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Best Linux Desktop 2016


Linux desktop enviroments with different way of doing things?

I was just thinking that big DE:s like KDE or GNOME have basically same way of doing things. You have start button, quicklaunch icons, taskbar, clock etc in same panel, Control Pan.. err Control Center, Same OK Cancel dialogs etc. These things remind

BW Bex Browser in SAP GUI for JAVA 6.40 R2.2 for Linux Desktops

Hello, I am using SAP GUI for JAVA v 6.40 R2.2 on a Linux desktop. But during the installation it doesn't ask for BW Bex installation option (as in SAP GUI for Windows). Is it the case that BW Bex is not supported in Linux Environment? If it is then

Cisco Finesse for Linux Desktop

i've a customer (call center) runs Linux desktops and he needs to deploy Cisco Finesse latest version. i was wondering if it is supported over Linux or not??Hi, I have a CCX 10.5, and i use finesse with my Debian . It works perfectly with Iceweasel,

Oracle App for Linux desktop

When will Oracle have an application available for the Linux desktop? The current apps require JInitiator which is Windows only.You might want to post this as a topic in the Linux discussion forum: Generic Linux Regards, OTNRead other 2 answers

SRSS 4.2 Kiosk for Virtual Linux Desktop?

Hello All, I currently have SRSS 4.2 with SRWC 2.2 installed on Solaris 10 and I able to get everything working for a full virtual Windows XP desktop running on ESX 4U1in a kiosk session. My question then is, does SRSS 4.2 support full virtual Redhat

"Flexible" Linux desktops remain marked as 'Used' despite being powered off

I remember reading in the release notes for VDI3 Patch #2 that non-Windows OS such as Linux should now be properly 'recycled' as well (I thought that this was why VirtualBox was upgraded from 2.0.8 to 2.0.10) Either I am doing something wrong or ther

SAPGUI on linux desktop machine

Hi Experts, i have installed SAPGUI 7.10 on linux i586 machine. In Suse linux desktop i am getting the printout of test page. But from SAPGUI print is not coming. i have configured with the below procedure., Access method : U: print using  Berkeley p

Trial copy of Linux SBS 9 and the Linux Desktop

Hi Everybody, May I know how I can download or get a Trial CD of Linux SBS 9 and the Linux Desktop? Many Thanks BillyIf you purchase SBS 6.5 with the upgrade protection now, you'll have to wait for future releases of Linux SBS. You only get the downl

Overscroll Glow / Overscroll Bounce with Linux Desktops?

Hello fellow archers, you might be familiar with the Overscroll Bounce on iOS or the Overscroll Glow on Android. When you scroll a page/document it builds up momentum and kinetic energy, which causes the page to overshoot and bounce back at the end o

ZFDE Linux Desktop support ?

My customer is looking for an enterprise Disk Encryption tool for Linux(SLED 11) Desktops. Does ZFDE support/work on Linux Desktops too ? or its for Windows Desktops onlyOriginally Posted by shaunpond Sharfuddin, https://www.novell.com/documentation.

Skype 6.x for Linux Desktop

Hi all, Is there going to be released Skype 6.x version for the Linux OS? 4.x is far behind current Win and Mac releases..... Thank you. Best regards.I personally would prefer the use of Alsa so I can select my mic on Input 2 which Pulse can't see (

Linux desktop integration

hi, i'd like to provide the equivalent of start menu entries for linux users for my java app, and i think its as simple as creating some files somewhere or other. The problem is that I'm not sure 1) what to support (and the where the line is between

Virtual Windows XP on a linux desktop

Has someone any experience with the [Xen|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xen] or the [KVM|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernel-based_Virtual_Machine] solution? I have a linux ubuntu desktop and I want to run Micorsoft Windows XP in a virtual machine, in

Tool for monitoring several linux desktops

Hi i currently administer a small office all with linux machines. I also have a server that is up all the time. I'm looking for a tools to automate the processs of watching the desktops if they are behaving well. Something that is client-server. I ca

Unable to telnet to LINUX desktop

I've installed Linux 2.6.9- ( downloaded from oracle's website) and I'm unable to telnet to this machine from my laptop. I get this error C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>telnet oragrid Connecting To oragrid...Could not open connecti

What do I do to stop Facebook from logging me out of my CentOS Linux desktop?

I load a page in Facebook and my my screen goes black. I am then prompted to log back into the desktop. When I log back in and reload Firefox, the tab for Facebook is still there. If I go to it, my computer freezes.Might be a cookies, cache, or exten

Iceland Thermal Springs Lava Cave Arch Linux Desktop Wallpaper

It's been a long time since I've contributed anything to Arch. Very disappointed in myself. Something I've never done is artwork. Never considered myself an artist. Daniel Isenmann, on the other hand is an artist, with fantastic photography skills. O

See what's comming to linux desktops

look at this: http://www.gnome.org/~seth/blog/xshotsThe only reason to have this is to close the gap between what you can get on those other operating systems and linux with X. Most people only relate to eye candy and don't see what is hidden under t

Firefox cannot load homepage on local linux desktop

Firefox cannot establish a connection to Msg - Website does not support encryption for the page you are recovering. Using Oracle-xe with Mandriva and Redhat. Firefox accesses the internet directly.Check "XE databas

Desktop Integration Suite, Lotus Notes and Linux

Hello Can anybody answer my small question? Is there any possibility to use Lotus Notes client on Linux machines with UCM/ECM. Destkop Integration Suite components and client works with windows without any problems, but I can't find any information a