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TV don't work with OSX Server software?

Everything worked great BEFORE I updated our MacMini Intel to OSX Server software, now iTunes can't find the recent found Apple TV. And therefore the connection is gone and the syncing don't work anymore. Any work-around or suggestions on how to solv

How to configure a Windows machine with any vnc server software for ARD

I need someone to direct me in the right direction to configure and install any vnc server software so that I can control a windows machine with ARD like I control the rest of my macs in the lab. I need some suggestions as to the best and easiest sof

Unable to Issue a 2048 Certificate on 10.5.8 Server Software

I have been trying to issue a 2048 certificate via the server admin with absolutely no luck. I create a certificate and choose 2048. After filling out the rest of the information I save the certificate and it automatically reverts to 1024. I have tri

Collaboration Server Software?

As a solution provider company, using a multi-user environment, collaboration is of course important. Allowing 'users' to see and text/chat with eachother is fundimental in a 3D environment. Using Director 11.5 for the first time to create a 3D web-b

Can Server Software  be installed & Running without My knowledge/Consent

Hi, Please excuse my naivitee. I am running an old but fast G4 tower on alocal network with little sharing. After a clean install and using software update, I am seeing a repeated attempt to download and install OSX Server software throughthe logs, p

What's the best FTP server software for Mac OS X Server?

What's the best FTP server software for Mac OS X Server? We have looked at a few different applications out there (Rumpus, CrushFTP, etc...) and are wondering what the community feels. Apples built -in isn't robust enough. We do need some advanced fe

I set up Raid on my Mac Mini Server and lost my Server software. It is not listed in my "purchased" apps. How can I get it w/o having to purchase it? Will my serial

I set up Raid on my Mac Mini Server and lost my Server software. It is not listed in my "purchased" apps. How can I get it w/o having to purchase it? Will my serial # be enough to show it is a mini server and under warrantee be enough to get it

Solaris 10, Sun Ray Server Software

Hi, I installed Solaris 10 on my x86 machine and managed to get it (eventually!) configured with a static IP etc. I then began the install of Sun Ray Server Software and the first part went well. I then performed a reboot as requested using sync;sync

Install Snow Leopard Server Software on non server version mac mini (2009)

Recently purchased Snow Leopard Server software to install on a early 2009 mac mini (non server version) running Mac OS X Snow Leopard. My goal is to set up and manage a server for a small group and leverage some of services from snow leopard server.

Server Software - No more Deny Permission Feature!!??

So unfortunately the new Server software for Mountain Lion no longer offers the "Deny" permission option. I'm currently using my Mac tower to host specific folders and sharing them via FTP. You used to be able to "Deny" others from see

Device software compatibility with server software

We are currently in a beta mode syncing BlackBerry devices with an Exchange server using BlackBerry Manager 4.1.  One of our users wants to upgrage his device software from v4.3 to v4.5.  We are trying to determine if that will create any compatibili

What happened to my lion server software

Within the last year I dowload Lion Server Software, now I have Mountain Lion 1.81, but the Lion Server software doesn't work?You need to upgrade and buy Mountain Lion Server from the app store for $20. http://www.apple.com/osx/server/Read other 2 an

/library/server/software update - can data be deleted?

I run OS X Server 2.2.2 on my Mac mini. I discovered that i have turned on the option software update. As i don't use my Mac mini Server for Software Update distribution i disabled this service. Now i discovered that in folder      /library/server/so

MacBook Pro 10.8.5 not allowed to install server software - needs 10.9.

Brand new MacBook Pro updated software to 10.8.5 but will not let me install server software because it says I have to update to 10.9.  I don't see how to do that anywhere.  New Mac user Thanks for any help. This is a new laptop I am helping setup fo

10.9.x Server software update for 10.10 clients

Hi - We have a 10.9.x Server running Software updates. Simple question...will 10.9.x server download updates for 10.10 clients? I can look at the logs but I am lazy. Thought I would post a question here. Thank youHi chwhite97, If you are running Mac

An question about Sun Ray Server Software ....

I finished Sun Ray Server Software, and use remote administrator to admin(, but i don't change its policy,and failt to warm/cold start to message log show : Internal Error Check messages file for additional information. policy

Sun Ray Server Software and Sun Desktop Manager integration

Hello, I have installed and configured SRSS and Desktop Manager..and they're working. But... how to integrate them?...Will the Sun Ray Server Software 1.2 for Workgroup Servers work on a Sun Blade 100?Yes, it'll work. An SB100 won't support many conc

Sun Ray Server Software 4.2

Hi, I have the Sun Ray Server Software 4.2 setup on two servers but have noticed in our FOG that the failover group has stopped working in that only our primary server is been shown and not the secondary server. Due to this all user sessions are conn

Help me! Oracle Video Server Software?

I'm a student of polytechnic university. I'm now studying about Video Streaming System, I know Oracle Video Server is a Video On Demand system. I want to download Oracle Video Server software 3.0 to study, but I can't find it from Internet. If you kn

What anti-virus server software is available?

I've got OS X Server 10.4.8 running, with clamav doing its thing, and quite well. However, I was wondering what third party AV software is available to be the primary scanner? The reason is that while blocking infected mail has been good, I'd like a