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Can use the same thread safe variable in the different processes?

Hello, Can  use the same thread safe variable in the different processes?  my application has a log file used to record some event, the log file will be accessed by the different process, is there any synchronous method to access the log file with CV

Using IPortalComponentProfile: Thread safe variables?

Hi guys! I’m trying to understand (deeply) the framework used by the EP and I found something that disturb me like crazy… the use of the IPortalComponentProfile. I just don’t get it The profile suppose to hold variables for your iView instance right?

If can think the thread safe variable as another lock method

Hello, Assuming that there are two threads, using a thread safe variable as a signal condition. When the 1st thread calling the GetPointerToVarName() to do something, at the "same time", the 2nd thread need to call  GetPointerToVarName() to modi

About the thread safe variable

Hello, I have make 2 projects, the first is using to initialize the enviroument an  loading  some modules, and the 2nd using to execute a special work. In the first project, I use the DeclareThreadSafeScalarVar macro to define the handle of a file,

FIFO Thread Safe Variables

Hi, I am currently trying to develop a Datalogger Application for a Fibre Optic link running at 250Mb/s. I have the code sorted that logs the data, but now have to try and store the data to disk. I need 3 Rx threads to keep up with the incoming data

Page flow controller - instance variable thread safe?

I have page flow controller that is a subclass of org.apache.beehive.netui.pageflow.PageFlowController runing weblogic 921. The essence of my question is: is instance variable of page flow controller thread safe? Here are the details. I have an insta

Is setting variables thread safe

Is it safe to set a variable in a multithreaded application? public void setSomething(SomeObject object) {                                                                                                                                                

SingleThreadModel-static variables thread safe?

Hi.. I have one servlet which implements SingleThreadModel.My servlet contains two static variables . public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet implements SingleThreadModel { private static String firstName="Umar hathab"; private static StringB

Java object is thread safe if removing all member variables

We remove all member variable from all businss objects. 1. If business objects is thread safe? 2. All business objects also are single instance after applying single pattern, if they still are thread safe? Can experts provide your opinion?Michael.AAC

SSRS - Is there a multi thread safe way of displaying information from a DataSet in a Report Header?

 In order to dynamically display data in the Report Header based in the current record of the Dataset, we started using Shared Variables, we initially used ReportItems!SomeTextbox.Value, but we noticed that when SomeTextbox was not rendered in the bo

Is Persistence context thread safe?  nop

In my code, i have a servlet , 2 stateless session beans: in the servlet, i use jndi to find a stateless bean (A) and invoke a method methodA in A: (Stateless bean A): @EJB StatelessBeanB beanB; methodA(obj) { beanB.save(obj); (Stateless bean B, wher

Thread safe ?

Hi This code is currently running on my companys server in a java class implementing the singleton pattern: public static ShoppingAssistant getInstance() {     if (instance == null) {         synchronized (ShoppingAssistant.class) {             insta

Thread safe doubt

Hi every1 My question: Multiple threads enter the method att()...i want to count how much time does attacher.attach() method takes for every thread that comes in...i think the code below works... but if i declared the timeTakenForAttach as global var

Thread safe servlets

I have a question regarding the semantice of servlets. Consider you are calling a method public StringmodifyAddress(){......}in the service method of the servlet. Now considering that a servlet could be sericing multiple requests would this method be

How to make a global scope component to be thread safe?

One of my global component preserves states in its member variables, I am afraid that it's might messed up in multi-threading conditions, so how to make a nucleus global component to be thread safe? Edited by: user13344577 on Jul 14, 2011 9:45 AMHi,

Java.util.Locale not thread-safe !

In multithreading programming, we know that double-checking idiom is broken. But lots of code, even in sun java core libraries, are written using this idiom, like the class "java.util.Locale". I have submitted this bug report just now, but I wan

ODBC SQLGetData not thread-safe when retrieving lob

Hi MaxDB developpers, we are in the process of migrating our solution from SapDb to MaxDb We use the ODBC driver on windows, from multi-threaded applications. We encountered bugs in the ODBC driver and made our own fixes

Trying to understand "thread-safe" w/ swing components

The other day there was a big hullabaloo about some code I posted because I was calling JLabel.setText from a thread that wasn't the ui thread. On the other hand, this thread was the only thread making changes to the JLabel. My understanding is that

Hashtable really thread safe or is there a bug in it ?

Hashtable is said to be thread-safe, so I think it should be true. So I just want someone to tell me what is wrong with my following observation: I downloaded the source code of jdk 1.3.1 and read the file Hashtable.java, that contains the implementa

Are CacheStore's and BackingMapListener's thread safe?

I'm implementing a JMS CacheStore and have a quick question: does Coherence ever attempt to run multiple threads concurrently across a CacheStore instance on a given node? Reason I ask is that only certain objects are thread-safe in the JMS spec.: Co