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Bypass Android Device Manager Lock


Locking The Orientation Of The Flex Mobile Application on Android Device

Hi all,           I have developed an application using Adobe Flash Builder Burrito and installed it on my android device,Samsung Galaxy Tab. I want to lock the orientation of my application to landscape even when the device is in portrait position.

Managing Android devices with Intune - without Exchange Active Sync

We don't have on-prem exchange or SCCMS, just Intune & O365, and if we can avoid on-prem exchange that would be preferable. In the medium term (3-9 months), I'll need to start managing Android devices through Intune. As far as I know, EAS is still re

Flash.media.Video, landscape and lock screen on Android device.

Hi. I'm sorry for my bad english, I think it's easier to show you my problem in a little video: The problem appears when "new Video()" is done, and stay even if this object becomes null. Android device (2 devices of this model tested) : Samsung

Memory in Android devices

To use Android devices efficiently, users should be aware of the different types of device memory. This knowledge is important in order to understand, for example, where music, photos and videos are saved; how many apps can be downloaded from Google

Setting Up Google Chrome Features for Cloud Printing from an Android Device

These steps are organized for optimal setup procedure and to decrease the time it would take to set this option up from start to finish. This is a lengthy process and is more for possibly troubleshooting issues that may arise during the setup of Goog

Problem with Afaria and LDAP user authentication in Android device

Hi all, I have a server with Afaria 7 (SP4, hotfix3) installed. In this Afaria there is a tenant (system) without LDAP/AD integration working correctly. I need to have other tenant with LDAP integration in which the users must be authenticated. I kno

Consuming ABAP Webservice from Android device

Dear Experts, I am ABAP developer (limited knowledge on android) trying to connect  Android device to a.SAP Webservice Through trial and error and help from SDN and Android forums i managed to link up the ABAP webservice and android using KSOAP2 API.

I cannot see my iPod in my iTunes or in Computer in Windows 7, but it shows up in the Device Manager

I am running Windows 7 and have had no problems with with the 3 iPods we connect, but as of a couple days ago, the computer will no longer recognize them. Other USB devices (flash drives and Android phone) have no problem being recognized. Additional

Windows 8.1 mobile device management using integrated environment of SCCM 2012 R2 and Windows intune

Can we avoid the dependency on the Symantec certificate  for enabling windows phone enrollment under Administration->Cloud services -> Windows InTune subscriptions - Windows Phones. My environment will have only windows 8.1 phones. Regards LeelaSee 

My Hitachi external drive does not show up in my Dell Lapto Device Manager

I have a Dell external drive which is Hitachi Model 72323. I was happy with it until I used bit locker to add a password on it. After that it worked a couple of times then my computer will not recognize the drive again. It does not even show up in my

How to install adobe digital editions on android device (zt pad)

how to install adobe digital editions on android device (zt pad)I don't think ADE will itself run on Android. You need to install an app such as Bluefire (free) which supports DRM epub books. Make sure you authorise it with the same AdobeID you use o

I have both Apple and Android devices. My Android devices will not stay connected to wireless . I have the Airport Express. The Android devices are a Galaxy S4 and Tab 3. These both worked perfectly on my ancient Linksys WRT 120 N wireless router.

I have called Apple support twice and no one can confrm or deny as to whether Android devices can connect with the Airport Express. I have had the it configured 3 times so far and my Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 are useless with the Airport Express

Editing/annotating a pdf/A document on an android device

If I open a pdf/A document using Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop, the document is opened as read-only. But if I open it on a tablet using the Android version of Reader, I can annotate it using text entry or freehand with my fingertip or stylus. A

Adobe Reader for iOS and Android & Rights Management

This week's release of Reader for iOS and Android devices incorporates support for accessing files secured by Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management. As you are probably familiar, LiveCycle Rights Management protects sensitive documents by encrypting them

Hyper-V Server: How can I update drivers with limited Device Manager access?

I have a brand new Intel server, SR2625URLX. I want to use Hyper-V server R2. I have been having some issues with the networking, and Intel wants me to update to the latest drivers which have been certified for R2 versions of 2008, Hyper-V, etc. It w

Paste / Move issue in all Android file manager ports

So as everyone here knows a proper file manager is a must for every single OS and the PB doesn't pack one out of the box. Air Browser seems to be the only free native one but it doesn't allow to browse outside "/accounts/1000/ shared" and the UI

Profilemanager for windows based computers and android devices

Is there anyway  to set up windows based computers or android devices in profile manager?  I assume not so is there another way to do this?No ProfileManager is for Apple devices only. If you want to cover Windows or Android instead of or as well as A

Viewing 3D pdf files on Android Devices

Has anyone been able to view 3d pdf's on an android device?Hi Steven, Adobe Reader on Android currently does not support viewing of 3D PDF content. Hope this answers your question. Regards, Gaurav Jain Engineering Manager, Adobe SystemsRead other 2 a

Streaming for Android devices using Amazon AWS and Adobe FMS 4.5

I have created a live stream using Amazon Web Services and Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5. AWS provides me with both a .f4m and .m3u8 file, to use in  <object><embed> and  <video> tags, respectively. The .f4m loads fine on my desktop brows


Really minor point, but it is bugging me...I recently updated the software on my blackberry 9780 after being instructed to do so when i connected it to desktop manager. Now when my phone times out and requires a password, I need to scroll down to unl