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Back Button Focus


Active Focal Point Not Shown in Software Using Back Button Focus

I use Back Button Focus (BBF) and set the focus point (using center spot). In the software (DPP, ZoomBrowser or EOS Utility) the point I selected is not highlighted in the view window. All points are shown, but none highlighted. If I take the same sh

Back button focusing for 5d Mark III. How do I set it up?

How do I set up Back Button focusing on my new 5D Mark III.  Can't find instructions in Canon supplied manual or third-party book. Solved! Go to Solution.It's really easy because it's mostly already set up... The AF-On button on the back of the camer

Back button focusing with the 6D

I cannot get my 6D's back button focus (AF-ON) to work.  After following directions on Canon's website on how to set it up, the button just does not do anything.  Auto focus only works  with the shutter button.  I have the function set to "P" wh

What settings do I use to back button focus set up for the d5 mark 3? TIA

5D Mark 3 Solved! Go to Solution.When you activate the menu, scroll over (using the dial on the front of the camera) to the orange "C.Fn2: Disp./Operation" menu. (that's the icon of a camera that has a index marks for a light meter below it -- r

70D and Back Button focus

I have set up the camera for back button focus.   HOWEVER ... when I review shots taken using BBF, in Aperture, the "Focus Point" display indicates I focused always in  the center of the screen, not off to the right or left, as I might have reco

Button focus for mnemonic control

Does anybody know how to set the focus on a JButton, in order for the mnemonic key to work? I have a Frame with textarea and a button, and the button ("Close") is set with a mnemonic key (`C`). I just don't know how to set the focus on the butto

Struts submit button focus

Hello I have following prob: a form with three buttons a submit (normal html-button) a cancel (struts html:cancel button) and a reset (struts html:reset button) since I need javascript to run before submitting and after the result of the javascript f

Radio Button Focus

I've had this on the GUI forum all day but have not had any help. (sorry) I have a form that loads empty. I then grab data from the DB and populate the form. I have 3 radio buttons that are part of the radio group. I set one of these after gathering

Skipping button focus in the AWT

If you have a text field, followed by a button, followed by another textfield, how can you get a TAB in the first textfield to take you to the second textfield without setting focus to the button? I'm talking strictly AWT here (I know there are some

Button focus with key pressed

hi, i want a button to get focus when the user presses a key on the keyboard. Thankzhave the focus anywhere in the textFields, press F1, and the focus will go to the button import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; class Testi

Button focus if rollover for 3 seconds

Hi all, Is it possible to achieve the same effect as clicking a button by holding the cursor over it for a few seconds? If so, how would I achieve this? Many thanks, PaulNOT TESTED === NO FLASH ON THIS COMPUTER. But you want something that will start

Button focus

Hi there. I've got few components in the screen, and I'd like to set focus on one of them after entering the screen. How can I do this? Greetings. P.Hai. check this. 1) Call Screen: Calling a single screen can be used for embedding a screen sequence.

How to Handled Shift +Tab(Focus) click in radion button?

Hi, I am using Jdeveloper My scenario is one radio button having three items(Left,Right,Center). Now my radio button focus is first radio(Left). Now I click the the tab sequence. It will go to the next field, whether it is input field. Supp

[Solved] Keep the last button pressed with a custom style

Hello, I have a VBox with 20 buttons and I have this style applied (menu.css) (only for VBox wrapper): .button:focused {     -fx-background-color: #0768A9;     -fx-text-fill: #FFFFFF; But when I pressed other button outside the VBox the style disappe

Button.armed css style not work

Hi,I have a css like followd: .button {     -fx-padding: 3 25 2 25;     -fx-text-fill: black;     -fx-background-radius: 4;     -fx-background-insets: 0,0,0,0;     -fx-background-color: linear (0%,0%) to (0%,100%) stops (0.0,white) (0.5,rgb(207,207,2

JButton gains focus when Hitting tab key but hitting Enter has no effect.

Hi, I have a program that has two buttons. When pressed, using the mouse, the buttons text appears in the middle of the screen. I have NOT alerted the focus subsystem. Thus when I press the tab key the buttons are highlighted in turn, to indicate tha

Focus lock

I have a Canon 1100D. I would like to know if 'focus lock' is possible in all modes of exposure of this model, whether in Basic zone or in Creative zone.The exception here is that if the camera is using the "AI Servo" focus mode then the camera

Select part of jtextarea content over a button click

Hi, i would like to do something quite simple, but i don't manage to do it and don't understand why my code doesn't work :s Actually, i would like to select a part of the text contained in a jtextarea when the user clicks over a jbutton ; here is my

How to set the focus to the tabbed pane title?

Dear Friends, I'm using tabbed pane (JTabbedPane) in my application. I have 2 tabbed panes and each contain some text fields and buttons. In first tabbed, I have 2 text fields, OK and Cancel buttons. I have to set the focus to the title of the tabbed

How I can receive information about focus on the JButton?

I create keyListener for Window. Then button OK has focus, method isSelected() returns false. I want know has button focus or no. How I can make it?Hi, if you want an answer to such a question, think of that, what you want to do - you want to listen