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Helping my aunt with tech support. Do I need to buy 2 copies of Remote Desktop? (One for each of us?)

I just bought Remote Desktop to help my aunt who needs tech support all the time. Can I go to her house and install it on her computer by signing into her App Store? Or can I download an installer for her computer somehow? Or do I have to buy 2 copie

NEED HELP! Tech support told me to ask Best Buy???

I just purchased a K410 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009AEP51Q/ref=oh_details_o02_s00_i00 I need to hook up two monitors via a digital signal for an extended display (not mirrored), but i only have one digital out (HDMI), the other is analog (VG

Never again!! The worst customer service!! Tech support etc..

I purchased the note book mini for Rogers Wireless.  It has the built in rocket stick.. I signed a 3 yr contract and paid 100.00 for the mini.  I pay 48.56 a month for the wireless service. My note book was maybe 3 months old.  I came home for a long

Worst tech support and customer service i have ever experienced in my life

almost two hours of my time was wasted on tech support. rude, inconsiderate people from the philipines. i have filopino friends. they are nothing like these people. after wasting my time through endless transfers, being hung up on multiple times, tra

My 5th generation iPod touch is not loading music copied from cd's.  Restore only temporarily works and backup erased them from the iPod (with tech support watching).

I have had my iPod touch for only 3 weeks and it keeps removing the audio files from cd's that I have ripped to my iTunes library whenever I sync it to my computer.  I don't have an issue with purchased material through iTunes just music files from m

Verizon tech support for FIOS - how to get around the attitude.

Most are helpful, but some are rather disdainful of macs or linux, or act surprised if you have more than one computer. A: Well, if I only had one computer, why would I need a router? Linux does not need any special support, and in fact runs quite be

Does Adobe have a tech support contact for Flash on browsers?

I am looking how to escalate to Adobe Tech Support but paying 29 bux an hour for some recruited college Grad that knows to little doesnt suit me. Bought an HP Quad and it had Win7 home so poorly installed, configured, overloaded with junk, would not

Is there any tech support for Neo4 products?

    One of the reasons I'm watching this forum is to see what kinds of problems I might end up with my Neo4 Platinum since I found out that MSI support of their products kinda sucks (not to say any other any other OEM is any better) This system I jus

Very disappointed after 7 calls to Tech support!

I bought My Lenovo G560 on April 2011 and have since then had to call tech support  7 times, out of which in four of those occasions the tech support rep asked me to use the One Key recovery to solve the problem. When they checked my warranty, they h

CD/DVD will not boot up for P855-S5200 Toshiba Satellite laptop - Rude Tech Support

Hello. Has anyone else tried changing the boot device order on this computer, only to find that their laptop boots right up to Win 7? I pressed F12 just like it states in the manual (and then pressed F2 to enter setup). I changed the boot order so th

My back button does not work because the prior screen does not appear in the history.  I therefore must go back to the blue screen and reload safari.  Apple tech support could not help.  Can anyone else help?

After I installed mountain lion my back button frequently does not work because the prior screen does not appear iunder History.  Apple tech support was not able to fix the problem.  Does anyone have any suggestions?lbryan1987 wrote: I dont want the

HELP NEEDED:  What is the phone number for Tech Support?

I cannot find the Tech Support number for QuickTime support. I have been trying to resolve my QuickTime issue for three days and really need phone assistance. The self-reporting Tech Support online form requires a serial number for the product, but Q

Angry with Creative Tech Support!!! Battery fried and they won't help!

I am seething with anger right now over the awful Tech support I just received from Creative's Tech support phone line. I called to find out how I can get my almost new less than 2yrs old Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20gb MP3 players battery replaced. I

TV remote control reset procedure from tech support

I was able to get this information from Toshiba tech support. It is not posted in the Forums or Knowledge Base that I could find. I have a 42" LCD TV model 42RV530U. The top row of buttons (on/off, picture size were the 2 I needed today) on the remot

Use this link to send iTunes Store tech support email

I finally found the page to email Apple for tech support re: iTunes Store not connecting this weekend: http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/store/connect/ (the web form to send for tech support for iTunes store connection problems is at bottom of page


IS COMPUTER FIX, INC A 3rd party Independent Tech Support Provider FOR APPLE? THEY CHARGED AS 339.00 DOLLARS TO REMOTELY REPAIR OUR MACBOOKIf you paid by credit card, contact the bank handling this payment and ask that it be stopped since the provide

Apple tech support?

I'm an hour from giving up and taking my iPod back to Best Buy- it's not working and while the community-based tech support idea is novel and all, waiting eight hours without getting any useful answers to my questions is pretty disheartening. Does Ap

How do I speak with someone from tech support for a issue??????

I have tried many times to download the correct software for my HP OfficeJet 7410 printer. I always get a error message. "THE SYSTEM CAN NOT FIND THE FILE SPECIFIED". ("C:\Users\R61\AppData\Local\Temp\7z611S7\Setup\..\Setup\Blocksysus...) W

To anyone in product management and tech support monitoring this forum

Since it would appear this is the "official" conduit to tech support now at SAS I am posting this here. You've lost me as an Xcelsius 2008 user and it only took 24 hours to do so.  As I've posted to a few places on this board, the upgrade proces

How can I get some Tech Support?

I am new to the world of Apple. IPod drew me in. Since I upgraded to iTunes6 the investment appears to be a bad one. I have tried to seek support on the Apple Dicusssions. The best advice someone could offer was buy a Mac. Not the best advice to offe