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Fixed Resolution And Text Behaviors

Ok, so like a good student I have been reading up on all the benefits of Fixed Resolution and what a GPU lifesaver it is. However, is it possible to apply the fixed resolution to a text behavior? I've got two words that have the Hot Pop Flash behavio

IPad 3 sluggish in the photos app

I'm still getting to know my new iPad, but one thing I didn't expect to experience with a fresh install on a new iPad was the photos app struggling. Generally it feels a bit sluggish and stalling in a few views, but really oddly it just practically g

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5400: How to fix resolution issue?

Hi, my laptop has a maximum screen resolution of 1366 x 768. I connected an external full hd monitor but I cannot set the resolution of 1920 x 1080. I use gnome and the monitor setting utility of gnome give me the maximum resolution of 1600 x 900. Ho

Are there benefits to the Blackmagic Intensity Pro for HDV capture ?

Are there benefits to the Blackmagic Intensity Pro for HDV capture ?  I have a Sony HDR-FX1 that records in HDV 1440 x 1080  I have already captured the footage to miniDV tape.  Can the intensity card get the full 1920 x 1080 video ?  I now use Premi

HD TV Resolution - Help Please!

I just purchased a 32" Samsung LCD TV as a secondary monitor for my new MacBook Pro (running Leopard 10.5.2). I purchased an HDMI cable to run from my computer to the TV, however when running the resolution on the TV at 1920x1080 images look great bu

What is the benefit in using OID for names resolution?

I have been wondering about this for awhile. I have been working on getting this to work in Iplanet along with Pat Lehane ([email protected]), and it works now. What are the benefits in using OID for names resolution when you can just use the static

Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits . Row 10 : Information not available for France "99-Income Type Not Listed"

I am an individual and wants to register for Tax. I am living in France and I am entered "France" in front of the row 9 in the Part 2 (Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits) But for the row 10 I am unable to select the 0% rate. Only 30% is available and

Compensation Statement - Flexible Benefits

We are experiencing difficulty in getting some Flexible Benefits Wage Types appearing on the Compensation Statement. We want the Employer Contribution to appear on the Compensation Statement. And it would appear that if the Wage Type is configured in

Benefits Rates ( IT0167/IT0168) not feeding through PU12.

Hi experts, I know this question was asked before but no reply so far from any one. My issue is We are currently running PU12 export and using ZTMU (copy of standard OTMU interface format).I am interested in knowing how companies handle the issue of

Reducing the Resolution of a Referenced Original Image

I made the mistake of taking photos in very high resolution, and then importing the originals into my Aperture Library as referenced images.  Now my hard drive is completely full (and I've already disabled and deleted Previews), so I'm trying to redu

Benefits of upgrading AD from 2003 to 2008 before upgrading to 2012

We currently have Win2003 R2 with AD and DNS and want to upgrade our to the newest we can.  Is there any benefits on upgrading from win2003 to 2008 then to 2012?  I can see that updating 2k3 to 2012 r2 works with lots of youtube videos.  Is there any

2 Displays but not same resolution!

i connected my mac pro with two identical 22inch displays one is connected with a DVI connector and the other with a VGA connector. hence, they have different display resolution... ironically the one connected with the VGA connecter has better displa

Mini DVI to Video Adapter - S-Video Resolutions / HDMI

Hello, I just got my Mini DVI to Video Adapter and I using a S-Video cable to plug to my HD LCD 32'' TV. When I connect everything, the resolution drops from 1280x800 to 1024x768. How can I change back to 1280x800? I don't know but I'm kind of disapp

Resolution using Mini-DVI to Video Adapter

I have a Mini-DVI to Video Adapter that I connect to a television set. When I connect it my resolution drops from 1280x800 on my MacBook to 1024x768 on the television. On the MacBook tech specs screen it says: "Simultaneously supports full native res

Messed up color display and resolution because of mini-DVI to video adapter

Once I connected the mini-DVI to video adapter to the tv and got weird colors on my screen for a while but then it worked out, then after a while I disconnected the cable and turned my computer off. After that, everytime I turned my macbook on, the c

Resolution of built-in display with dvi adapter

I've connected my Imac to my Samsung DLP using a mini-dvi to s-video adapter. The display on the tv is fine, but the problem is that when ever the adapter is plugged in, I lose all widescreen resolutions for the built-in display. Does anyone know a w

Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter Resolution?

If I hook my macbook to my hdtv using the Apple Mini-DVI to VGA Adapter what's the highest resolution I'll achieve? Will it be the max resolution of the TV or the Macbook?Hey, These are the specs that Apple provides for the GMA 950. "Extended desktop

Mini-DVI to VGA maximum resolution?

I have an external monitor with only VGA input, and it's resolution is 1680 x 1050. Will my MacBook be capable of using this display at it's native resolution using a mini-DVI to VGA adapter? The display is the HP w2007v in case anyone is interested.

Macbook mini-dvi to vga display resolution issue

Hi, I'm connecting my 13in first generation macbook to an external LCD display.  It's an ACER AL2216W.  I'm running latest Snow Leopard.   I could always just click 'detect displays' and it would figure out what kind of monitor I had and I would be o

Mini-DVI to S-Video resolution

I've plugged my Mini-DVI to S-Video adapter into the MacBook, but there is only limited selection of resolutions available in the NTSC/PAL preference pane. My Mac mini S-Video adapter has options for 16:9 output, but the MacBook only lists the follow