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Adding a Linux Operating System To the HP computeers with Windows 8.1

In Feb this year, I purchased an HP Envy 700-216 computer which came with Windows 8.1 installed. As everyone is now finally realizing, even Microsoft, Windows 8 and 8.1 sucks and is shortly going to be replaced and made obsolete!! I knew this when I

Installing Oracle Web Tier 32-bit on a 64-bit Linux Operating System

Hello, We're trying to install the 32-bit web tier on a RHEL 5 64-bit system following these directions: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E15523_01/doc.1111/e14770/install.htm#CHDCGDJG We're trying to figure out the equivalent on our syste

Unable to Verify Sun Microsystems' (Bought over by Oracle) Java 6 Update 21 Plugin in Firefox 4.0 Beta 3 in Fedora 11 x86_64 64-bit Linux Operating System

My Fedora 11 Linux operating system is 64-bit (currently running standard Fedora kernel, NOT Xen pv-ops Dom0 kernel) My Firefox 4.0 Beta 3 web browser (above Firefox 3.6.8 already) is 32-bit. My Sun Java 6 Update 21 Plugin is also 32-bit. In about:pl

NB550D-10G - Linux operating system

I have recently bought an NB550D-10G and have not yet used it. I'm not a Windows fan and with a new desktop PC my first move would be to replace Windows with some form of Linux operating system. However, before doing this on this netbook I want to ch

Interaction between Linux operating system and WindowsNT

Hi, I have a Gatekeeper built in with Linux Operating System. This GateKeeper checks whether the customer is valid or not. If he is valid person the connection will be establish. I have Database on SQL server in WinNT. Here he is having his Account D

Install Tuxedo (tuxedo10gR3) as a root user in Linux Operating System

Hi, Is it mandatory to install Tuxedo (tuxedo10gR3) as a root user in Linux Operating System? Thanks SoundappanI saw we need root access as a prerequisites in the installation guid. (I assume we need the root access only to create a owner and group i

How to upgrade ( touchsmart 610-1130f ) under Linux Operating System: Ubuntu 10.11

How to upgrade ( touchsmart 610-1130f ) under Linux Operating System: Ubuntu X11 Unfortunatly didn't do it before erasing Win Se7en.I got the answer: If your operating systemt is not listed, we don't have upgrade for you.  If I knew that I woud'nt bu

How to upgrade ( touchsmart 610-1130f ) under Linux Operating System: Ubuntu 11.10

How to upgrade ( touchsmart 610-1130f ) under Linux Operating System: Ubuntu 11.10 Options  How to upgrade ( touchsmart 610-1130f ) under Linux Operating System: Ubuntu X11 Unfortunatly didn't do it before erasing Win Se7en.I got the answer: If your

Firefox will not load any internet pages on my Linux operating system computer after I upgraded firefox. Any suggestions?

I have a Linux operating system. I attempted to upgrade or update firefox and my mozilla will not load any internet pages. I am positive that I have the wireless connection connected. Any solution to help me get back on the internet?Perform the sugge

Where to download red-hat linux operating system free.

My instructor told me that linux operating system is free to download so, please i need the site and proccess to download it free. Thanks. Mudele Oluwafemi.Nathan Morgan wrote: I have installed oracle software many times on CentOS - both x86 and x86_

SET DEFINE OFF in Linux Operating system.

Is "SET DEFINE OFF" will work in Linux Operating system.. Please let me know .SET DEFINE OFF is an SQL*Plus tool command.. It will work in any OS..Read other 3 answers

JVM running with LINUX operating system on I686

Is there a JDK that runs in an I686 machine with linux as operating system. I can't raise a mule server because JVM seems to not recognize the hardware.with I686. I am not an expert in JAVA but it seems to give the following error. I am getting this

Af|navigationpane-tabs::tab:hover af|navigationpane-tabs::tab-link  not working in Unix or Linux operating system

Hai, I have the requirement that my Adf Application should have same skins(prototype) when there are running on Windows or Unix or Linux OS. First lines in two cases are working fine in Windows or Unix orLinux operating system,but the Second lines in

Linux Operating System - Suitability for SAP

Dear All, We are evaluating the Linux system for installation of SAP ECC60 , EP and BIW . Please let us know that how the Linux is better than any other OS system i.e. HP-UX, AIX, Solaries etc Please reply... Regards VimalI am not an expert but a few

How do you type symbols on Firefox with a Linux operating system?

I am trying to translate Swedish to English but I can't type the Swedish word.On Linux you usually have a compose key (usually the Windows key to the right of the space bar) to create accented characters easily. *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compose_

Got an Acer netbook which has linux operating system with Firefox 3.5 installed, the check for updates is greyed out, downloaded firefox 7 but will not install, we are constantly prompted by Firefox to update as 3.5 will no longer be supported

Basically acer netbook will not allow us to update Firefox from ver 3.5 to 7, check for updates box is greyed out, thanks for your helpHi James, Many thanks for your reply, the machine was bought from Currys the 3.6 download warns you it will only be

My Question : I have centos 6.5 linux operating system , I am unable to access the mozilla firefox , When iam clicking on Mozilla Icon there is no response ,

I am unable to access the firefox, please asap post the solution , Thanks in advance Thanks & Regards, Sathyamnk'''Have you tried running it from the terminal? ''' Also make sure that your computer has the required libraries installed. Missing librar

Linux operating system support

I bought a new SL500 laptop and I installed the Fedora-12 OS for my research. After I installed the OS I found hot-keys like sound control and pointer movement (now i am using seperate usb mouse) are doesn't work and when i see the youtube, sound als

Linux operating system

I'm running my pc on UBUNTU INTREPID IBEX ....can anyone point me to drivers for audigy 2zs? It would be much appreciated.check this: http://opensource.creative.com/soundcard.html hope it will help you, because creative gives very bad support. greetz

Concerning the linux operating system on the ideapad u510

hi to everybody i've bought  a ideapad u510 with windows 8 and i would like to install Ubuntu wubi like some application on windows8, but i don't succeed. please, how to do that. please i prefer the answer in french in order to understand good proced