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Creating a batch file to launch a program with user input variable.

I am trying to create a batch file that allows a user to be prompted to put in a value and then launches the program associated and that particular file. In this case the files are CIF files that pull up saved data inputs. Below is my script so far a

Input to an executable jar from a batch file

Hi, I have created an executable jar program to receive the input during runtime from a batch file. I have tried to run the program by passing arguments at runtime but the code doesn't seem to execute. Can anyone help me out to pass an argument to th

Executing batch file from Java stored procedure hang

Dears, I'm using the following code to execute batch file from Java Stored procedure, which is working fine from Java IDE JDeveloper public static String runFile(String drive) String result = ""; String content = "echo off\n"

Batch file to html report generator:

I want to create reports based of the batch file that I run. I created a batch file to run a number of programs for this PC tune up service that we do at the University I work at.  This is mostly a "learn for my own benefit" project, but if it w

How to pass arguments to a batch file from java code

Hi I have a batch file (marcxml.bat) which has the following excerpt : @echo off if x==%1x goto howto java -cp C:\Downloads\Marcxml\marc4j.jar; C:\Downloads\Marcxml\marcxml.jar; %1 %2 %3 goto end I'm calling this batch file from a java code with the

Help needed in executing a remote batch file

I need to execute a batch file which is located on a remote machine through my machine. I have no idea to go about with. Please can someone help me out with can be used to execute the remote bat file. I am at present using Runtime.exec() to execute i

Is there any command in windows batch file similar to the unix grep command

Hi, I have a batch file which will return status of the Database to a file ex: "OPEN". Now I want to read this output file and check for the "OPEN" string from another batch file. any suggestions?. This is similar to "grep" c

Batch file extracting all files from nested archives

I have managed to leverage a powerful forfiles command line utility with the mighty 7z compression program. Below is a simple batch file extracting all files from nested archives hidden at any depth inside other archives and/or folders. After the ext

Running a batch file in a java servlets programme

this is what i have Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("C:\\sync.bat"); Now i need a way for the program to wait until this is finished running. I dont want to print anything until this is done. Is there a way to do thisWill this even run syn

Running a batch file kept on the server

Hi , I need to upload a file onto the application server then i have to call a batch file from my ABAP code kept on the same server . The batch file takes 3 inputs the uploaded filename onto the server the new file name ( that can be any name ) and t

Running a Batch file through SCCM

I have an installed Endpoint security program installed on 1800 systems in our domain. I have a batch file that is succesfully when run on a system. The batch is below. I've starred the sensitive info and path, (thing to remember is this batch works

How to run a project which gets parameters from a batch file

Hello all, I use to run a program, which gets parameters only by interactive mode, using a batch file as you can see below: # myprogram < batchfile.txt Now, I'm updating its code by SunStudioExpress IDE and I'd like to run it from the batchfile. I ha

How can I execute a batch file from my java program

Hi, Can someone help me or direct me to a link, How can I execute a DOS batch file from my java program? ThanksYou will need to grab a handle to the process's outputstream so u can see its output.The OP didn't mention any output from any batch file;

Batch file program

I want to write a java program that will ask the user for a file name, then it will open and execute the batch file that was entered. Is this possible?This demo will run a batch file in the c:\ root. Play with it and i'm sure you will come up with so

Doubt in batch file execution

Hi , I am execting a batch file from my code. Following after execution of batch file i need to do some manipulation with out put file that got from batch file. so wht i am doing is.. String ParseBat = "cmd /c start \"parser - running\" /MI

Run batch files through java code

Hi All I need to run a batch file using java code . I am not getting any error, but also no output. Can someone let me know the problem with my code.The code i am using is import java.io.*; public class batchtest {      public static void main(String

Running batch files in series, part 3

Hi, I have 2 batch files called list1.bat & list2.bat which I execute using runCmd( "list1.bat" ) runCmd( "list2.bat" ) Both of them contain the commands dir d:\ dir c:\ echo endOfBatchFile The idea is that the second one will not

Running batch file error

I have already tried to find some solution on Java Essential forum, not much success there. I hope someone might suggest something here. Design: one big file, split into chunks, recombined according to some order, feeded to some exe file, and finally

Runtime.exec() batch file problem

Hi folks, i have a little problem when I want to execute a batch file through java's runtime.exec() method. the execution of a very simple batchfile works (for example opening notepad or other stuff), but I have problems with the following batch file

Secure batch file

I want to create a batch file in which i will be having my credentials. I will be sharing that file with my monitoring team, Since i dnt want to diclose my credentials to them therefore they should not be able to open that batch file. Also they shoul