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BlackBerry Z10 usb driver error

Hello! I really angry about my blackberry device! I installed BlackBerry Link and when I try to connect the device to computer it says "No driver found". I tried another cable, tried another pc, I deleted device from device manager, I several ti

Curve 9220 BlackBerry App World registration error MTP USB Driver is not installed

Hi, Recently I have purchased Curve 9220, trying connect to BlackBerry App World setup in the first instance I get  1. Get the BlackBerry App World Browser Plug-in (I get tick mark) then when I get  2. Connect your smartphone I get the drop down of m

All files in Blackberry folder on Micro SD/USB drive gone!

how could something like this happen? the minute I plug my micro SD, which contains files in a blackberry folder (this folder works fine when transferring files back and forth between my blackberry and windows PC), into my used macbook pro that i jus

BlackBerry USB driver 4.5

BBM (1) question,why after downloas,I get this message, item cannot be displayed,unsupported media type.. John704I've seen 2 items sent to my email,the USB driver and another software.my device is a 8700,I just can't find my way to download the items

How Can I Download os 5 (NON Carrier) for my blackberry 8520

Hi Im new here so i was just wondering like how can i download the os 5 for my blackberry curve 8520 because im reloading it using BBSAK But the only problem is that i dont know where can i download a non carrier os like the original one that came wi

Blackberry 8520 curve hangs, suddenly white screen comes and the only solution is to re-insert battery with power source on?

My Blackberry 8520 curve suddenly hangs giving a white screen and when i restart it - the screen remains white. After i put it into charge - then only a successful start is done. So the only solution as of now i have - is whenever my blackberry hangs

Blackberry 8520 does not start up

HI,   I have just bought a Blackberry 8520. It has been working fine till today suddenly a white screen came on with a small clock icon in the centre. The phone does not switch on. I have tired taking the batter off, sim and the memory card but nothi

Music to listen on my Blackberry 8520

I just bought this phone yesterday. I haven't bought the internet plan. Can someone tell me how to get music to listen on my Blackberry 8520? I have absolutely no idea about this. Not having a data plan means you are probably missing out on most of t

USB drive

Whn I connect my blackberry with d USB cord it givs d opt of USB drive , Sync Media, charge only bt d desktop manager does not recognise d cell nor d PC recognise d memory card & if u chose the opt of USB drive thn u can't access d memory card on d c

Cannot connect BlackBerry via USB

I'm a newbie here and hoping someone can help. I just inherited a Curve 8320 and am trying to install Desktop Manager on my Dell Inspiron laptop. I downloaded all the software, but when I tried to install Desktop Manager, I got this message: Before y

IPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 and Windows 7 x64 USB Driver Issues

Been pulling my hair out with this one for the last week or so and haven't had any luck finding anything on the forums or the web regarding a solution short of a full reinstall of Windows 7 which I am not prepared to do at this time; so hoping someon

The USB drive on my computer is no longer working. How can I transfer my iPod libarary to another computer

The USB drive on my computer is no longer working. How can I transfer my iPod library to another computer.Try: Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device: Apple Support Communities Syncing to a "New" Computer or replacing a &quo

Connected usb driver is not detected in window 8.1

hey .....  HP 250 G3 notebook connected usb driver is not detected in window 8.1 after update BIOS software ....my current BIOS software version  F.22 .... so plsss...fix this [email protected]  ‎Thank you for using HP Support Forum. I have brou

New Firewire 800 External Hard Drive and how to use old External USB Drive

Hi All, I have a new LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk hard drive 500 GB - FireWire / FireWire 800 / Hi-Speed USB / eSATA-300 on the way, when it arrives I plan to use it as my Time Machine Backup drive with the FireWire 800 connection. I am currently using

How do  I Install Windows 7 on Mac Book Pro via a Bootable USB Drive

Hi Guys, I have a Mac Book Pro 13 inch, Early 2011 Processor  2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 (I initially had OS 10.5.8 which I upgraded to OSX 10.9.4 a few months ago). When purchased it, I installed Windows via Super Drive (that being the only time i ever u

Global reset of file / folder permissions on a USB Drive

I just migrated to a new MB Pro. I now have an issue with file permissions on my USB drive that I use for Time Machine and some other external data. I understand (sort of) why the permissions are messed up, because you're forced to come up with a new

How to stop importing from usb drive going into root ITMS directory

First time I imported, everything was fine. I was trying to get rid of some duplicates and got rid of one of the main subdirectories (I had "Itunes Music" folder with two main subdirectories, let's call them "Laptop" and "Desktop.

Not able to create More than 1 Partition in USB Drive using kernel32 and DeviceIoControl

I have successfully created 2 or more partitions in USB drive using DeviceIoControl in C++. Now I am trying to convert this code into C# using kernel32 and DeviceIoControl. But I am not getting more than 1 partition. Can anybody tell me what is wrong

[SOLVED]Mounting usb drives "not authorized" with thunar-volman (XFCE)

Hi, I'm new to Arch (even though I must be approximately at my 15th try at installing it properly) and I have a problem with thunar-volman. Whenever I log in as user, and try to mount a usb drive with thunar, let's say I want to plug a drive labeled

USB Drive and iPod do not show up on desktop

Hello, I put the computer to sleep when I'm going to be away for awhile and overnight. When I come back and wake it, my USB drive does not appear on the desktop. I have to restart the iMac to get it to come back. Also, when I plug my iPod in, iTunes