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Brass Knuckles Illegal States


Illegal dependency error on deploying GP Web Dynpro application

Hello All, We have created a GP application (FamilyStatusChange) on NWDS 7.0.11. We are using EP. 7.0 SP11. On deploying and running this application via NWDS java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sap/caf/eu/gp/co/api/EngineException When I try to chec


Hi Experts, While deleting a sales order giving run time error.  PFB runtime error details. If you know any OSS message, please let m know. I tried, but there is no luck. Short text     Screen: Illegal message What happened?     The current screen pr

Server Crash with Error Message: Illegal memory access. [54]

Hi I searched old posts where it reads that upgrade to BEA JRockit(R) R27.1 might solve this problem. I am already running BEA JRockit(R) R27.1 Here is the complete dump information. This is one time occurance on production system so we do not have a


Hi gurus, i want you to inform me about table illegal statement error. The error occurs when i use modify as below. loop at itab.    select .......          where xxx eq itab-xxxx.        MODIFY itab.   endselect. endloop. i know that i have to give

Null Pointer Exception and Illegal Arguement when ran with Wireless Toolkit

The following code throws a null pointer exception after it tried to initialize the textBox. I am not sure if there is something I am not importing, or if it's just because I'm sick and my head is cloudy. :-}. I am using Wireless Toolkit 2.2 and Java

I've already changed email for my apple id more than 6 months. But 2-3 months ago until now I've recieved and email to ask apple id confirmation from me. I never confirm anything because I don't know,the link's attached, it's legal or illegal.

Dear Apple support team, I've already changed email for my apple id more than 6 months. But 2-3 months ago until now I've recieved and email to ask my apple id confirmation from me about 6-8 emails. I never confirm anything because I don't know,the l

ORA-01741: illegal zero-length identifier

Hi Friends, I am facing a weird situation while creating a report with region having type as SQL Query(PL/SQL function body returning SQL Query). I have a package function which takes 4 parameters and returns a SQL query in a varchar2 variable. Now w

Unable to run project: illegal character in path - Flash Catalyst CS5.5

Environment is a new install of Windows 7 x64 on a new Dell workstation in an Active Directory environment. Until fall of last year, we used redirected folders for the Application Data folders until issues with Adobe Reader 9.x forced us to abandon t

ERROR! can't open the illustration. the illustration contains an illegal operand. Offending operator '((((((((((((((((((((((( 1Gm

Hello, good people. Please help! I am working on a project that consists of one .ai file that contains 27, letter sized art boards. I am using Adobe cs5-Illustrator on a macbook pro. I have opened and closed and save this file many, many times-I have

HELP! Illegal operand error - can't open file!  (v.2)

I have a file that I've done about 40 hours on since last duplicating it. It's been saved multiple times, and successfully. Now, however the file seems to be corrupt. I'm getting the following error message when opening it: Cant open the illustration

PCC-F-02044, CMD-LINE:  Illegal or out of range value for option

Good day, I very new to Pro*C and its compiler, i was tasked to recompile a program from a previous developer and got stuck with the above mentioned problem. The command i'm using to compile the program is: proc xxx.pc This returns the illegal or out

Trying to open Terminal I get;You are not authorised to run this application. The administrator has set your shell to an illegal value.

Hi There Y'all, I have recently downloaded MacKeeper. It ran OK for a bit, but has recently stopped allowing Internet security updates and switching on of the internet protection options. Asked for help at MacKeeper. Their initial advice did not work

To check illegal skype access of my skype account

Hi, I was not online on skype and attending one business meeting. My friend called me and said that I abused him on skype while I was not accessing that time. When I access my skype account. I found that he was true. Somebody has accessed and abused

Money Illegally Taken from my account by BT

I'm sorry its resorted to having to create a profile on the BT Forum but I'm at the end of my tether and if this is not resolved have been informed to take legal action. I was a loyal BT Customer for 8 years but decided in November 2012 to switch to

I purchased a Maxx at FULL retail price (out of contract) to keep my unlimited data. An unauthorized/illegal change was made to the plan and all VZW could do was offer me $20 in credit.

As the title says: I purchased a Droid Maxx at full retail price (approximately $540) to keep my grandfathered unlimited data. An unauthorized/illegal change was made by my younger sister (who is not an account manager and stole the information from

Easy Question: Illegal Start of Expression

This is a ridiculously easy question... but I am having trouble with it... Anyway, here is the line of code that is giving me trouble: jButtons = {{jButton1, jButton5, jButton9, jButton13}, {jButton2, jButton6, jButton10, jButton14}, {jButton3, jButt

Illegal Start of Expression

need some help figuring this out. When I try to compile it says: compile:     [mkdir] Created dir: D:\sk\hiptop-sdk\examples\clock\work\2.3\classes     [javac] Compiling 5 source files to D:\sk\hiptop-sdk\examples\clock\work\2.3 \classes     [javac]

Applet has illegal start of expression at public VNCViewer() method{  )

package viewer; import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Graphics; import java.awt.Image; import java.awt.Label; public class VNCViewer extends java.applet.Applet implements Runnable   public static final String version = "4.1";   public static fi

Error message saying 'Design standard CS6 L illegal seek'

After downloading CS6 creative suite trial I get the message: Design standard CS6 L illegal seek. This happens whilst the program is extracting! The program doesnt seem to be extracting any further. Also Happend when downoading a Photoshop trial.Hi J

"E_PACK_ERROR: illegal filename for a PUT" Error in Packaging a PDF file

Hi Jim, As per ContentServer_Technical_Reference.pdf (page no 9) I passed <filename>, <location> and <src> parameter in our packaging request xml. File is packaging successfully and service is also placing the encrypted file to new locat