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BOINC Manager, where is it?

Is it me or is the BOINC Manager not installed with BOINC? WxGTK is a dependency, so one would expect it to be there, but it seems to be missing. Unless I'm an idiot and I'm overlooking something...I asked this question soon after I got the Turbo als

Trouble adding a new project in BOINC Manager

Hello, I have downloaded and installed Boinc from the official Arch repository. I followed this guide https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/BOINC step by step. I can successfully run the Boinc GUI via the command boincmgr , but when I try to add a new

I can't get BOINC to work.

Hello, following the poor explained steps at https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/BOINC I undestand that what I must do is this: 1º - I install BOINC with [[email protected] ~]$ sudo pacman -S boinc [sudo] password for josealb77: resolviendo depend

BOINC / SETI@home Problem with idle-Mode

Hello, I installed Boinc and connected to the [email protected] project. I tried both, the local preferences in boinc-manager and the online-preferences for boinc and [email protected] I told the client to start working after the pc has been idle for 3 minutes and

[SOLVED] Boinc can't connect to WCG project

Installed Arch x64 from core cd. After pacman -Syu, I installed openbox. In that initial state I've installed boinc. Added boinc to DAEMONS. Then, from archwiki: $ ln -s /var/lib/boinc/gui_rpc_auth.cfg gui_rpc_auth.cfg # chmod 640 gui_rpc_auth.cfg St

[SOLVED] BOINC and libcudart.so

Hello! I have a problem regarding CUDA. I've got an MSI NX8600GTS and NVidia drivers up and running. Compiled BOINC 6.4.5 from source (some gcc optimalization and without manager). The only problem I have is this: 28-May-2009 20:14:42 [---] Can't loa


Any particular reason boinc-nox 7.2.42-1 in the Official repositories doesn't install boincmgr GUI manager as described in BOINC wiki? Any particular reason boinc-git in AUR (orphan) doesn't compile? Has BOINC fallen out of favor? Was thinking of giv

[solve] - boinc

Hi everyone ! I've encounter some issues with boinc installation. I follow the archwiki with a classical installation. Everything seems to be okay... but I can only restart with sudo. sudo /etc/rc.d/boinc restart Not a big deal. I succced to connect

Boinc no gpu found because of xhost command error

Hello everybody, The title is not very precise, so here is my problem : I want to autostart the boinc client, so I've put the deamon in /etc/rc.conf. I managed to get my graphic card (a HD5770 Radeon) working with boinc, but it needs one command to b

[Solved] BOINC (Seti@Home) Problem :(

Hi guys, I have installed Boinc with the intention of running the Seti project on it. However there's where my luck ran out. I can't seem to do anything with it no matter what I try. I installed Boinc as per: pacman -Sy boinc This went off without a

ATI GPU Driver Upgrade for BOINC

I'm runing BOINC Manager 7.0.25 on my iMac (see specs below). BOINC Manager gives me this "notice": "ATI GPU: Upgrade to the latest driver to process tasks using your computer's GPU" System Profiler says that I have a "ATI Radeon

Cost(vprs) of free goods with batch managment

Dear Gurus, I have a problem ahout free goods with batch management. Cost(VPRS) is not accumulated in billing(free goods is not relevant for billing). My configurations are shown as below: Ordered goods (and batch) item category :zta1(copied from tan

Can not refresh server manager Error:0x8007045b

OS: Windows 2012 R2 Core Services: Hyper V I was trying to remote reboot and the session hung. No worries I decided I could just reboot the next morning. So I rebooted the next day but when I go into server manager I get an errror can not refresh ser

Adobe cloud tries to load addon which I have deleted in Extension manager

when Adobe Cloud starts it tries to load an application (Edge FX lite) that I have deleted in Adobe Extension Manager cc. I get the error message ' unable to install the addon EdgeFX lite  error 603. How do I stop this? Also in Adobe Exchange in 'My

Manager Heirarchy is not getting displayed in P&L Dashboard

Hi All, I have implemented the P&L Dashboard for Financials. Suddenly, It is not displaying the Manager Heirarchy in the Manager Parameter in the P&L Dashboard. Did anyone faced the same kind of problem, please throw some light. Regards, ChandanaH

Data is not getting displayed in Management Console.

Hi Experts, I am using BPC 7.5(M) SP04, Web server as IIS 7.0 and database server as SQL Server 2008 in Multi Server environment, Web Server is on Application Server (Windows Server 2008) and database server is on different machine. I have configured

Manage-bde command is not generating recovery key on network location

Hi, I am trying to save the recovery key to the network share location and start up key in the USB drive while enabling bit locker.When the OS drive gets encrypted, the default folder for recovery password shows that it contains 1 file but not gettin

Problem when we created the managed server to configure different ports.

I am trying to configure different ports for admin console and my communication service as we can’t share admin port to the outside world. So that only admin can access admin console using admin port. And out side clients can access my webapplication

Multiple instances of firefox in task manager but FF doesn't open

- Windows XP SP3 (up to date with all critical updates) - FireFox 25.0.1 (Note: Originally I had version 31 but a few days ago that stopped working) - Norton Security Suite (the comcast version) up to date - I have IE6 and Chrome 37 as backup browser

HT5312 I DO remember them but Apple chose to put them in Japanese and I can not change the language on Manage my Apple ID so I do not know if I made an error ,it threw me off , it was the wrong question Where did you fly to on your first Aiplane trip ? th

I DO remember them but Apple chose to put them in Japanese and I can not change the language on Manage my Apple ID so I do not know if I made an error ,it threw me off , it was the wrong question Where did you fly to on your first Aiplane trip ? then