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bapi_po_create1 example


Error while Creating a PO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi Friends,      The following issue that I have observed and as explained below is one of the weirdest scenarios that I have seen while working with SAP. Hence, kindly help me with possible errors from my end. I am working on ECC 6.0. Requirement: T

Error  while creating a Service PO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi, Im facing Error as "In case of account assignment, please enter acc. assignment data for item" while creating Service PO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1. Header Data       w_poheader-comp_code = w_src-bukrs.  "Company Code       w_poheader-doc_ty

Error in : Purchase order Creation using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hell  guys, I am trying to create a PO using a BAPI - BAPI_PO_CREATE1 I want the new PO to have all the characteristics of an existing PO. whose PO # is  stored in wa_order_split_create-docnr and for the new PO, i want the quantity from wa_order_spli

Service PO for Multiple Acct Assig is not created using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi, Im unable to create the Service po with multiple acct assiignment using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 Header Data       w_poheader-comp_code = w_src-bukrs.  "Company Code       w_poheader-doc_type = w_src-bsart.   "Document type      w_poheader-delete_ind

Criação de Pedidos de Compra via BAPI_PO_CREATE1 com Impostos

Boa tarde pessoal. Estou atuando em um projeto onde precisamos migrar pedidos de compra em aberto entre ambientes SAP. Estamos trabalhando com esta migração através da utilização da BAPI_PO_CREATE1 para isso. Estamos vivenciando o seguinte problema n

BAPI_PO_CREATE1 missing GL a/c no. and cost center in every 100th PO line item

We have a strange issue. We are creating Service Purchase Orders by using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 function module. The source for creating PO is a Z table wherein it contains approximately 1000 records. We create one PO per Vendor and all POs are creating su

Need Help ! PO using a BAPI -  BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi friends, Need some help. I am trying to create a PO using a BAPI - BAPI_PO_CREATE1 <i><b>I want the new PO to have all the characteristics of an existing PO. which is stored in wa_order_split_create-docnr and for the new PO, i want the quan

Bapi_po_create1 is giving same system messages  multiple time in the joblog

Hi Experts, Bapi_po_create1 is giving same system messages multiple times in the job log when we ran the program in the background can u plz suggest how to prevent these multiple appearances of same messages. I am pasting the code below whn i ran thi

BAPI_PO_CREATE1 multiple schedule lines cann't create ECC500

Dear all:    I want to use BAPI_PO_CREATE1 to create more than one purchase order schedule item for a purchase order item .However, the system either posts the first purchase order schedule line or the BAPI terminates the posting with an error messag

Not updating G/L account and cost center with BAPI BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hello Friends, The two fields G/L ACCOUNT and Cost Center is not updated using BAPI BAPI_PO_CREATE1. I am unable to understand why? This is what i am passing to account assignment structure( POACCOUNT). Filled POACCOUNTX structre as well. I have pass

BAPI_PO_CREATE1 in background

Hi, How to suppress the E and A type messages from BAPI_PO_CREATE1 in the background to avoid that messages in Job log? Ie. I want to avoid those messages which is automatically written to Job log in background mode. I will process the return table a

Short dump while using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi all, I am facing this short dump while executing my program that uses BAPI_PO_CREATE1. The error is 'Exception condition "failure" raised'. The trigger location of runtime error is Program : CL_HANDLE_MANAGER_MM====================CP Include:

Creating Service PO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi gurus, I am trying to create a PO with service lines using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 but am getting the following errror even though i have passed values to the structures POSERVICES POSRVACCESSVALUES and POACCOUNT along with item and header details: Please

Creation of invoicing plan while creating the PO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi, basically I'm creating a PO using BAPI_PO_CREATE1 and then creating Invoicing plan thru ME22 using BDC. Could anyone please help me if there is any possibility of creation of invoicing plan while creating the PO itself using BAPI_PO_CREATE1. than

Error while creating service PO by BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi, I am trying to create a service PO using the BAPI_PO_CREATE1 with reference to service PR and I am getting an "In case of account assignment, please enter acc. assignment data for item" for which i found so many threads but none had resolved

BAPI_PO_CREATE1 extension for scheduling

Hi Ssn, I got a new requirment where i need to add one custom field in EKET table. When ever the Purchase Orde  is creating from SRM BAPI_PO_CREATE1 is geting caled fromECC. EKET is related to Scheduling related table. Can any one explain me how we c

[VERY LOW IMPORTANCE] Creation of a Service Po via BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi guys. I need a complete or maybe a code solution to implement a Service PO creation using BAPI_PO_CREATE1. All the examples I see just only show at least 1 service item and trying to reply those examples was ùnsuccesful... Pease can anyone provide

Error in PO using  BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Hi , I got a error in the po  that in my template the netpr is 8.00 but in the output always displaying the amount 1.00 only in POITEM-NET_PRICE.even i change in the template different values but no change in the output.why like this and how to solve

PO created though BAPI 'BAPI_PO_CREATE1' not visible in WPOHF4D

Hi Experts, As per the client requirement, I am using BAPI 'BAPI_PO_CREATE1' to create PO. My client is using retail transactions majorly and wants to see the created PO in tcode WPOHF4D. The PO created using this BAPI are visbible in Me22n, but not

Maintain Services or Limits in BAPI_PO_CREATE1

Great day Friends, Its my first day on SDN. Hoping to find helpful answers here and Wish you luck for your career also. I am working on BAPI_PO_CREATE1. I've used following tables. return poitem poitemx poaccount poaccountx poservices I've passed the