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Message Centre Number on N96.....

I have recently bought a new N96 on a vodafone contract, and as i was previously on 02 i had to wait a few days for them to transfer my number over.... My number then got transfered over yesterday and i then went to send a text message and it asked f

Can't change the Message Centre Number in my Nokia...

I have a 3 day old Nokia X. I can't send text messages due to wrong the message centre number set in my Nokia X device. When I try to change it in settings, a pop-up appears which say "It is bad to change SMSC Number. Do you want to change ?". I

Nokia 1661 Message Centre Number

This morning I was playing around with my Nokia 1661 phone and I accidentally changed the Message Centre Number, which I now know was a stupid thing to do. So I'm asking if anyone knows the Fraser Valley BC number or how I can get the number back? Al

What is my message centre number!!!????!!!

Nowhere does it mention what my message centre number is. Is it my own phone number or something else? I just want to send simple sms text messages and it seems impossible with this e70.Call your network provider customer services and they should be

N96 message centre number

I have a N96 and it has an incorrect message centre number in. I have requested the settings from O2 but this does not cahnge it. When I try and change it myself it says unable to change settings. value read from sim card. I have only had the phone f

Nokia X6 Message Centre Number

Please help! I have a new Nokia X6 but am unable to send texts as I didnt have the message centre number for Vodafone. I have now fouind the number but cant work out how the hell to change the message centre number in the phone settings????Press the

Message Centre Number

1st off I know im a complete idiot, but last night on the way back from a night club i accidently changed my message centre number. Now i cant send messages. What do i do??? Please help me, you're my only hope.call your network and get them to tell i

Message Centre Number? (6280, o2)

Turned on my phone, the 6280, this morning to find that the message centre number has been forgotten / deleted so it won't let me send any messages. Does anyone have this number? Do I have to ring Nokia? Ugh... All help greatly appreciated!Easiest wa

Activity Centre number issue

Hi Firends, We noticed for one material (20000704) that when we look at the activity centres on CK13N for  Variable, Fixed and Direct Labour Overhead, the Activity Centre is 09.  However, when we look at quantity structure and the Routing, the activi

Call centre number for

Okay, every time I try to call +3534333200, I keep getting a Kwiksave in Queensbury Park, wherever that is. I tried the Ireland number as well, and got through to kwiksave AGAIN. Have Creative done a bunk? Getting rather frustrated now. If I dial 003

SMS Service Centre Number

I want to check the settings for SMS as sending is very slow.  I cannot foind any reference to the Service Centee Number anywhere.  Can anyone supply this for me please?. Thanks. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi EdLander BT Mobile and Virgin both use the EE

Problem with serial number in LR

Hi I've to reinstall lightroom on my computer. I bought a version of lightroom last year, but now I can't find the executable on my computer, i followed the suggestion of a chat helpline on the site that gave me the link of the trial version and che

Cant enter the msg center number in nokia lumia 71...

I have a  nokia lumia 710 . I cannot save my messsage centre number. I had this same problem when I bought it. But the shop smhw fixed it.but nw I m getting the same problem. Please give me a solution.. I can receive msg but cannot send msg.....From

Default Cost Centre No. in the Settlement Rule

We have an issue here.  When maintenance orders are settled, a Cost centre ABCD001 is automatically picked up as 'settlemement receiver'.  From where this default Cost Centre number is coming ?  Could you please guide me.you can default it at order l

Proft centre error

hi while goods inward im getting error 'profit centre xxx doesnt exist for 3.12.2007' we maintained profit centre in material, but error showing with other prifit centre number  doesnt exis. plz give me solution urgent, advance thanks, reddyHi, Check

Format of Number in an Iview

Hi All, I'm a newby in SAP PORTAL. We developp an iview that print number on a page. Yet, the number appears with the english format of number. Example : 1.578.858 Yet, I would like to see the french format, without dot between number. Example : 1 57

Restriction of Profit Centre assignment in Material Master

Hi folks!! We have been using two different profit centres number ranges in material master, one with only numbers and the other one with alphabet sufix. Now we want to stop material master creator from assigning profit centre with alphabet sufix in

How can i change the message centre no. On my iphone?? And to help u guys "50057672" trick doesnt work and shows an Unknown Error. Please help!!!

This doesnt work on my phone "To check the currect msg centre no. type #50057672# then press calling btn. To set a new MSG centre number: 1. Call to your service provider and get the msgcentrenumber. 2. Type 5005*7672msgcentrenumber# press calling bt

Hebrew Text Followed by Number

In a mixed text (English and Hebrew) if I type a hebrew word and then change the language back to English, if a number if typed - or a number with a punctuation mark, the number and mark are moved to the left of the word. So if I wanted to type HEBRE


Hi all Just got a brand new 6220 on 3 network. my problem is that i cant sent sms but can recieve. when i tried to send an sms at first it asked for a centre no i just put in 1 for some reason and as expected it didnt send. how do i manually input my