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Bootable Linux DVD Download


T500 will not boot from bootable CDs/DVDs, but will read and open files on them

 System: 2 T500s, both manufactured early April 2009, win XP, ATI Radeon 3650 graphics,4GB RAM, latest Lenovo drivers installed..  Problem:-   Our 2 T500s cannot boot from any windows coded recovery CD -except Lenovo's rescue/recovery discs. Some -bu

Burning a bootable XP DVD on a Mac?

Okay, so I managed to install an XP version with cs1 on my bootcamp partition, and then slipstream cs2 into xp in the windows partition. Then I brought it back into the Mac partition. So now I have the files ready to burn as well as the iso file from

Bootable Linux CD - Help Needed

Hi, Firstly I'll apologise as this isn't really a Solaris problem. If anyone can point me to the correct Linux forum I'll take my query there. But for the moment I hope someone here can help... Does anyone out there know how to create a bootable Linu

URL for Free Oracle Linux DVD ?

hi, can you provide me the URL where i can request for Free Oracle Linux DVD ? i am new to oracle /unix thanks in advanceHi, See http://www.oracle.com/webapps/dialogue/dlgpage.jsp?p_ext=Y&p_dlg_id=5659298&src=5634329&Act=44 for form to request

Do you have a Linux version download of Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 Installers ?

Hi I am running Ubuntu version 13.10, I can't find a version for Linux to download for Adobe Digital Editions. Is there one that exists ? Or do I have to go to windows to get this ? Cheers NellIf you look at that thread posted above you will discover

Windows ignors bootable CD/DVDs when it starts up

I can't boot from the Lenovo recovery disks I created when this PC was new.  I can't boot from any bootable CD/DVD.  On Start or Restart this PC  the optical drive doesn't seem to be in the boot order.   This is a Lenovo ThinkCenter model number 10AM

Brightness dims when watching a dvd/downloaded video clip

hi there just got a macbook,very impressed anyway it may be so simple to do this but when i watch a dvd/downloaded video after say a 1minute the brightness goes,and i have to move the mouse or press a button! Ive looked at energy saving setting but s

I cant make a bootable (usb/dvd) for windows 8.1 pro 64 bit

right now i am using windows 8.1 pro 32 bit ,, want to change to 64 bit   , my CPU is 64 bit  and i have 4 GB ram (i know i should have more ram ,, but i dont do this upgrade for the ram  , but because some emulators , and some application ask 64 bit

Burning a Bootable TTD DVD Problem

Upon receiving a Fail on a Volume Structure test with the version of TTD that came with my Applecare plan, I was directed to download the latest version and burn a DVD to boot from as TTD can't make repairs from a copy that is on the same disk as tha

How to make bootable iso from download

how to make bootable iso from downloadThis one - https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5587 1st:  This is NOT a .ISO file!! 2nd.  It is a .MSI file which is a Microsoft Installer file. 3rd:  Read the instructions: Install Instructi

Create a bootable server dvd

HI Does anybody know how to create a bootable 10.7 server dvd? it doesnt seem to be the same as the non server method Cheers RobFrom what i gather, when you download server from the app store, you get a install lion folder and a server folder, if you

How do you use disk utility to burn a bootable .iso dvd?

Anybody have a clue on how you use disk utility to burn a .iso bootable dvd disk? I'm trying to install windows 7 rc into virtual box in OS X 10.5.7 and cannot figure out how to do this. I've already installed the windows 7 beta in virtual box and wa

How can I create a bootable Lion DVD to perform a clean install

Hello, I was curious if there was a way for me to integrate my Snow Lepoard DVD with the latest update of Lion. Thanks, JoshYou can't integrate both, there is a hidden image in the installer file, you can burn it to a DVD, BUT: -1- You might experien

Trying to convert video made in iMovie from Mp4 to M4v so I can burn to DVD downloaded Aimersoft video converter but not having any luck

I have downloaded a wedding video done on my iPad and put it in iMovie on my MAC.  Have spent many hours refining it and now want to burn onto DVDs for other family. When I did this same thing 4 years ago, I had one-to-one help at apple store and sav

Qosmio - How can I create a bootable OS DVD?

Hi , Please Help me I have a Toshiba Qosmio laptop with Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate . The DVD of the operating System was attached with the laptop but now i lost it. But i have the files that was in the original DVD But i don't know how to make

DVD Download USB Superdrive

Can you download DVD's on to a macbook air with Apple's USB Superdrive?Yes, you just need to use the appropriate ripping software, such as Handbrake. MattRead other 2 answers

How to create Windows 7 System bootable/repair DVD

I want to create Win 7 bootable disc using HP Recvery discs or Win 7 tool: 'Create system repair disc'. How do I do that as well as create ISO file to make USB bootable? How do I create bootable UDF ISO? I've HP Recovery discs but they recover the sy

Oracle 11g for Linux PC Download

I just downloaded Oracle 11g R1 for LINUX from this OTN site. Do I also get the Enterprise Manager?Hi, You can download Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g from: Oracle Enterprise Manager Downloads http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/oem/grid-control/downloa

Bootable tape/dvd/cd/network backup

I usually work with AIX based systems that has a feature called mksysb. It lets me make a on the fly system backup while system is in full production, to a tape, CD, disk, DVD of file. The backup contains: the OS, boot information, kernel adjustments

Burning a bootable Lion dvd, how to?

Hi I want to burn a copy of Lion to DVD to have a bootable copy at hand. I found instructions here how to do this: http://techland.time.com/2011/06/17/how-to-burn-an-os-x-lion-boot-disc/ However I follow the steps: > 2. Open the "Contents" fo