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Batch to Batch Transfer and Tracking

Question, Since Batch to batch material transfer is possible using SAP standard functionality. On my floor, the raw material i am consuming is batch managed and causing accounts error and negative stock due to wrong batch no. posting at the time of C

Batch to batch transfer of same material is not possible

We are doing batch to batch transfer of same material no. through MB1B in a plant which is depot. This is not happening and error message is coming "Batch to batch transfer of same material is not possible" msg no. 00398. We tried the same trans

Where would i get Batch Size in SAP BI and what is the cocept of Batch Size

<heading 4> Dear Experts,               I have to create a report on batch size adherence i.e. Actual Vs. Standard Batch Size Deviation,but i am unable to find batch size in sap R/3 AFKO & APPO tables and was unable to find it in material master

Year Specific Batch Numbers in SAP

Hi All Can we have year specific batch numbers in SAP. I would like to define internal batch numbers year wise. Every year this numbers have to be reset. Pls help in finding a solution.use customer exits for batches: http://help.sap.com/saphelp_40b/h

SLED error in LQUA table after batch to batch transfer posting -

Hi All, I have done a batch to batch transfer posting in 309(same material - batch to batch). At IM level the receiving batch charecteristics have been copied. When i create a TO from the posting change number using LT05 and check the bin stock statu

Question about batch transfer limitation

Just got a brand new iMac 24" 3 days ago and love it. My first Mac. I'm interested in creating hunting and family videos so I was reading about the differences between FCP and FCE. The articles say that FCE cannot do a batch transfer for capturing an

Batch to batch transfer (same material)

HI experts, I have a scenario where i have to post the X qty from batch B ( GRN in april  ) to batch A (Grn In mar) for same material. I have consumed the material from full qty from  Batch A in April and the material from batch B remained unutilized

Batch to batch transfer

Hi All, I need to know how to do batch transfer form X batch qty to Y batch qty in previous month. When i tried in MB1b for X bact and partial qty system throws error as " shortall in xx qty in X batch for compayou can only move a certain quantity of

Material transfer from SAP R/3 to SAP Business One is blocked

Hello experts, Please I need your help for the following scenario: Our client has B1iSN and SAP R/3 in the headquarter company and B1if and SAP B1 in the subsidiary. The material transfer from SAP R/3 to SAP Business One failed and the following mess

Data transfer from sap r/3 into excel sheet for mi01

hi gurus,    as i  am a xi consultant i got requirement to write a program for data transfer from sap r/3 into excel sheet for MI01.can any body help me by giving sample code or example for this requirement.please help me.Hi Rohit, This is an upload

Data transfer between SAP & Java and Vice versa using IDOC Process

Dear Experts,         We are working on one of the good requirement related to data transfer between SAP and Java software. Client requirement is, they want to transfer the data in both the ways (from SAP --> Java and Vice versa also). In detail is,

How to find out the Idoc number triggered for any material transfer frm SAP

Hi Folks, Can any body let me know How to find out the Idoc number triggered for any material transfer frm SAP? Do we have any navigation for that in MM03? Thanks, SPMD.Hi Shabbirmdpasha, If you know the user name then you can find the idoc numbers c

OM and PA data transfer from SAP 4.7 to ECC 6.0

Dear Experts, hi i am working on one project where i will need to design the data transfer from SAP 4.7 to ECC 6.0. this is not a upgrade project. the data of PA and OM are in 4.7 which is existing system. i need to transfer entire data into ECC 6.0

Automatic Role transfer to SAP

Hi all, is it possible to automate the "Portal Role Transfer to SAP" functionality within the portal? Cheers MarcelHi Marcel, did you fixed the automatic upload issue? If yes - how? because I'm in the same situation right now ... Thanks a lot in

How to Import/Transfer Batch Number into SAP B1

Dear Experts,                       I have a database as per batch management wise.For the New Year I am going to create a blank database with the existing stock details.Stocking of the Item is as per batch wise and in SAP B1 I don't know how to tran

Batch Transfer

Hi all       how to transfer batch to batch which movement type use? Thanks and Regards SureshHI GOOD go through the following links http://www.itcserver.com/blog/2006/06/30/batch-input-vs-call-transaction/ http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04s/helpdata/

How to setup batch management in sap and how batch work?

Hi I hope to check how batch managment work in sap? If we setup batch management in mm03 for one matieral, Will the batch number be created automatically or the number should be created first then we scan it? when we do goods movement for this mateir


Hi Everyone First of all, Thank you all for such a nice contribution on the forum.  I have few questions I have with SAP and JDBC adaptor.  I was wondering if we could do batch update/insert in XI. let us say I received 10 different records from IDOC

Batch Rejected in SAP module

dear Experts, Where can i find the Batch to be Rejected in SAP(which module) Please send me the tcode and field if possibleThe name of TOP include is: LZZZZTOP where ZZZZ is the name of your function group. You can edit this via SE38 directly or you

Batch transfer of Paths between files

Lets say I outsource the creation of clipping paths. And lets say that the files I wish to ultimately work on are Lightroom embedded Smart Objects, which are fairly heavy files -- heavier than I'd like to electronically transmit just for path creatio