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Best Laptop for Ubuntu 2015


New Envy Laptop 05/01/2015 saying the Windows I'm using is invalid for activation

I've only had this Laptop for two days I've already had to do a recovery And now it's telling me that The Windows product key you typed is invalid for activation Buy a new product key online Type a different product key Contact Microsoft to help reso

Can i duel boot OS X yosemite on a laptop with ubuntu on it?

i want to duel boot OS X yosemite on my acer laptop that has ubuntu on it and am wondering if it is possible and if so how can i do it?Not legally. Apple only allows installation of OS X on Apple Hardware.Read other 2 answers

Best laptop for Premiere Pro CC 2015?

Hi I have a nice system at my homeoffice, but now I need a laptop too, for when I´m working at another office in town. I´m in a bit of a hurry, and have not catched up lately on all the new laptops and stuff, so I hope some of you guys will give it a

How do I use Ubuntu and PuTTY to login to a new ASA

                   I have a laptop with Ubuntu 12.4 and a serial port.   I also have the rollover cable from Cisco to console-in.   What do I need to get access to new firewall?   ThanksHi, I dont know about Ubuntu but you should be able to Console t

New Lenovo laptop: Bluetooth enabled but never sees any devices.

Really nasty one this; Bluetooth working fine under Windows (urgh) but never sees any devices under Linux. No errors at all; it just never sees anything. The device is of this type: Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:b728 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. It look

Oracle 11g Client Installation on Ubuntu

Hi, I tried to install the Oracle 11g Client on my Dell Inspiron laptop running ubuntu, the thing is that I did every step described in the Installation Guide but when I ran the ./runInstaller file, at the installation point the assistant raises an e

ENVY J049 tx showing no windows partition while installing ubuntu 14.04

I am trying to dual boot my laptop with ubuntu and windows(pre installed), But while installation process i choose something else option and it is total 1024gb of space present in it , i've tried to install it and it overwrites my 8.1, tried many thi

ATI Radeon HDMI works in Ubuntu but not Arch

Hi, is there any reason why HDMI works for my laptop in Ubuntu but not Arch? They are both apparently using the same open source ATI Radeon (not HD) driver. The card is an HD 4225 (RS880M I think). Thanks, Jamie KitsonThe driver versions are very sim

Photos from iPad 2 appear stretched on Laptop

Laptop running Ubuntu 12.04 Precise. Whenever I transfer a photo (through instagram, twitter, tumblr, email, dropbox, whatever) to my laptop, the photos are stretched. Don't know the exact numbers but they actually look 20-25% wider than they do on t

Laptop freezes every 2-3 seconds

i have a dual boot laptop(toshiba) ubuntu 12.04and win 7 home premium. the laptop suddenly started running very slow. when i restarted first it showed grub rescue> console. from next restart it started showing "exiting pxe rom no bootable device i

Ubuntu Users?

Ubuntu.  I keep seeing this word.  Today, I finally couldn't take it anymore.  It sounds like the cousin of Chupacabra!  No, it turns out it won't eat you.  It's some form of African philosophy.  Oh, wow. So, I dig further.  No enlighment, today (it

Any Ubuntu users?

I run Windows 7 on my Lenovo X200, which will soon be two years old. Sometime this year I'll look for my next laptop, on which I will run Ubuntu as well. Up to now I haven't dual booted my laptop as I have had mixed experiences with this on other mac

Recommended webcam for Linux(Ubuntu)

Any ideas on a webcam that will be easy to install&use? I was stupid enough to buy the MS LifeCam, but I returned it and I'm going to buy a new cam in a few days... Message Edited by blueshade on 09-15-2006 09:52 AMI have it working! I used these ins

MSI 4th best laptop brand - Laptop Magazine

MSI has always strived for innovation, design and efficiency, providing the best experience through quality and performance. In March, Laptop Magazine, renowned media for mobile technology, released their article ranking the best and worst laptop bra

[SOLVED] Cinnamon / NWManager v1 Incompatibility (not DHCP Related)

I was testing an Asus motherboard with onboard WiFi controller (Broadcom BCM4352 802.11ac) just to see if it worked (I normally only use a wired connection on this PC), and surprisingly all went well with the new broadcom-wl driver and patches. I am

Problems setting up an NFS server

Hi everybody, I just completed my first arch install. :-) I have a desktop and a laptop, and I installed Arch on the desktop (the laptop runs Ubuntu 9.10). I had a few difficulties here and there, but I now have the system up and running, and I'm ver

ATZ returning ERROR (N95 8GB)

I'm connecting to my N95 8GB via Bluetooth from a laptop running Ubuntu Linux. I had it working fine, but for the last few days whenever I dial out, it seems that the 'ATZ' command in the chat script is returning 'ERROR' instead of 'OK'. I just can't

Bug with MP3 tags & full-resolution photo storage...

My birthday was last week and I got a new iPod classic 120 gb...... I am a music (67 gb) and photo buff (22 gb)......and I am having trouble with each. I am using the XP box to do the syncing, since my wife's iBook doesn't have enough storage space t

Dell Inspiron 1525 Problems

Hello. I just purchased a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Vista Home Premium preinstalled. I wanted to know if there is a way to install a fully working Arch Linux system on it. I tried with 2007.08 CD only to fail at getting the wireless card to work. Dell

WRT65GS2 connection issues

i have a wrt54gs2 router, besides factory settings, i have some ports forwarded, i have my xbox 360 in the DMZ zone, wifi is set up without wpa or wep, i use mac address filtering. mixed mode, channel 11.... all other settings are factory, i have the