a per-packeged servlet in Oracle9iAS). Is any one know how can I get oracle.dms.* package, How can get dms API. dms - dynamic

Document Management - store and retrieve

Currently we are running on SRM 4.0 with SRM 5.0 server and Netweaver 6.4.   Our screens were developed using BSPs and running in SAP Portal 5.0 (soon to be 6.0, hopefully).   What is the recommendation for storing and retrieving documents?  There ar


Does anyone know this linking in ECC6.0? We need to attach document using GOS and stored in content server and also URL enabled. After attached, we will have data SRGBTBREL-BRELGUID : DDC767121B847DF1ACC9001A6431E09E                           SOFFPHI

Determining session size

Does anyone know how to get live statistics of either the size of each servlet session or the average size? That is, while embedded OC4J is running, is there anyway for me to determine the total size of all objects sitting in a particular user's serv

Web Cache Invalidation & HA

Hi Web Cache Team, We are currently using Webcache cluster in our production environment with Oracle 9iAS as the app server. Now there is some critical content which is served (for better performance) through the Web Cache. We have implemente

API for DMS Connector(KM)

Hi, We configured the DMS Connector for KM on our portal. The DMS Document Explored Iview has document upload and DIR creation capabilities. We are trying to upload documents for browser(WD Java application) to DMS. We wanted to use the DMS connector

DMS Connector API for KM?

Hi, We configured the DMS Connector for KM on our portal. The DMS Document Explored Iview has document upload and DIR creation capabilities. We are trying to upload documents for browser(WD Java application) to DMS. We wanted to use the DMS connector

802.11v DMS support and API

I understand that at least parts of 802.11v are implemented in iOS, but I've seen various mentions of Directed Multicast Service (DMS) support which leads to three questions: 1. Does the airport extreme support DMS? 2. Does OS X (in which case which

DMS Connector for KM and KM API

Hi All, Our Client has SAP Content Server installed in the landscape, and would like to use SAP Portal (NW 7.3) KM API capabilities for document management (attachements on Custom portal application developed via WebDynpro for Java). Inorder to conne

Using Mail Transport Rules and the Exchange AWS API

I am looking to programmatically Enable and Disable hub transport rules from VS.NET and was hoping these functions would be available via the REST API. However, I can't find any references, which indicates that perhaps they don't exist.  The rules I

Error while invoking a public PL/SQL API in EBIZ from Sync BPEL process

Hi, SOA Suite: I am getting the following error when I am invoking a public API in EBIZ from Oracle via a BPEL process. I am supplying the username/password via binding properties (as mentioned in other posts). Can someone point out that is

Error while uploading files to AWS S3

Hello Experts SAP PI 7.31 I am working on the following scenario. SAP PI receives a file attachment from SOAP response and the same needs to be uploaded to AWS S3 using REST (Advantco REST Adapter) (PUT Method): File --> SAP PI --> REST             

Error when invoking worklist api from adf 11g

Hi, I am using ADF 11g. This application invokes Worklist Application APIs. When I try to login it throws this error. Basically it throws error at worklist application authentication. Am I missing any jar files? These are the jar files I included in

Can a user with Contribute privileges invoke SPFolder.SubFolders.Add(folder) Sharepoint 2010 API in a Webservice?

We have a Webservice deployed on a Sharepoint 2010 deployment with a method as follows: public static string ensureParentFolder(SPWeb parentSite, string destinationUrl) destinationUrl = parentSite.GetFile(destinationUrl).Url; int index = destinationU

DMS Console Exception in JSP Page

Hello. I have a simple jsp page that calls a method in a class file. In the class I have a function, where I get an error when the connection is attempted. I know that the connection is the problem because the jsp page calls it ( <%=opduser.count()%>

Error when invoking Rule Engine using Java API

Hi, I have implemented a Java class which calls the Rule Engine to execute the rules. If I test by setting the value of the input inside a main method and get the output, it is working fine. The ruleset is also invoked and there is no problem. Howeve

Error on using cancelProcessInstance API in

Guys,          I'm using the following API to cancel the instance (from IInstanceManagementService) in version. IInstanceManagementServiceObj.cancelProcessInstance(...) But for some reasons it throws the following exception.... Any help appr

TREX, Portal and third party DMS

Hello, I would like to have the possiblity to search for documents in the portal. The problem with it is that the documents are in a third party DMS called D3. The points I get stuck in the middle of nowhere are: - How is it possible to connect the p