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What Is the Diffrence Betwenn S60,Anna and Belle?

Let me know this.... S60 is also known as Symbian^1. Anna and Belle are different versions of Symbian^3. Symbian^3 can be found on devices such as the N8, C7 and X7 whereas Symbian^1 can be found on older devices such as the 5800XM and X6.  Some of t

HT2731 If i purchased coins on a game (doubledown casino) and did not get the coins, but was charged for them what do i do? How do i get the coins or my money refunded?

If i made a purchase on a game(doubledown casino) but never got my coins, but the money was taken out of the account, what do I do? How do I get the coins or my money back?Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance Use this Link  >  Apple

After Bell Update - My battery lasts only 8 hours

Hello I have a Nokia N8. As there was Symbian Anna on it, I have optimized my battery consumption. It was running at least 2-3 days. Now after upgrading to Anna it lasts only 8 hours. This is really not much. What can I do? I have no Apps like Skype

How do I get more than one song with a backing track in a concert?

Hi,I confess I haven't yet looked in depth at the manual but I cant work out why there is only one song available at any one time within a concert. I am trying to put a set of songs together,some with backing tracks,some with just a piano and vox  an

Having to rebuild *all* of my MS 1 concerts... and... rather than cry...

about having to do this... (I suspected the concerts had become internally inconsistent - see previous posts about copy/paste that maxed out memory)... I want to look at how to approach MS2... please comment as you see fit - I've got to tackle this d

Mainstage 2 crashing when loading concert made on another mac

My Mainstage [2.2.2 on Lion] crashes when I try to load a concert created on someone else's mac. I have tried loading it several times but it crashes every time. Any ideas why this might be? I would post a crash report but it never finally crashes ju

Questions on FP1, FP2, Belle Refresh and availabil...

Hello, First things first: Note that my post is not intended to ask when Belle Refresh will be available for my phone. I have been reading a lot about this topic, on this and many other forums, and know by now that I need to be patient and wait for B

Unable to add a Bell sympatico email account to my Playbook

Just purchased a Playbook and trying to add my email account. I tried using the same email account settings as on my laptop but keep getting a 'POP server has changed or is incorrect' error when I tap SAVE Any help would be appreciated! Bell Sympatic

IPhone 3S was used with Bell, then unlocked to use with Rogers. Now I want to use it as iPod (Don't want to activate as phone),but when connecting to iTunes I'm getting message:  There is no SIM card, disconnect and insert new SIM card. Help?

I have an old iPhone 3S, that was used with Bell. My friend lost her phone and I lend her this one, which she unlock to use with Rogers. I got it back and want to use as an iPod not the phone, but when I connected to iTunes I am getting this message:

HT201401 last night my iphone screen all of a sudden was solid blue and now it is black. I put it on the charger and this morning it is totally black.  However, I did hear the text message signal go off. When I turned the volume on and off a big white bel

Last night my iphone screen all of a sudden was solid blue and now it is black. I tried turning it on and off.  Still nothing appeared on the screen.  I put it on the charger and this morning it is totally black.  However, when I hit the on and off b

My phone was jailbroken but connected through Bell after I bought it. Recently (today) I upgraded to 4.3.4 and now have no date or phone - SIM card not recognized. Any ideas ?

Not really sure how this works, but here  goes. I bought an IPhone on EBay over a year ago. 3GS. I found out I had to have it jailbroken since it had already been connected to AT&T. I did that and hooked up to Bell and it has beens working fine ever

TS1702 how can I get anyone to give us answer on the iphone apps casino game we purchased few days ago which once the token was finished we were not able to reset and play just for fun and not for gambling. we need help and not to be charged additional

few days ago I have purchased Iphone casino games from itunes apps store. One of the game was made by the company called "ARISTOCRAT" dragan game. Usually we will get basic tokens to play the game, and if we ran out of the tokens all we need to

Why can I not send e-mails from my e-mail account? I can receive e-mails. Not an iCloud account. It is a Bell Aliant account.

Why can I not send e-mails from my e-mail account? I can receive e-mails. It is not an iCloud account it is a Bell Aliant account. An account I pay for. This is the second time in three months this has occurred. Bell Aliant suggested I contact Apple

How to set up Multiple Playback tracks for a "Set" or "Concert"?

Hey Gang...so I'm venturing into MS2(2.2.1) now and have a feeling I just need some help understanding the building blocks.  Here is what I'm trying to do: I want to set up a concert for solo gigs where I basically will perform saxophone along with b

How can I change the media info from Concert Film to Music Video in ITunes 11.01.12

I purchased a concert film a while back from the ITunes store, and in previous versions of ITunes, I had been able to change the media info from concert film to music video so I could watch it in my library (and any devices) without losing any of my

I have a brand new iPhone 4GS from Bell Carrier, I want to have it unlock for my Roger's carrier, is this possible?

I have my step-son's iPhone 4GS from Bell Carrier, he upgraded his phone, I have a 4G, and I contacted Bell in order to have my phone unlocked so I can replace my phone with the 4GS with my present carrier of Roger's. Bell customer service informed m

How do I ad a new track to a patch and have it  (all all it's parameters) appear in all patches of a given concert?

Hi there,  We use MainStage 3 to play backing tracks for my daughters shows.  From time to time I either have to add a tracks (like a back up vocalist who is joining her for the evening) or I have to make a change to a track that already exist in all

How do I play different instruments in a concert?

I use MainStage in live performances with a pair of sound-less keyboards (Alesis Q49, Q25).  I want my keyboard to make different instrument/sounds (what is correct word?) for different songs in a concert.  Example: Song 1: Grand Piano Song 2: Pop Fl

How to find "My Templates" folder in the hard drive?  Or "Mainstage Concerts" folder, "Mainstage Layouts" folder

So far I have saved quite a few concerts as templates, but now I want to delete some of the older ones, so they stop showing up teach time I want to start a new concert from a template. I have been looking for the folder in library, application suppo

Update to Nokia Belle Problem!!

Guys pls help me with this, Nokia Belle Update is available for my phone C6-01 I tried to install it from Nokia suite but i get an error saying cannection to phone was lost how many times vever i try to install it from there can u guys tell what the