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Stuck: Need Disk repair but DVD drive dead and only have USB 1

[1 Ghz flat-panel iMac with USB 1 ports (no USB 2) and also Firewire 400] I noticed a strange discrepancy (small but concerning) between the size of a folder on hard drive (folder of all mp3's with no subfolders) and the backup of the same folder on

How do I install bootcamp on the new drive that I installed with the dvd drive adapter

Hello, I have a macbook pro mid 2012 13 inch, I have just earned some money, enough to buy a SSD, and I happily went to the store and bought a samsung evo 840 120gb SSD. My plan was to clean install windows 8.1 on the SSD, I already had bootcamp on t

How to connect my Macbook Pro to play dvds on my TV

What cables and which output ports are best to play DVDs on my Macbook pro and displaying the movies on my TV? I was thinking the video output would be either "mini display" or "firewire" and the audio would be the headphone audio out



HT1151 i have a new apple external dvd drive, and i can't get it to work with my iMac?

I have a new apple dvd drive, I was told it will work with my imac,  but when i plug it in ...nothing... iv been for update... still nothing. How can i get it to work???If it is this drive, note that it is for MBA's and Mini's only: http://store.appl

I am trying to build a DVD from an Everio Camcorder in 16:9. but output is 4:3

Hi, I can't seem to be able to fix this problem. The settings I use in Premiere Elements 9 are as follows when I Open the project: NTSC, Hard Disk Flash Memory Camcorders, Widescreeen 48KHZ. When I bring my scenes in the timeline, I get a warning:"Mi

Script to open and close CD and DVD

Hi everyone, My MAC has an internal CD burner and an external DVD burner. I would like to know if it could possible to create two scripts that, by clicking , it would open or close (depending of the status) my CD and another one for my DVD burner. I

How do i back up my itunes library to multiple dvd's

I have 7.32GB of music file and from the instructions provided for copying my music folder to a dvd, it tells me the dvd is not large enough...duh.....but it doesn't give me the option to use multiple dvd's.  I tried zipping the file but that still d

Can't install Snow Leopard on MacBook Pro - DVD won't mount

I am unable to install Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro as the DVD won't mount.  This is an early 2008 vintage MacBook Pro, intel core duo... I'm using a OS X Snow Leopard install DVD (family licensed).  This DVD has been used to install 3 other Macs i

I have three videos to edit.How do I save each one so I can burn them together to a DVD?

I have three videos to edit. How do I save each one so I can burn them together to a DVD?Use Share/Computer/AVI to output each video as a DV-AVI. Then open a new project set up for DV and combine the three AVIs on that timeline. Voila!Read other 2 an

What's the simplest way to edit the audio on a DVD using a Mac?

I appreciate you taking the time to read/respond to this post. Here's the deal: My church records its service on DVDs to pass out to members.  This past weekend an annoying, high-pitch hum found it's way on to our DVD.  We also record audio versions

How can I save multiple titles under the same DVD?

I use HandBrake to rip DVD's into iTunes. How can I save multiple titles under the same DVD? For instance, I have a Jimi Hendrix documentary that comes with special features, such as concert performances. I would like to have the main feature and the

Is there a way to create a slideshow viewable with a DVD player?

Hi there, is there amongst the Apple programs (or else) something that would allow me to show my digital photos on TV with a DVD player? Manually commanded with the remote, or with auto time lapse, fading or transitions?I tested both Photo Magico and

DVD Footage for FCP Edit - how to tell if NTSC or PAL?!

Hi all, apologies if this seems like a stupid request but I have a job at the moment calling for me to extract footage from a DVD, edit in FCP, add a few bits from Motion etc., but I can't work out if the DVD is NTSC or PAL! I intend to extract the v

Encore can't burn more than one DVD at a time: Sense Code 56400

For a long time now I've been unable to burn multiple DVD's at a time. I burn more than one and I get an error and have to make a coaster out of yet another DVD I just upgraded to 24 gb of DDR3 PC 1600 RAM, I have an 6 Core Processor, I have 7.8 on e

Error while verifing a data DVD burn

Hi - I'm trying to put a lot of .wmv files onto DVD+R discs in order to remove them from my hard drive, which is becoming full. Problem is that after the burn is complete, the process fails about 1/2 way through and I get the following message: "An e

Blu-ray DVD no longer recognized by HP MediaSmart or Windows Media Player

I have the HP Pavilion Elite HPE 250-f desktop computer. This computer includes a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive. I bought this computer in 2010, and all these years I have successfully played CDs and DVDs on the computer. Until now, I have not attempted to pl

Error message when burning dvd

I have a flat panel 17" iMac with a superdrive. I have recently tried to back-up data onto a dvd. When I hit the burn button I soon get an error message. When I eject the dvd and put it back in to play nothing happens and the dvd is ejected only when

My MacBook Pro can no longer read/play/do anything with DVDs. I tried re-installing OS and Leopard but discs are rejected almost as soon as I put them in. For some reason my computer is rejecting any and all DVDs.

A few weeks ago I noticed my MacBook Pro was unable to open or read, etc... DVDs. This included DVDs with jpeg photos on them and DVD videos. I thought I might have deleted something necessary to DVD use. So I tried to re-install OS software. This in

Problem: DVD-RAM can no longer be read on MBP C2D

The "MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857D" in my MacBook Pro C2D is said to have read (but not write) support for DVD-RAM media. During the first few weeks of its lifetime, reading DVD-RAMs definitely worked. But now, no more, no matter what brand of media I