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Best Linux for Touchscreen 2015


Unable to start xorg after latest nvidia update

Hi, I have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 card. I did update to version 346.47 of nvidia driver and figured out that after reboot SDDM dont start. I disabled login manager and tried to start xorg server manually but without success. I see that there is segme

[Solved] Existing files when installing kdeplasma-applets-plasma

This is a desktop machine but I thought I might as well add the NetworkManager applet to KDE. But first of all it wants to install a whole bunch of packages which doesn't seem right: [[email protected] missions]# pacman -S kdeplasma-applets-plasma-nm reso

Characters not detected (I think)

Well, I guess the following screenshot speaks for itself. http://host.brendanabolivier.com/files/ - ddcf21.png I'm posting this here because it happened in a very silly way... I started looking for and installing updates (yaourt -Syua --noconfirm) an

[SOLVED] Chromium will not launch

After my my last system upgrade chromium won't launch. I get the following error: [1764:1764:0515/113901:ERROR:url_pattern_set.cc(240)] Invalid url pattern: chrome://print/* [1792:1792:0515/113901:ERROR:sandbox_linux.cc(343)] InitializeSandbox() call

Banshee won't play Mp3's

Hi everyone, Banshee won't play MP3s which are playable in Clementine, Audacious. When i attempt to play an MP3 it plays as if it is muted. I have checked that the sound is turned up and is not muted. my sound works fine so it can't be muted. I have

[SOLVED] Kodi 14.2 with kodi-pvr-addons (vnsi), swith to tvheadend

Hallo, i've installed a fresh Antergos Linux (arch distri , 2015.06.03-x86_64) an want to build a media pc. First i've installed the tv device drivers (ddbridge from the digitaldevice homepage) and vdr 2.2.0-1 with the vdr-vnsiserver 2:1.2.1_29_g1772

Installing and running Arch linux on the new MacBook 2015

So Apple has just started taking orders for the new 2015 MacBook. You know -- the thinnest and lightest MacBook to date (even thinner than the MacBook Air), with a 12 inch retina display, the Intel Core M processor, a single USB-C port, and the new f

CSCus68798 - ISE is vulnerable to CVE-2015-0235 Linux Ghost remote code execution

First time trying to follow a specific CVE in Real-Time... I see this CVE-2015-0235 GHOST hack is applicable to ISE and Prime Infrastructure... but I haven't seen any patch status update since yesterday. CSA says "Obtaining Fixed Software Cisco has r

Linux Ubuntu driver IdeaCentre B300 Touchscreen

Does somebody know where to get the touchscreen driver for Ubuntu Linux for a IdeaCentre B300? Unfortunatly Ubuntu does not recognize the touchscreen during installation.Hi, as far as I know, for now there is no support in touchscreen for Ubuntu. I h

Changed to linux from windows and lost all my touchscreen and sound

changed to linux from windows and lost all my touchscreen and sounddina6370 wrote: changed to linux from windows and lost all my touchscreen and sound Hi, You need some sorts of driver, please try the following forum:    http://www.linuxquestions.org

Linux Ghost Vulnerability CVE-2015-0235

Just heard about this, the bug is old (discovered around 2013 I believe) but was just released as a security advisory today or yesterday. This link shows you how to determine if your system is vulnerable, and how to patch the bug although it doesn't

CVE-2015-0235 update for Enterprise Linux 4?

Just wondering if there is going to be an update for glibc made available via Index of /repo/EnterpriseLinux/EL4/latest/i386/ The RHEL errata update is glibc-2.3.4-2.57.el4.2.i686.rpm, the latest in the Oracle repo is el4.1 from 2012. Cheers S.This h

Have TimesTen impacted (which can cause issues) after Linux package updates (Qualys Security Advisory CVE-2015-0235).

I will update Linux package because it's Qualys Security Advisory CVE-2015-0235 - GHOST: glibc gethostbyname buffer overflow . Please tell us about TimesTen impact (which can cause issues) after Linux package updates. Thank you GooGyumHi Chris Thanks

Can't get eGalax touchscreen Lilliput Eby701 working on linux 3.7x64

I recently purchased a 7" touchscreen for my carputer project which I am trying to use under arch. It is the Lilliput Eby701-np/c/t model. DE: Ich kaufte vor kurzem ein 7 "Touchscreen für meine carputer Projekt, das ich versuche, unter Bogen ver

March 2015 UPDATE for AMS ( linux...)

I see there is a new update for AMS. We're running Ver 5.0.3 r3029 standard on Centos 6, currently. My question is - where can I find the documentation explaining how we UPGRADE this on linux? Do I need to back up config files, and recreate them? Or

The old VNI-2015 chestnut - all Linux this time

I've seen lots of posts about this, but none of the answers seem to fix my problem. I am running 8i on a Linux server. I also run Linux on my desk. I have an X window from my machine to the Oracle server. I'm logged in as oracle. I fire up oemapp con

MSI AE2081 TouchScreen Utility for Ubuntu Linux 12.04

Hi All I have a MSI All-in-one AE2081. which I would like to use for a kiosk. It's running Ubuntu 12.04 perfectly. Everything works fine. The only problem I have is that the touch screen is really sensitive and sometimes it highlights items instead o

EGalax Touchscreen Detected But Not Working

I installed Arch Linux x64 in Lenovo S400 Touch, it has a "eGalax Inc. eGalaxTouch" Thouchscreen, i have tried most of the thread, yet i cant figure out how to get it to work! Here is the output from lsusb Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel

System freezes due to hard disk problems only on Linux (not windows)

Intro/context: Recently i've bought (about 2 months) a new laptop, a Lenovo G50-70, which came with Windows 8.1. As i had no interest on that OS, i formatted the disk and installed only Arch Linux. During that time i experienced system freezes which

[S]Systemd can't start Load Kernel Modules after upgrade to Linux 4.0

After upgrading from linux 3.19.3-3 to 4.0.1-1 I've been having a bit of an issue. At that same time I upgraded readline (6.3.006-1 → 6.3.008-1), linux-firmware (20150206.17657c3-1 → 20150410.ec89525-1), nvidia (349.16-1 → 349.16-2) , wpa_suplican (2