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I need feedback after calling browser api installApplication

Hi, We developped two applications using Flex builder, the first application is a Flex online application, the second is a Flex desktop (air)  application. When the client openes the online application in his browser, he is asked to install the deskt

AIR.SWF in-browser API is broken with FP 11.2

The AIR.SWF in-browser API, as documented here: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/air/build/WSfffb011ac560372f-1c6efe05128cca667e7-8000.html#WS5 b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d118666ade46-7cd2 is no longer working. It reports that AIR isn't installed when it really

Help link to know about Javascript TFS API for Web Access Controls

Guys, can you please suggest any good link for knowing about the Javascript TFS API for Web Access Controls. I am unable to find about it. Thanks DivyaWhat should your custom work item control do? Here you can find a Multivalue Web Control and a Mult

Help JavaScript Browser Detection for CSS

Hi Guys, I have developed this online catalogue using php/mysql. The site works 100% in firefox and chrome but does not seem to work in IE, any version. I used spry dropdown menu and the menu works but the menu css gets dropped by IE. I am looking fo

Working with badge.swf and air.swf (browser api)

I basically want to install and run my app through the browser so ive been testing but can't manage to figure out how the air.swf api works. i am stuck at loading air.swf. the page below has a tutorial but a downloadable sample code would be perfect,

Javascript browser detecttion with FF4

Hi, The following code works fine across all browsers except for FF4 ( worked in FF3). What can I do now to fix the javsscript code below??? //Browser detections and OS //Browser raw function BrowserRaw() var browser=navigator.appName; var version=na

Write Custom policies in Javascript for API management in Azure

I am new to API Management in Azure. Is it possible to write custom policy in Javascript like it is possible to write in API Management tool in APIGEE?Hi, It seems that it is not support in Azure API management, please vote this similar voice at: htt

Javascript Browser Support

I'm new to Javascript and not very deep into Dreamweaver. I've cobbled together an animation using fragments of Javascript from the web. It works as a preview from Dreamweaver in IE and FF. It fails in both browsers when I access it on my web site. I

WLS-Console export vs JMS browse API

Hi - We are attempting to solve a problem revolving around JMS pagination and seek your help. We have a scenario where in certain cases the application queues pile up due to the input flow being far higher than the consumer application capacity. In t

How to create list items with multiple attachment files using rest api javascript

In one of user form I am using javascript rest api to create a list item with multiple attachment files. So far I am able to create list item and once created uploading an attachment file. But this is two step process first create an item and then up

"Page" and "Rect" props of the Field prop in Javascript API

Page property of the Field property in Javascript Acrobat API returns an array of pages that this field exists in. On the other hand, "rect" property returns just one set of coordinates of the field on a page. My questions are: 1. Suppose field'

Secure Map Rendering - Javascript API

Hello All I need to apply secure mapping functionality using Mapviewer's JavaScript based API.Is it possible using cookie ?.Can you please give an example for this? Thank youThanks for your prompt reply I do following things for secure rendering a ma

JRE running inside custom browser (win32 - iwebbrowser2)

Hello, I have created a browser using the IE browser control (iwebbrowser2) and its having some issues when trying to execute applets. When my browser encounters an applet on a web page - It does not load the Sun JRE which is set as the default in th

Can we determine if Acrobat is running inside a browser?

I'm looking for a javascript property or method to determine if Acrobat is running standalone or in the browser, as I'd like to use that to made certain of my custom toolbar buttons available or not. Is there anything available? Thanks -Here is the e

Turning off Google Safe Browsing Content

Not much of a question, but an answer to others' archived questions. Many are concerned that Google Safe Browsing Cache violates their privacy and releases the public's web activities to one of Google's data-centers. The easiest way to disable this f

File uri with query string can't be propagated by desktop.browse()

I have been trying to show some help pages using the following command: java.awt.Desktop.getDesktop().browse( helpURI); while the helpURI.toString() prints out the following: file:///C:/Share/Code/phoenix/Install/REDIST/Help_Files/en/wwhelp/wwhimpl/j

Safari "safe browsing" bug?

I'll try to lay out the situation clearly because I'm not 100% sure where the issue is coming from. - macbook core 2 duo, os x 10.5.6, safari 3.2.1 (5525.27.1) - trying to visit http://ask.metafilter.com/112449/Whats-with-the-anarcho-butt-flap from a

Link to API for air.swf

Hi, I've been searching the interwebs all morning and can't seem to find a link to documentation describing the properties, methods and events I can use from the air.swf file in conjunction with using AIR via a web browser.  I'm able to load the air.

Browser id script

I am trying to write a script that will identify which browser a user is using and direct them to a specific web page designed for their specific browser. Here is my script. <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>JavaScript - Browser detect</TITLE>

Trigger "Partial Refresh" from custom javascript

Hi All, I have a requirement where, I have two components One Output text which loads the text from a bean. One Button when clicked the "output text" above has to be refresehed. I understand that using partial trigger I can achive this. But the