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100 concurrent calls

Hi, I was thinking about 100 concurrent calls and I have used TAC bandwidth computation for this. Based on the computation I need to have a T1 link. What if I can't afford to get a T1 link and atmost I can only get a 512kbps. Will it still support 10

I am using a Hughes Satellite and I am having a problem with using all my bandwidth without even using my computer.  Is there a way to shut things off that I don't need running all the time in the background.

I am using Hughes satellie for my internet provider.  I am having a problem using all my bandwidth each day.  Is there a way from using this bandwidth.  I am using even when I am not using my computer.  Is there a way to turn off things that are runn

çnow won't sync back to my iPad because it says I don't have permission on this computer. I don't want to download it from iTunes again because it took up a lot of bandwidth. What's the deal

I bourght "E O Wilson's Life on Earth" and backed it up to my iMac. Now it won't sync back to my iPad because it says I don't have permission on this computer. I don't want to download it from iTunes again because it took up a lot of bandwidth.

How to limit the bandwidth on another computer

Hi, I have a wrt54g router and I'm sharing my DSL connection wirelessly with someone's else computer in my basement. When he is on my network my download rate is very slow, like around 10kB/s (my total download bandwidth is 1.5 MB/s)... but when he i

Re: installing Logic Pro X on a second computer that doesn't have much internet bandwidth

I have two complete studios, two locations, two Mac minis. The first has full internet bandwidth and I've installed Logic Pro X with all the additional content. The second is in a rural location where I have very limited, very slow and very expensive

Getting really frustrated! I bought Photoshop 7, upgaded to CS2 then upgraded to CS3, now I have had computer problems and looks like both are now gone, they were not de-installed. I have limited bandwidth (I live int he country) and need a new box versio

I bought Photoshop 7, upgraded to CS2 then upgraded to CS3.  I live in the country and have limited bandwidth for my internet, therefore, the cloud will not work and I must have a box version. In Jan Best Buy did work on my laptop and did not de-inst

Limit bandwidth per user/computer using Catalyst 3560 switch

Hi - Can someone help me getting started (if at all possible...) with enabling controll of used bandwidth at a "per-user"-level. I wonder if it possible to do this dynamicly with respect to the overall demand from other users. I've searching a l

User log in bogging down network - How to QOS / Bandwidth per computer

Hi, I am working with a slow network (100mbs), we are having an issue were one user has a large profile and when that user logs in onto a new computer it almost halts the network. The obvious solution it to install a 1GB switch, which I am going to d

I need the full install version rather than the install stub file. Multiple computer installs save internet bandwidth when the full install is downlo

I need the full install for firefox, to install on multiple computers. Multiple Firefox downloads uses too much internet data download budget. I cannot find a link to the full install. Satellite internet has limited data usage budgets.http://mozilla.

HT3209 Why does apple not allow me to download an hd movie to my pc? Why doesnt apple get it that I simply want to download a hd movie to my computer so that I can repeatedly watch the hd movie via apple tv to my pc as opposed to using isp bandwidth?

See title.This does not answer you question as to "why does apple", because for some reason Apple will treat us like children and try to do everything for you. An unrelated example would be trying to change the IP address of an Airport Extreme B

Web hosting on home computer not responding (sometimes)

Using iWeb I published my personal website to my home computer, an iMac with i3 processor. Sometimes it works fine, but other times the website fails to open' because the server where this page is located isn't responding,'  I figure this is probably

Can't Login to Firefox Sync on my Computer but I can Login in Firefox Home on my iPhone

I had Firefox 4 beta installed along side firefox 3.6 before firefox 4 was released. After firefox 4 was released, I uninstalled the beta (ensuring not to delete my prefrences when uninstalling). Then I started up firefox 3.6 and I noticed that all m

We have an airport extreme wifi in house, but also want to set up a hardwired ethernet connection for gaming and streaming of netflix.  The computer only sees one or the other not both at same time.

We have a new iMac 2.9ghz and are running an airport extreme set up in house with several express entenders.  The problem is that our son is streaming netflix and doing on line gaming and hogging all the band width.  Time Warner tech suggested a hard

I am unable to stream Netflix to my Iphone or Apple TV, from my wireless router . . . even though I am able to watch Netflix on my WII (also wireless) and desktop computer (not wireless).

I am unable to stream Netflix to my Iphone or Apple TV, from my wireless router . . . even though I am able to watch Netflix on my WII (also wireless) and desktop computer (not wireless). On the Iphone and Apple TV I can connect to Netflix . . . it r

Any idea how you can safely use ONE computer for BOTH work and internet?

I'm planning to set up a small music project studio, built around a powerbook, that I will be sharing with a friend of mine. My friend is going to use the computer for music AND heavy internet use, but I will only use it for music work (off-line). Th

How can you make FMS 4.5 stop limiting itself to 20-25 Mbps of bandwidth?

I'm working on an upgrade to an ActionScript 3.0 website, and this upgrade multiplies the number of RTMP connections that are liable to be used at one time for streaming live video and audio (sometimes uploading, but more often downloading).  Well, w

How can I update multiple IOS devices from one computer without downloading IOS each time

My company is on a VERY slow internet connection, and at the moment we are using a cellular modem to increase our bandwidth.  This connection is a metered connection.  The 1 Gb download for IOS 7 will kill all of my purchased bandwidth, and has a pot

How can I run two independant LabView applications from the same computer, without taking a performance hit?

I have two identical, but independant test stations, both feeding data back to a Data Acquisition Computer running LabView 6.1. Everything is duplicated at the computer as well, with two E-series multifunction I/O cards (one for each test station) an

Airport Extreme 'sees' only one computer at a time

Just ought a new Airport Extreme to replace on old Airport Express (flying saucer type) and find that only one computer can access the internet at a time. This is a downgrade odf service from the old Airport Express, and we cannot find any method to

Airport Extreme only connects to one computer at a time

We just got a new modem and now we can no longer go online with more than one wireless computer at a time, although we have set up a network and it has always worked just fine with the previous modem. The error message we are getting on a Mac trying