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Best Linux OS for Laptop


Scientific Linux On G50 Laptop No Wireless Drivers

I bought a brand new G50 laptop with a core i5 intel processor for my business as I do with every computer I installed scientific linux and the wireless drivers aren't available. I need to find some that will work in a bad way.Maybe try System76: htt

[Comm] LinuxCertified announces support for Oracle Linux on its laptops

Hello, LinuxCertified is pleased to announce that its Linux laptops are now available with Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 Update 4 pre-installed. For more details, please visit: http://www.linuxcertified.com/ Thanks LinuxCertified Team -user6029797 wrote:

Running Windows and Linux on my Laptop

Hey all, I own a Dell XPS 15, mid 2012 model. Last week I replaced my computers 750GB hard drive with a Solid State drive (240GB). I have all the necessary discs in order to reinstall my Windows 7 operating system onto the hard drvie. After it's inst

Fedora linux and X61 laptop

Well, I dicided to buy a new notebook - ThinkPad 7762J7G. Is it possible to run Fedora on it? Solved! Go to Solution.hi u can install fedora 8 and above but make a dual boot system  Cheers and regards, • » νιנαソѕαяα∂нι ѕαмανє∂αм ™ « • ●๋•کáŕádhí'ک dí

Redhat or suse linux installation on lenovo g560

Hi, I have a linovo g560 with os window xp,now i want to install redhat linux,also tried to install suse linux on my laptop with cd.but after some screen and runnibg kernel the cd drive and hard drive detection gets failed.and the installation mode g

Firefox will not load Java in Linux - even after following all instructions on net I can find - what am I doing wrong??

The problem I've got is I'm currently running Puppy Linux on my laptop. Now I've tried everything I can to get Java working under either Firefox, Chromium or Seamonkey (I have all three browsers on my computer). For firefox and seamonkey I have tried

Not able to start Em Console for Oracle 11g in Linux 6.1

I have a RedHat Linux 6.1 Laptop. I successfully installed Oracle 11g in my laptop and configured the DB. Post Installation everything was working fine and I could open the EM console. After stopping the DB, I am not able to bring up the em console.

Problem running Java GUI apps in Linux

When launching GUI Java apps a blank window with only a title appears and nothing more happens. Have no idea of how to deal with it.. [email protected]:~$ uname -a Linux pvs-laptop 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Tue Feb 12 07:42:25 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux pvs

Want to use built-in camera in linux.

Dear All, I purchased a Lenovo G570 (Model Name: 20079). It has Core i3 2350M and 4GB RAM. I have installed Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. How can I use the built-in camera of my laptop? Sincerely, Srinivas NayakI usually use Cheese to test/record/take p

Recommendations for installation on a 256mb laptop (Acer Travemate)

I've finally managed to convince my wife that it would be a good idea to install Linux on her laptop, an Acer Travelmate 244LC with 256mb RAM and a Celeron 2.6 GHz processor, which was running unbearably slowly. I recently reinstalled windows on it,

Linux window display size is small

I installed oracle linux on my Laptop. The linux widow size display is small where as the windows XP window display is comming full screen. What can i do to make the linux window to ne displayed full screen? Can someone please provide me the solution

Inall Itunes on Susie Linux 11

Hi I have an Iphone and a compaq Persario AMD laptop that was purchased with windows XP Pro, but when the fan kicked on the laptop would lock up everytime. I sent it in to HP, but they could never fix the problem. I thought it was a driver issue, so

[Lenovo Y530 & Arch Linux] Lot of errors due to optical reader

Hi there. I've installer Arch Linux on my laptop since a while, and I always had a very weird error during my boot.. Here : http://moe.mabul.org/up/moe/2010/04/14/img-1229424imjv.jpg I don't know what I've this errors, my boot time because of it is a

Laptop Design

Toshiba Dear Sirs: I have purchased and appreciated many Toshiba laptop computers and TVs over the years. I have been wondering why laptops cannot have more style, for instance, the plastic case with wood grain patterns (like on my 2000 Subaru dashbo

Apex on linux - when and how to install http server

1. I installed 10g Release 2 Enterprise Edition on Vmware Linux on my laptop, 2. I pathced database to 10.2.03, 3. then I downloaded and installed Apex 3.0.1 on them. I thought Http Server will be coming with Apex 3 installation, but I understand tha

Regarding Linux Installation

Hi, Today i bought the ideapad y530-40512uu laptop. I want to install linux in this laptop. Please give some information about how to install linux in this laptop. In the installation if my windows corrupt means how can i recover my windows vista. Fo

Changing keyboard colors in MSI GT60 2PC series under Linux

Hi, I intend to buy myself a laptop and I just would love to get one of MSI GT60 series but the thing is... I'm a nerd [']... ;( I will use Linux Debian or Gentoo on it and want to ask you about the compatibility with penguin. This multi-colored keyb

I can't install Fedora core Linux on Satellite U400

Dear Friends, I have brought one Toshiba Satellite U400 laptop. As you know nowadays whole the laptops which is coming by Windows Vista. So as for my project I tried to install Windows XP as well as Linux on my laptop but unfortunately I couldn't ins

How to install oracle8i onto linux (help)

I have installed linux on my laptop and I want to install oracle but I am not sure what oracle I should install. I have oracle8i client, oracle8i server. I also do not know how to install oracle onto linux, please help. Thank you.<BLOCKQUOTE><fon

Linux and warranty

Hi. Will warranty still be valid if I replace Windows OS with a Linux on the laptop that has been originally supplied with Windows?palek wrote: Thanks for explanations. So saving windows is vital for warranty being provided. May double-load system (b