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Calling a batch file in sql scripts

Hi friends, I am looking for a way to call any batch file in sql scripts.I am avoiding to use DBMS_SCHEDULER package because my application server and database server are diifferent . I am using the sql script in application server.plz help.<ironic>

How run a batch file from VBS script?

I have written a script in which I create a batch file that I want to run. Running it from the Start menu with "Run..." works fine but I would like to do it automatically from the script. I can't find a command that works but I am a beginner, so

Batch File and MaxL Script

I have a MaxL script that exports level0 data from various cubes. I have a batch file to call that script at daily intervals. I want to name the output something different each day (preferably NAMEmmdd type format). I realize I can add a rename or mo

Call Batch file from MAxl Script

Is it possible to call a windows batch file from a maxl scriptIf you look at the documentaion you will see there is a shell command availableRead other 2 answers

Batch File to look at specific location in txt files

Is there a way to have at batch file look at a specific line and location from a text file and pull it for use in the batch file?  For example, line 1 of sample.txt position ~15,8. I'm currently using the Find command(FIND /C "" *.TXT) but would

How to Create a batch file to display and count specific words in log file

Hi All, I have requirement Program to be written that will go through a log file and look for following key words. Unexpected Essbase error And also it will count the # of times the word error appear in a log file. You may use batch file or Perl scri

Java and batch files

i want to launch my application by a batch file, whit this script: @echo off "C:\j2sdk1.4.2_08\bin\java.exe" -cp "C:\Documents and Settings\Intrepido\Desktop\my tesina" BSServer 2103 pause my application as first operation, read from a

Error handling from MAXL into a batch file

Hello all I need to know how do we pass a value to a batch file from MAXL script if an error occurs. I have used the following in my MAXL to catch an error. ======================== login username password on server01; Iferror 'error'; Define Label '

Remote oracle 10g r2 Connection test with either batch file or perl

Hi, I want to know if my remote oracle 10g server on Windows 2003 server is up and running through either batch file or perl script or vbscript. The system from which I want to run the script do not have oracle client. How can I do this? Thanks in ad

Cfexecute, batch file, and a ftp script

I have a batch file which works fine when entered in at the command prompt; C:/temp/mybat.bat but when I use cfexecute it fails. Now this may be more of a case of what I am calling than CF itself. here is the output: C:\CFusionMX7\runtime\bin>"C:\

Creating batch file for ftp

hi, can anybody tell me how to create batch file which will have username and password for ftp. i want copy file from remote server to local server using ftp. i want to create batch file which will perform all this taks.. please help me. thanks in ad

Guide to External Jobs on 10g with dbms_scheduler e.g. scripts,batch files

GUIDE TO RUNNING EXTERNAL JOBS ON 10g WITH DBMS_SCHEDULER NOTE: Users using 11g should use the new method of specifying a credential which eliminates many of the issues mentioned in this note. This guide covers several common questions and problems e

Run a script from batch file

Hi All, I want to execute a SQL script that runs from a batch file. Lets say, I have loader.bat file. This .bat file connects to Oracle and wants to execute .sql file The content of loader.bat file is sqlplus @C:\temp_val_id.sqlAt run time it ask to

Export Table to flat file and upload to FTP server for external vendor

I have done some extensive searches on the forums and I think I have an idea but really need some help. Basically have a table that needs to be exported to a flat file and uploaded to a FTP server so that our vendor can get the data Monday-Saturday a

Processing a CSV file in batching by FTP Adapter gives translation error

Hi All, I have a CSV with 2000 records.. want to process it in batch of 500. When i dont use batching in FTP adapter.. everything goes fine. But when i include batching in the adpater.. and try to process the same file. it gives: <2009-09-09 12:09:15

How to install and set printer paper and tray automatically via script or batch file

Hi, Our firm using HP Printers and we need to deploy printer in Citrix Environment where setting does not save to the Base PC Image. Because our Environment is Citrix (User Settings and Printer are deployed when user login). Can we build the setting

How to get the output of my batch file or script file

Hello, I am a beginner in java and I have to run a batch file(in win) or a script(in linux). I want the output of the file in my java program. How to read the output. I used the following code and it always gave me the empty string output Runtime r =

Running a batch file on ftp server

HI All, i am trying to use Command line facility of file adapter to run a batch file.. i batch file i have a single command as mkdir ranjeet. how should i call this batch file from file adapter.. i tried putting batch file name in the command line se

Unix shell script to batch file for windows

Hello all, Iam writing a program in java in unix environment and iam executing using shell scripts in unix this program is for client-server environment which look like this: For server: #! /bin/ksh export CLASSPATH=/user/vpp/jal/classes:$CLASSPATH #

FTP - File getting upload with 0 bytes without raising any error

Hello Experts, I am facing a strange issue with FTP. I have a backgroung program which uploads two file (one ld and one log) onto FTP server. But there are some scenarios in which the log file is uploaded blank with 0 bytes. though the file on applic