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Bootable Linux ISO Image


Fdisk in arch linux iso

Hey guys, I've used fdisk on my hdd to create logical partitions. When I used fdisk from arch linux cd about 2 years ago on the same hdd it created logical partitions with 2048 sectors gap before new one. This gap contained extended boot record(same

Unable to import Oracle Enterprise Linux iso

Hi , Does anybody was able to import Oracle Enterprise Linux iso image on Oracle Enterprise manager ops center , OC 11 g R1 I'm getting the following error ISOImage Task : Result : Only Solaris , Red Gat or SUSE OS images are supported for OS provisi

Bootable Linux CD - Help Needed

Hi, Firstly I'll apologise as this isn't really a Solaris problem. If anyone can point me to the correct Linux forum I'll take my query there. But for the moment I hope someone here can help... Does anyone out there know how to create a bootable Linu

Arch linux iso images

hello community! would like to know if the new arch linux iso images will continue to happen.Thanks!!dolby wrote:I've been wondering whats gonna happen if AIF is brought back to a good state again. Will we revent back to using it or stick with arch-i

Make bootable arch linux iso of installed system

I have installed Arch Linux in virtual box, with "Awesome" window manager and only required applications with it. I want to make a bootable iso of this system, which i can carry around with me in pendrive and install in other system.Also, can i


Hi Guys! So I'm attempting at loading windows on my new iMac via Boot Camp, I've created the ISO file, and am trying to add it on boot camp and it simply doesn't work (even though my destination drive is MS FAT 32. Reference this http://support.apple

[SOLVED]New Arch Linux ISO Installation Help.

Hi All, I am trying to install Arch Linux using new ISO. For some reason I am unable to log into Arch Forums on Windows and I am writing this on my tablet. I will add more info (proper quote, etc.) as soon as I am able to log in a laptop browser. Tha

Can't burn linux iso to cd-rw

I've tried unsucessfully to burn two different iso files (ubuntu and knoppix) to cd-rw media using Disk Utility. The burn process completes but the verify process takes a long time and the drive makes unusual noises. After skipping verification the d

Arch Linux iso and img metalinks

I've finally created a script to automatically generate metalinks for the current iso and img downloads using the most recent official mirrorlist The generated metalinks are currently listed here: http://xyne.archlinux.ca/arch I might move the links

ArchDL -- Download Latest Arch Linux ISO Image from Mirror

Hey guys, here is my ArchISO script. To download latest version of iso image from a mirror. I will add more countries/mirros ones I have time. Right now there is only "United States" mirrors. Enjoy. EDIT: Alright scrip now know as "ArchDL&q

Installing SSD in Mac mini (mid 2009)

Hi I want to buy a new SSD Drive to my Mac Mini ( the installed drive is dead already) I thought about this model SanDisk SDSSDP-128G-G25 what do you recommend ? do you think it will be compatible ?From the  > About This Mac menu, share what is stat

How to make linux bootable off a usb stick on mac

Guys i was wondering how to make linux bootable off a usb stick on mac, since i dont have a optical drive in my mac, plus i need it for universityI have the same question, but parsed differently.  What people have tried answering here is:      how to

Create a bootable USB drive from an ISO

Hi everyone, I want to create a bootable USB drive from e.g. a Linux ISO. On Windows, there are tools like UNetBootin (http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/) for that. Is there s.th. similar on Mac? Thanks in advanceHi. The easiest way to do what you wa

Using iMac Intel Duo/Tiger to burn bootable ISO images for another OS?

Is there a third-party "toaster" software package that will allow me to burn CentOS or Ubuntu Linux ISO images obtained from the Internet to my SuperDrive? iMac Intel Duo   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  FireStarter FXRead other 4 answers

Create a customized bootable ISO to install Server 2012 on a physical or VMware server

Management would like us to create a pre-customized bootable 2012 ISO image.  I'm using previously created work instructions on how to create a 2008 R2 image which is used to boot on a physical server and also used to deploy VMware servers.  We insta

Installing Redhat Linux VM using multiple ISO images

Hi, How can I install a Redhat Virtual Machine using multiple ISO images which are in my hard disk in Oracle VM Server. I did install Windows and Oracle Enterprise Linux successfully from ISO s because they are all single ISO images. Windows XP ISO i

Disk Utility not creating Mac bootable CDs

Hi I have a 2006 Mac Mini with a SuperDrive running Snow Leopard (10.6). I downloaded a Linux ISO and burnt it to a blank CD using Disk Utility (dropped the ISO on the Disk Utility window, then clicked Burn). The CD burnt and verified with no problem

Software to create a bootable disk image????

Hi, I need to create a bootable image. I have a ISO file, and need to create a bootable image to install software onto one of my servers. Is there software out there for a Mac that will allow me to create a bootable image? Thanks for any input, Nigel

2011.06-1 archboot "2k11-R3" ISO hybrid image released

Hi Arch community, Arch Linux (archboot creation tool) 2011.06-1, "2k11-R3" has been released. To avoid confusion, this is not an official arch linux iso release! Homepage and for more information on archboot: http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php

Editing boot.msg, recreating .iso

Hi. I'm trying to unpack/repack an .iso for the fun of doing it. It *almost* works fine, I'm using syslinux/isolinux, I manage to unpack the isolinux/initram.img and do some simple editing (I'm editing arch linux' .iso). However the command: find . |