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Buddhist Prayer May All Beings


Creating a texting church prayer chain, about 200 smart phones included. I will send the texts. What app do I need for my iPhone 4s?

I am creating a church-related urgent prayer chain that will receive its information through text messages being sent to a group.  I do not know how big a group can be created and used within an iphone 4s, but read somewhere it should be limited to 1

Only in Firefox browser when a person types in Buddhist Church of San Francisco they are taken to a link that leads them to a Canadian pharmacy. Why?

I work at the Buddhist Church of San Francisco. When others trying to find our website search in Modzilla: "Buddhist Church of San Francisco" They are taken to a link that looks like our home page bcsfweb.org. When they click on the link, they a

Af:InputDate - Calendar datepicker doesn't display Buddhist Era-based year

I use jDeveloper 11g R2 ( and found that calendar datepicker doesn't display the Thai Buddhist calendar year correctly. (It shows gregorian year.) I found Oracle has just released version which support the Thai Buddhist calendar d

Showing Buddhist Year (Thai year) in Apex

Hello, I'm trying to migrate my application to Apex. The problem is, I can't find a way to display the year component of 'Date' column as Buddhist year (B.E.). The Bhuddist year is simply Gregorian year + 543, e.g. 2011 is 2554 in this system. I have

A prayer to Nokia: We all need a firmware upgrade ...

Are there any Nokia engineers out there??? I think we all need a firmware upgrade ASAP! As everyone else mentions the N95 is rebooting several times a day, causing irritation and not least extra battery consumption... Not to mention that it does this

Why are my emails to my friends returned as Spam because they include the word PRAYER.

I have a Ministry that includes 150 people that joined my Ministry and I have been sending these people two emails per month for several years using Verizon email. Now all of a sudden all of my emails are being blocked by Verizon because they have de

Display prayer times in midlet

hi all, can anyone tel me. how to display prayer times in a midlet from the text format. here i have saved my prayer times in a text file. i am not able to read those. thanks in advancei have created a midlet.. which displays the prayer times. where

Query problem in non US locale and Buddhist Era

I try to query a table with a sql statement. Then I use the result from previous statement to query again. But there's no result from the second statement?? I think it's problem with Regional Options in the machine. I'm using w2k sp4. JDK1.5 MySQL 4.

Are there any human beings at Adobe with phones on their desks?

I see on your website that a there are a lot of customers who are unhappy for the same reasons........the adobe flash player is blocking my videos, the newest version fails to work when downloaded and installed......and there's no way to contact adob

My keyboard is writing in Greek? even though the settings and fonts say it's writing in standard Apple font? I can't log into any of my accounts, because even though I type the password correctly, the keys are writing and beings submitted in Greek...HELP.

My keyboard went nuts...I got on my MacBook today after not using it for about 24 hours, and the fonts all changed to like Greek. No matter where I am at (web browser, word document, etc). I even went into settings and fonts, and it says it is using


I just opened a present from my beloved, which happens to be a MacBook Pro. Is there anything I should know/consider/do/think about, etc. that is NOT mentioned in the instruction manual, setup instructions, Mac Website, etc. before migrating data fro

Where is the community support forum? I want to interact with "human beings"

Hi, I am looking for a community to interact with people. I don't want to ask questions to a computer, it is not friendly. The main issue I have with this is that I thought Mozilla was all about being open and working together, but I can not see this

How to switch af:inputDate component to Thai (Buddhist) Calendar ?

Hi all, i have the following problem: I have ADF/ADF Faces application and want to prepare it for THAI support. One of the issues which i have with this, is to turn the application to support Thai Calendar. I succeed to change the dates comming from

HT4528 When I am trying to install an app that is free, why am I beings asked for payment verification?

When I am trying to install an app that is free, why all of a sudden am I being asked for payment verication credit card nunber?it needs to set up an account and it just needs your infoRead other 2 answers

Ipod suddenly beings to FREEZE..Help!

Well recently i got an ipod (4th gen, 20 gig) and ive added music to it and all and it worked but then recently my ipod has been freezing a bit and also when i connect it to my computer, itunes and/or ipod updater freezes... then i unplug the ipod an

Das Active X Element für Flash Prayer konnte nicht registriert werden.

Diese Meldung bekomme ich jedes mal wenn ich den aktuellen Flash Player installieren möchte. Im internet Explorer wird auch kein Flash angezeigt in allen anderen gängigen Browsern schon. Hat vielleicht Jemand eine Idee woran das liegen könnte.....ich

How can I totally strip ALL google products and services from my 3GS?

Hi, I am extremely unhappy with the direction google is taking with their new privacy policy. I am terminating use of ALL google services and products in my personal life and paying to use other services that respect my privacy. I want to know how I

I am having a major issues to report machine -G6 series

Hi. Team                 This is a serious customer issue that I have to report .I am Owning an HP G6 series laptop. After 7 months of purchase I am facing lots of issue with this. The system is getting stucked sometimes and the controllers  of Keybo

Any Hope for a G62-340US Fix?

Next month the warranty expires on my G62-340US. The model is commonly known for its repeated freezes, blue screens, and other problems. I'm not aware of any other recent HP laptop subject to more opprobrium and, in my experience, rightly so. I'm her

For all of you who think Encore messages are obscure & that Adobe Support is lousy - Read On

I thought I would share a little story of woe with you all. Not only will this give you a good laugh, but it will show you that you essentially don't know when you have it as good as you do with Adobe. I create High Resolution DVD-Audio discs, and fo