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Best Workstation Laptops 2016


MSI GT70/ 60 Workstation Laptop

Aspiring to become a game designer, film maker or any profession of the digital arts? Get the right system to get the job done, the next gen MSI GT70 & GT60 Mobile Workstations powered by NVIDIA Quadro GPU's.  Learn more: http://bit.ly/1aPew2jThe ASU

IPhone with iOS 7 is detected as workstation/laptop

Hello, I just updated my iPhone to the newest operating system (iOS 7), which is completely revamped to be much more advanced than ever before. Apparently, with the new operating system, my Network Magic application seems to identify it as a computer

NewEgg TV introduce MSI GT70 2OK (Quadro K3100M) Workstation Laptop

[USA] NewEgg TV introduced GT70 2OK! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=h3UiHjaGPYUThe financial and professional life will be getting much affected by the adverse transit of planets.  Even English Channel swims have surged in pop

MSI Workstation 2D/3D Animation Short Film Contest

OBJECT :MSI Workstation 2D/3D Animation Short Film Contest THEME:From Dream to Design –What is your dream? Life dream, dream journey, dream job, or a day dream? MSI Workstation hopes accompany you to reach your dream! Now, put MSI Workstation logo &

Best laptop for Premiere Pro CC 2015?

Hi I have a nice system at my homeoffice, but now I need a laptop too, for when I´m working at another office in town. I´m in a bit of a hurry, and have not catched up lately on all the new laptops and stuff, so I hope some of you guys will give it a

ZCM 10.3.3 Agent slows down Windows 7 Workstation login

Hello together, since we installed ZCM10 our Windows 7 workstations take extremely long time to log into Novell network. The Novell Login Sucessfull screen appears about 2 minutes before the welcome screen appears. We noticed the following dll tries

Offsite Backup for Physical Servers & Workstations

Hi Spiceheads,Need some help with a solution design.OVERVIEW We have a client with a Head Office in one country and multiple branches+remote laptop users across the globe (approx 500 such devices that are remote). The HO is virtualized & has a good b

Student deciding what Laptop to go with.

Hello, first time posting here from the UK! For the past year I have been looking at a replacement for my current three year old laptop and I cannot seem to decide what would suit me the best. I will be going on to university in a few months' time to

HP Laptops and SCOM 2012

Hi, I wanted to see if there is anyway to push out HP updates to HP workstations(laptops) using SCOM 2012? Trying to avoid going workstation, through workstation and install updates manually. Any ideas?As everyone has said you are talking about SCCM

Pro-Photographer's Laptop???

I'm wondering why HP doesn't come out with a laptop for Pro & Semi-Pro Photographers? We need some new features and some long lost features that once graced laptops.  Like: A built-in hi-speed Compact Flash card reader. A 4:3 format screen so we can

MSI GT70 dominator pro 890 For workstation

Ive posted this on the 'workstation' section, as it would fit better there, but my laptop is technically the gaming. So, yes it is a double post one in each forum.  Wanted to know if my laptop was good for rendering, if there were any tips or tricks

How can I default Firefox to open Google's "past year" search option every time?

Hp 8510W "workstation" laptop.<br /> Winxppro32<br /> Firefox 17.0<br /> No other OS installed.<br /> WISH LIST... ...to set Google's default date range to "past year" under ALL circumstance. Open from desktop,

Windows 7 Desktop synchronisation - Windows cannot access \\server\users\name\desktop

Hi there My client has a laptop which won't load the desktop when disconnected from the network. When you log on (while disconnected) you get the error "Windows cannot access \\server\users\name\desktop" Works as expected while connected to the

Help needed - Planning Server 2012 solution, DC/Exchange/SQL/RDP host/Remote apps etc

Hi All, I have a client needing me to provide a Windows server based solution for their business. I have limited experience with Server 2012, although I have worked with 2008R2 and SBS2011, I am needing some guidance with this 2012 project. The clien

Best Practice - Hardware requirements for exchange test environment

Hi Experts, I'm new to exchange and I want to have a test environment for learning, testing ,batches and updates. In our environment we have co-existence 2010 and 2013 and I need to have a close scenario on my test environment. I was thinking of havi

ThinkPad W530 Review

Just wanted to give a heads up about a review of the W530 that's written by a user who owns the W520, so it's heavy on comparisons which is kind of helpful if you're familiar with that machine.  I'll quote the whole review below sans all the images t

Installing new 5.1 Bootcamp over old one?

A cursory search on this didn't turn up any results, or maybe I'm just asking the question wrong... On a 2012 rMBP, I have Mavericks and Win7 via Bootcamp 5.0 (latest available at the time) Now that Bootcamp 5.1 is out, is it standard practice to sim

Installing Oracle Apex 3.2 on Oracle 10g Database Steps

Hi, I am new to installation of oracle apex and oracle 10g Enterprise Edition. I had earlier installed Oracle 10g XE and Apex 3.2 in my location machine. Now I need to install Oracle apex 3.2 on oracle 10g enterprise edition I did the following steps

Oracle 11g wallet open failed

Hi All: I have being having issues with oracle wallet on oracle 11g Release 2. I have an application that cannot connect to the database due to the wallet. Wallet is now becoming a nightmare for developers of application connecting to oracle. SQL> st

No mouse cursor during Windows 8.1 OSD

Hi, I have a problem that is bugging me. Not really a biggie but a frustrating one. When deploying Windows 8.1 using a MDT 2013 TS from CM12R2 the mouse cursor gets disabled when the OS reboots into minisetup/windows. As long as the TS is in WinPE al