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Blackberry 8330 Syncing Contacts with Mac Desktop Address Book

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue with PocketMac.  I have been able to sync my calendar with iCal, and Tasks, but PocketMac never finishes the sync with the Contacts.  I left it on all night and it still hadn't finished.  I finally have t

Blackberry Q10 sync contact with Mac

Hi All, i have an issue to sync my contacts from my apple address book to my Blackberry Q10. previously im using a Bold 9900 and i always Sync my contact using the Blackberry desktop manager. now when im using the Q10 and the Blackberry Link i cant S

Failure to sync contacts and calendar from Outlook through BlackBerry Link after update

Hi everyone, I have both z10 and z30. I have been syncronizing my Outlook contacts and calendars to both of them through Blackberry Link. My z10 automatically updated several days ago and I lost everythiing on the phone including contacts, calendar,

Can't sync contacts with Blackberry phone after migration to iCloud

Can't sync contacts with Blackberry phone after migration to iCloud. The only way to do is to have a local copy of address book. What else can I do (before BB will fix the bug)?Ah! This explains why I have been tearing my hair out for the past 24 hou

Corporate contacts android and blackberry not sync

Android and blackberry phone corporate contact added not sync with exchange 2013 Also in outlook added contact not sync with iPhone, Android and blackberry phone It's not showing in outlook/OWA Else every thing syncWhat does your e-mail administrator

HT2074 i will want sync contact in mac book air with blackberry when sync started in contact i see massage in contact you must turn on sync service but i don now ?

will want sync contact in mac book air with blackberry when sync started in contact i see massage in contact you must turn on sync service but i don now ? who can i sync a contcats white mac book to blackberry ?Blackberry must update their software t

Error message while syncing contacts with windows address book

getting error message while syncing contacts from windows address book cradsstring somethingHello, The complete and exact error message is always more helpful than some small snippet something. Please provide that, and maybe we can make some better g

Sync contacts and calendar

I have a iPod 5th Gen Video and a iPod Touch. When I try to sync contacts and calendar it does not work. I get a message pop up saying "cannot sync calendar. Log out & log back in". I am using Windows Vista and the latest iTunes and Outlook

BlackBerry Z10/Q10 - contacts stop synching or updating (both ways from device and MS Outlook)

Hi folks, Hopefully somebody can shed some light on this issue we are starting to see more and more at work. Are users are connected to the BDS10 server.   When they activate the device they are using the Work Account option. The issues are everythin

How do I get my Blackberry to Sync with Outlook and other apps on Mavericks?

With the removal of iSync, how do I get my Blackberry to sync with Microsoft Outlook 2011, and the other applications on Mac?In most cases you would never need to do so in 2014. It is a very old way of thinking that mobile devices should "sync"

New pocketmac 4.1 and problems syncing contact pics and no full powerPC support.

i just got the new pocketmac 4.1 in hopes that it would support syncing of 'contact images'.  I have set up my apple address book to show an image for each of my contacts and was hoping it would be able to sync over.  (doing this manually would take

Unable to sync contacts and calendar to outlook 2010 or iphone 5

I work in IT and several of our clients are have trouble syncing contacts and calendar to outlook 2010 or iphones. I have uninstall itunes completely from the computer, deleted the backup and clear the sync history nothing seems to be working. Is the

BlackBerry Media Sync Failed to connect to your BlackBerry device

I am trying to successfully sync my blackberry bold 9000 with itunes via the BB media sync program. I have successfully installed desktop manager and can sync contacts, email, add applications and can sync via Roxio media manager (painfully though).

Blackberry Media sync crashes after updating in Windows Vista

Hi, I installed Desktop Manager v4.6. in Windows Vista Business edition. When I try to use the Media Manager, it tells me that the Blackberry Media Sync is not installed and it prompts me if I want to install it. After it downloads and attempts to in

Blackberry 8130 sync compatibility with Mac

I am running Palm Desktop 4.2.1 on my Mac OS 10.4.11 and am considering getting a Blackberry 8130 in order to sync contacts, calendar, etc between computer and phone, plus run e-mail. I am aware of previous difficulties using software programs to all

Link will not sync Contacts with Q10

problem syncing contacts between Outlook 2013 and Q10 using BB Link. Following message in window appears: Sync was unsuccessful CPreferencesManager: Configuration Value for /Preferences/ Account_1_65537/SyncAccountId_1 not set in Transconfig.xml for

RUNTIME ERROR! While syncing contacts from 9900 to windows contacts

BlackBerry Desktop Software Version :- BlackBerry Device Software Version :- 7.1 Bundle 1646 (v7.1.0.523, Platform BlackBerry Device :- Bold 9900 Windows 7 While syncing contacts to and fro , from the device and windows contacts,

Email services that can sync contact and calendar ...

Hi, I am thinking to changing my email address from Hotmail to either Ovi mail or GMX mail. Gmail is out of the question as I prefer to stay away from Google. Does any of these email services are capable of syncing contacts and calendar with Nokia E6

Nothing in my "Sync Contacts with" list

I recently noticed that my contacts were not being sync. On investigation,I see that my Sync Contact with list is empty and so is the Sync calendars list and also the sync e-mail account. I am sure it is something it have done as it was working until

Help!! Can't sync contacts with Desktop Software

Has anyone figured out how to get around the error message that says you can't sync contacts because it can't access the database? I have un-installed PocketMac and the desktop software, and then re-installed it, but it still will not sync.  My addre