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Ive had my 13 inch macbook pro for less than 30 days and the battery health has gone down to 92% and the computer itself is so slow...i paid %50.00 for an OLD windows computer with 512 mb of ram and it is much faster..is this normal for mac??

Ive had my 13 inch macbook pro for less than 30 days and the battery health has gone down to 92% and the computer itself is so slow...i paid $50.00 for an OLD windows computer with 512 mb of ram and it is much faster..is this normal for mac?? Also, a

Battery health decreased rapidly after charging problems.

Hy a few weeks ago the health of my mid 2010 MacBook Pro was still 79% which is normal since it has more than 1000 cycles. Then following incident happened: My battery was almost discharged, 30% or so, so I connected it to the AC power. After a while

Lost over 20% battery health in Two Days!

Help! My battery health was at about 88% just two Days ago. I've had my MacBook for over a year now, so that sounded normal-ish. Am I right about that? Then Yesterday my Battery shot down to 76% health. Today I just checked, and it's at 66% health. I

Cycle 23 but Battery Health 95%

cycle 23 cut Battery Health 95% Battery  Problem  ????How old is your Mac? 1-2-3 years old? Batteries go bad even if the charge cycle count is low. They only last so long whether they are used or not. The last longer being used on a regular basis but

How to increase your battery health - anyone with similar experiences?

this is my very own self made instruction of "how to increase your battery health" it is the procedure how i have done it serverall times on my powerbook g4 12". my stats: 374 cycles, health 86% (3790 of 4400mAh) age of my mac: 57month (bat

MacBook Pro battery health?

I have and early 2011 13" MacBook Pro. The other day, the "service battery" warning came up, so I took it to the Apple Store. The "Genius" there told me that because I do not let my battery die every time I use my laptop, I am mis

Battery Health after 13 cycles?

I recently downloaded istate pro to check my battery and to my suprise my battery health is currently at 96% after 13 cycles. Yesterday I calibrated the battery and it was at 98% health.  Could be battery by obsolete? And I just got my mbp 1 week ago

HT3782 What does it mean "Battery Health" Check battery in the battery menu bar?

What does it mean "Battery Health" Check battery in the battery menu bar?Check the full status by going to the apple in the left side of the menu bar, About This Mac, More Info, System Report, Hardware, Power and see what it says about the Cycle

Brand new macbook pro 2012 (no retina display) 95% battery health with 5 cycles? is that okay?

I know, another battery related question. I have recently bought a brand new macbook pro (no retina display), I calibrated the battery at least twice since Ive had it and it states that I am at 95% battery health with only 5 charges. Is that normal o

New Macbook Pro 2012 Battery health.

Hi all, hope you can give me some advice. I purchased a New Macbook Pro 13" (2012 model) 3 weeks ago. It has now had 11 charge cycles and the battery health has dropped to 86%. I have gone through the calibration process, reset smc/pram but sitll see

Battery Health monitor for iphone 4

hi i would just like to know if there is something that can measure the battery health of iphone 4 i did purchase accura because it appeared to show battery health in the ad on app store but it didn'tThere's an app called 'iBackupBot' for windown and

Low battery health

Hi! I bought my mac book pro in september 2010. After 6 months my battery health is only 77%!! I've got 56 cycles, my girlfriend bought her mac book at the same time and she has 95% health. A friend has his mac for 2 years and still has 92%. MY batte

Battery health drastically reduced

hello all. first off, this is a 15" from i believe 2007. i bought it used with an applecare plan which was good through march of 2010. i don't remember exactly when, but back during winter i had the mac serviced. i had a red light issue in my headpho

Is there anyway to bring my battery health back up?

I've had my macbook for 4 months now and just recently (from the coconutBattery app) i've notices that my battery health is down to 90% and i was wondering how i can bring it back up to 100%... is it possible? if so, what are some things i can do?Wha

Battery health.....

I calibrate my battery avery now and then. Otherwise I tend to let the battery drain down to under 10%, and will then fully charge the system. My system is always on my desk. Ive read that its better to keep your system on power all the time, or keep

Having serious issues with battery health, how could it be?

hello, newbie to this forum but not to apple devices. my big brother gave me his MacBook Air about 2 months ago. he bought it in august of 2009. when i got it, it ran Windows 7 (dont ask me why that what he wanted). i did update to the system and ins

My MacBook Air's battery health is decreasing.

My Macbook Air's battery health is decreasing. I bought it around a year ago. Now it's battery health is 85%. However, it keeps changing. From 85% to 88% and sometimes it hit 90%. Is my macbook's battery healthy? And is it normal, because I bought it

Best Battery Health not working in Windows 7 after Windows 8 installation

Hello everybody, I'm having an annoying problem with my G475. It came with Windows 7 installed, and the option "Best Battery Health" was working fine. Then I upgraded to Windows 8 (fresh install) and installed the Energy Management drivers. Sinc

Battery Health and ways to bring it up again?

I've had my MacbookPro for a little over two months now and 31 cycles on it. However, I have already lost 7% battery health, leaving me at only 93%. I'm pretty sure that this is not good, and that the loss shouldn't be this rapid. I'm sure it has som

MacBook Pro 13'' late 2011 battery health problem!!! HELP!!!

I have a MacBook Pro 13'' late 2011. It's this normal? How do I increase my battery health? Can I change my battery?When did you buy it? Do you run it down to near zero % before recharging? Which is a bad thing to do. Do you charge it to 100% before