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Validation durng maintenance of Settlement Rule for Orders

Is there a way to set up validation during maintenance of settlement rules for orders? Is it via OKC7? How do you do it?Dear Noel, there are no standard functionality which will make  the entry of a settlement rule required in TS KO01 other than havi

Default rule in Order type dependend parameters - OPL8 - Order Settlement

Hello, We are doing settlement of production orders via Tcode - Ko88. After execution of the same, system is passing an FI entry to GL - which is mentioned in the Material Master (Valuation Class - 7900) i.e. through OBYC setting. We have also checke

Maintain settlement rules for order category 30(Maintenance order).

Hi Gurus, Can we maintain two settlement rules for an order without distribution rule? Eample:-  In an order there are three  different costs i.e. material cost,external labour cost and internal labour cost.We want to settle the material cost and ext

Process Order Settlement Rule by Order Type

Hi Experts Our Client  a requirement to have Process Order Settlement by Order Type please let me know how it can be achieved In SAP  a Process Order Variance is settled via the following Combination in OBYC  :- 1 Chart of Accounts 2 Transaction PRD

Settlement rule - Internal orders

Hi all Where do I define an automatic settlement rule for settlement of an internal order to a GL account?  I do not find any strategy sequences that would settle to a GL account.... I know that I can use those strategy sequences for cost centers, WB

Settlement rule production orders

Hi All, I want any report through on can see the settlement rule maintained for production orders.? Regards, MHPHi All, If anybody can share the standard SAP report for this please? Regards, MHPRead other 3 answers

Rule Modeler, Order Routing -  Partner function to update ?

Hi, I have configured order routing in rule modeler based on categories to determine the org unit to which the order should get routed too. On execution, the partner function 'SLFN0003 - Support Team' gets changed to the BP for the org unit. My quest

Error testing Business Rules tutorial (rules-104 Order Approval)

Hi all, I followed step by step "rules-104" tutorial and when testing I get the following exception: Fact not found in the rule engine working memory, rule session execution failed. The rule session 4 failed because an instance of the fact order

Settlement rule for order

hi co guru sir....kindly guide me to maintain  settlement rule for production order. steps by steps..plz.. problem is this when i create planned order to production order ..first  screen open for maintain settlement rule...i have maintained..but may

Settlement Rule-Production Order

Hi Gurus, We are using settlement profile PP01 and some of the production orders it has receiver material and some of the order it has order item(OIT),we activated mateial ledger, is there any impact for those order which is created with settlemetn r

Rules execution order

In rules it screen it says 'Rules are executed in the order they appear in the list.' Is that from top to bottom or bottom to top. I had assumed it was from top to bottom. I have setup a rule that I want to execute before another and expected rules t

Checking Rule to Order Types

Hai, Can somebody let me know how the system automatically derives the Checking rule 'A' for Sales Orders. I would like to create new Availability Check Control based on the Checking Group / Checking Rule combination. Mine is not an APO system, simpl

Create internal order with reference - Do not copy distribution rule group

Hi, I'm creating an internal order with reference to another order through tcode KO01. When i will display the new internal order, i already have distribuion rule group that was copied from the reference order. To delete the incorrect distribution ru

Settlement rule in maintenance orders

Dear Gurus; How can I create a default settlement rule for order types? e.g. I want to have settlement receiver as XYZ, with 100% settlement to cost center for maintenance order type PM01. Points assured. Thanks & Regards Hemantdear PM master, i have

Creation of Distribution rule(Settlement rule) in production order

Hello SAP GURUS,     I have one good query for you guys.When we create production order,by default it takes settlement rule (settle the cost of production order to material even that 100% settlement),and its because we have given the distribution rul

Back ordered Logic Board???

I took my eMac into CompUSA 8 days ago because my logic board failed on it, and they are telling me the board is on "back order" with Apple but can't tell me when Apple will ship. I have been on the phone, on hold for over an hour with Apple wit

PS Scheduling with subnetworks (PM orders)

Hello all, I am currently working on a project where I am helping a client use Project systems to manange a plant shutdown.  The requiment is to schedule the many maintanance orders (300 +) using project systems to see the critical path and the to ma

PL/SQL API + Defaulting Rules in OM

Hi, I want to default custom rule in Sales Order from whenever I select Item. After selecting item from the sales order from, it should populate Warehouse value in Shipping tab. I am using custom PL/SQL API option. I wrote one function and kept in pa

How to delete blank space from value of Infoobject in the transfer rule

does anyboady know how to write a routine in the transfer rule in order to delete ending blank spaces from value of Infoobject 'ORDTEXT'. E.g. value: 'ABM    '?  After routine, the result should be 'ABM'. Thanks for any input.Deleting 'ending blank s

MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling) - Manager Planning Board

My understanding of the MRS Manager Planning Board is that it will only display those orders that have operations that have been assigned to a resource.  If true, this would mean that the Manager Planning Board would be of little value to an organzat