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Logical Database PNPCE and inherited Sub Area

Hi, I have asked this in the HR forum but no response...... I have a report using Logical Database PNPCE to find some values from a couple of info types. When I select a unit (from the 'OrgStructure' button at the top of the screen), say 111, and all

Inherited UserControl can not find XAML defined elements

Hello, As the title suggests, I have a UserControl, called "DashboardControl", that is used across all of our games in a project that is shared among the games. In each of our projects we have a uniquely defined Dashboard.XAMLs that is specific

Difference between inheritance and abstract class

difference between inheritance and abstract classSee this thread: http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?forumID=24&threadID=663657 And before Post New Topic, just search in this forums. All most will get answers.Read other 5 answers

For loops & inheritance question

I am trying this exercise dealing w/inheritance. I enter at command line a random number of c's, s's and m's. for checking,savings and money market. I then parse the string and check for the character. From there I create one of the accounts. then I

Problem with inheritance and outputting values in toString.

Hey guys, i'm having a major problem with inheritances. What i'm trying to do with my program is to create objects in my demo class. Values are passed to several other objects that each do their own calculations of grades and results and then outputs

Having a problem with inheritance and a constructor

i have two classes, i'm just going to give the constructors anyway. I'm having trouble getting the CDImage constructor to inherit something from songs, I believe the instructions are missing something or the cs lab guy misinterpreted them. package so

Issue with Serial number inheritance in PP order

Hi gurus, We have an issue with inheritaning component material serial no. to header material. For production order having different header material and component material,on GI, the serial no. assigned to component is inheritated to header material.

HT201441 Inherited an ipad from a friend passing away and cant clear it to use as i dont have her itunes password to reset.

I inherited an ipad 2 from a friend that had passed away. I went to go and use and discovered that no one knew her password for her itunes account. Which poses a problem as i cannot wipe the ipad without it.I cannot find "Other" devices. I found

I have inherited my partners old iPhone and iPad. I have successfully opened an iTunes a/c for myself on the iPad and I phone, but I cannot get change the identities on iCloud, which are still in my partners name.

I have inherited my partner's old iPhone and iPad. I have successfully created a new iTunes account and got my user name and passwords accepted on both devices. However, I don't know how to change the user details for iCloud on the iPhone. I have don

I just inherited a 64GB ipad. I have passwords for the deceased person but would like to sync it with my mac osx.  Know nothing about ipads. Help please

I just inherited a 64 GB ipad.  I have passwords for the deceased person but would like to reset everything and start new. I use a mac/0SX but know nothing about an ipad other than turning it on.  I am in the same household as the deceased person but

How should inheritance of permissions on AD behave?

Hi Forum members, I am not an AD expert in fact far from it. We have an in house software and we have used Active Directory to authenticate NT accounts to login to our application. In our application we can configure/setup AD groups in such a way tha

I have inherited an ICloud account from one of my employers when transferring from old MacBook Pro to new MacMini and need to separate from this, presumably by setting up a new ICloud account.  How do I do this ?

I have inherited an ICloud account from one of my employers when transferring from old MacBook Pro (which belonged to them) to new MacMini and need to separate from this, presumably by setting up a new ICloud account.  How do I do this ?  And is ther

Help, how do i find out the host server for a website i have inherited

hi i inherited responcibilty for a website, simply because there was noone else avalable. i have dreamweaver cs3, but only about 2 weeks worth of knowledge and experience. I was given info ie. ftp address and username etc, so have been able to downlo

I worked for a company that closed down and inherited an ipad 2 linked to Vodafone uk as the carrier but no account details. So I factory reset, downloaded the ios7and added EE sim and Ipad does not work. what can I do? Voda/EE/Apple say NO SOLUTION?

I inherited an Ipad 2 from a company that I had worked for in the UK but had closed down. It was an IPAD2 locked to the Vodafone UK network by a Vodafone SIM Card. No account details were or are available for the original account. So I removed the Vo

EJB 3.0 Entity Bean Inheritance Table Mapping

What I want to do (I think)... In a distilled example form... - class A defines field x - class B defines field y, extends A, inheriting field x - class C defines field z, extends A, inheriting field x - I want class B to map to tbl_b which has colum

EJB 3.0 Inheritance problem

I have to persist classes Cat, BullDog and StBernard: class Animal { private int animalId; private String name; private String dtype; class Dog extends Animal { private int dogId; private String furColor; class BullDog extends Dog { private int bullD

Multiple inheritance in remote interfaces for EJB 3.0 session beans on Webl

Hi All, We started migration from EJB 2.1(WLS 8.1) to EJB 3.0(WLS 10.3.2) and identified few serious problems. One of them is related with multiple business interfaces inheritance. I wrote simple example that presents point of the problem. we have se

Trading Parner Not Inherited to Cross Company Balance Sheet Line item

Hi, I posted cross company document using document type that is already untick in field 'inter-company posting' and 'enter tpid'. My accounting entries is as per below:    Co1000   Cr Balance Sheet   $250    Co1001   Dr Expense            $10    Co10

Error: java.util.map can not be inherited with different arguments

Hi, I am getting following error while building the source code. C:\venus\src\com\martquest\messaging\msgio\MqMessageIOObjectCarrier.java:36: java.util.Map cannot be inherited with different arguments: <> and <java.lang.Object,java.lang.Object>

I inherited my husband's iphone3. iTunes is on our PC in his profile. I now have a iPhone4S. If I sync the iPhone3 in iTunes and then back the iPhone4 will I get his contacts, email account etc?

I inherited my husband's iphone 3. iTunes is on our PC in his profile. I now have a iPhone 4S. If I sync the iPhone3 with iTunes, will it bring across his contacts, email account etc? Is there a way to get all my information from the iphone3 cleanly